if you're trying to find something a touch bit more fun then the standard dog life vest you ought to totally get a shark themed dog life jacket! These jackets are little costumes for your dog for water play, all having the distinctive shark fin made from foam and fabric located on the highest of the jacket. they're so fun because it makes your dog appear as if a shark while they're swimming underwater and may be an excellent antic to play on your family and friends! Read more for my shark themed dog life jackets!

Does my dog need a life jacket?
No, not all dogs need a life vest however it's an honest feature for water play or a fun costume that your dog can wear within the water within the instance of buying a shark themed dog life vest . These are some scenarios where dog life jackets can come useful:

Lean or low body fat dogs to stay them warm within the water
Senior dogs who don’t have the maximum amount strength to swim for long periods of your time
Dogs with health or mobility issues
Dogs that haven't be introduced to water and/or swimming before and wish more confidence and help from their owner

Features to seem for on a shark themes dog life vest
Shark Features
There are many various shark features that you simply can find on a dog life vest . the foremost common one may be a shark fin which may be a must for many people. you'll also find jackets which have shark teeth also . If you're trying to find a lifejacket which will even be more serious situations you ought to search for a dog life vest with a removable shark fin.

The most important feature to seem for when buying a dog life vest is buoyancy as its main purpose is to stay your dog afloat. Each life vest brand uses differing types of foams and fabrics to form sure their life jackets are good flotation devices which results in my next point that it's vital to see the load limits for the dimensions of jacket that you simply purchase. Manufacturers will test how well their dog life jackets float and publish information on the utmost weight it can hold.

Weight Range
As i discussed above within the buoyancy section it's vital that you simply simply check the load range for the dimensions of the dog life vest that you find yourself buying. this may make sure that the jacket actually works and keeps your dog floating in water. Generally you'll find this information during a table that has measurement specifications on the listing for a product.

Handles aren't necessary for a dog life vest however they will definitely are available handy (no pun intended) to assist you lift your dog out of the water. Especially for smaller dogs that don’t weigh an excessive amount of this feature are often very useful as you'll have the strength to lift them out of the water. If your dog isn't a really confident swimmer this feature is additionally useful as you'll use it to show your dog to swim and provides them more support.

Fluorescent or Bright Colour
A brighter life vest are often a plus if you wish to swim in open or shared waters e.g. at the beach or at a lake or river versus swimming reception during a pool. A fluorescent or bright colour will assist you keep an eye fixed on your dog if you're not swimming too. you ought to also search for jackets that have reflective material like reflective stitching or reflective material bars to extend visibility even more. Not only can a bright colour offer you peace of mind but it'll also act as protection against other water users like jet skiers, kayakers, boats and get up paddle boards. this may make sure you that no-one hits your dog and causes an injury.
Dog breeds that aren't big fans of water

Good Fit
As with any dog product you would like to seem for a life vest which will suit your dog well. search for products that have adjustable straps so you'll ensure your dog is good and tight and secure while wearing their life vest . you ought to measure your dog’s neck, check and back length and compare it with the measurement tables you'll find on dog product listings to settle on the simplest size. Also before heading bent the pool or the beach you ought to try the life vest and confirm that your dog is comfortable which they will sit down, lie and importantly attend the rest room without making a multitude of the jacket.

You want to seem for a product made from a sturdy, rip resistant and preferably a high density material to make sure the longevity of the dog life vest that you simply purchase. you furthermore may want to seem for materials which will quickly dry and drain.

Interior Buckles and Straps
This is not necessary but if you'll find a dog life vest that has internal buckles and straps it's better. this is often an honest feature because it will confirm that your dog doesn't grind to a halt on the edges of buoys, docks, boats or anything that protrudes from the water like sticks, rocks or logs.

How to size a shark themed dog life vest before purchasing a dog.

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