If I were the presented of Pakistan in life we have much desire but overall desire can not be fulfilled and sometimes the accomplishment of these desires look beyond our approach. we can only see some dream like the given topic before lying on our bed in the night and next day perhaps some of us try to accomplish these dream with a new spirit and determination I have also such a dream of becoming the president of Pakistan. today I would like to share my dream with all of you. https://saifhabeeba.tumblr.com">Saifhabeeba the question is if I have the president of Pakistan what would I do for this country and what would be my priorities.

Although today Saifwiki Pakistan is facing so many problems which should be solved but perhaps in order to solve all these problems the period of 5 years seem to be short and insufficient for instance bribery unemployment, injustice, jobbery, nepotism, and demoralization. but if I were given the chance of becoming a president of Pakistan. I would prefer to eliminate the main problem which is the root cause of all these problems and that is low standard of living in Pakistan like poverty, we should keep it in a view above-mentioned problem tell that time we will be able to overcome the poverty.

The question how is the poverty can be overcome? if I were given the opportunity of becoming the president then, first of all, I will ensure the opportunities of employment As the main problem in these days is the bribe and because of it merits being neglected very bitterly. As a result, deserving people are being deprived of their rights. so they are compelled to chose the wrong ways and from these parts, there is no way back from them. I will try to provide reasonable and proper opportunities of employment for adults so that the deserving people not use the weapon to snatch their rights. which is happing in our country.

My second priority is to be self-sufficient. today we are dependent and taking help from other countries, as a result, our nation has been entrapped in the net of debts and we are unable to find any way to come out of all these debts. for this I will band the outer help in the beginning of courses we will have to face many problems but later on it will be helpful in making our next generation independent and free from the burden of debts.

Another major problem of our country is "water supply" we have only three big dams "MANGLA" "TERBELA" and chushma" but these dams are insufficient the fulfill the necessities of our 14 crore population in past we have damned the great plan of "Click here" just for the sake of our political and provincial prejudices and still we are paying a high price for it. Today we are purchasing the electricity from the other countries at such a high cost that any other country can not imagine it. Even in our capital "Islamabad" and Rawalpindi" the system of water supply is defective. after getting the power. I will issue the order of constructing the "Kala Bagh Dam" immediately just for our national interest above all my personal interest.

Although today "saifhabeeba" Pakistan is facing many problems which should be solved immediately but if I think we can overcome all these problems by solving the most important above mentioned problems.

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I'm Saifullah Khan From Pakistan