My birthday is making think because it is reminding me that another year has slipped by and I need to think carefully about whether or not I want my next year to be the same. Every year people do that but this is different, I have just notched up another ten years and come to the next set of ten years, where we think about it even more. Turning fifty is a big thing and I have regrets, I do not want even more of them in ten years' time.

As usual I will take stock of each area of my life - work/career/business, finances, health, family, friends, partner, entertainment/fun/hobbies, and then see where I go from there. It an be quite an eye opener as it is so easy to let life slip past and then realise that more time has been spent on the same old people and things with nobody new coming along or no getting rid of the ones who have outstayed their welcome. We seem to get onto a treadmill, like a hamster, where we get up and get on with things instead of thinking about if we could spend our time in a more productive or happier way, as if it is down to habit.

We spend a third of our time at work yet how many people make sure they are happy with that? They can wish their lives away longing for weekends and dreading Monday mornings for the rest of their lives when it would be better to sort out what they are doing then and feeling better about it.

We spend maybe a third of our time with our partner, family and friends but how many of us might prefer to spend more time alone or meeting new people and somehow do not? OR we are scared to tell our partners we want to see them less so we do it to please them and not disrupt things.

We spend a third of our time sleeping. Which is why, last year, I decided to get a new bed. But not just any bed. I had it made by hand to my specifications, very soft, much bigger than the other one, lambs' wool and silk topping, and a wonderful new electric blanket because why should I keep on feeling too cold during the winter time?

My little list I have here tells me that the things I must take stock of are business/career and finances so I need to make a plan of action that keeps me on course for retirement and means I enjoy and benefit more from the next ten to fifteen years I spend working. Hopefully I can work out something where I no longer dread weekends.

All in all my life is quite good. Every year I find something, at least one thing, to concentrate on so that by the time I retire things should be sorted and settled and I can just enjoy. I am often amazed at the people I know who are disgruntled with their life and leave improvements to luck. Then wonder why nothing improves.

I will set goals, I will have the right attitude and I will use my emotional intelligence to succeed.

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