If you’re among the ranks of the newly dumped, I’m sorry to hear that. I know only too well how difficult a break up can be on a girl. I’ve been there myself and I’ve gone through all the drama and suffering of heartache.

Here are a few things to do to help you cope with your break up.

First, it really helps to do things to take time off of your break up. I know that your mind will go back to your break up and the pain of getting dumped over and over again. It’s just natural. But let’s face it. Thoughts like that will only make you feel worse and cause you to experience negative feelings.

Instead, what you might want to do is start doing things that will occupy your mind. Notice, that I’m specifically talking about things that occupy your mind. Taking up a hobby is great, but make sure it’s not something mindless like running where your thought will easily drift back to how much you miss your ex-boyfriend.

Ideally it will be something that takes a lot of mental resources like learning a foreign language. After all, let’s face it, if you space out during Spanish lessons, you’ll miss the entire conversations.

Secondly, make some new friends or rekindle old friendships. Meeting new people or breathing a breath of fresh air into old friendships will really help you focus better on positive things.

It is easy to fall victim to focusing on the pain of closing a chapter in your life. But if you can start to build new memories and new friendships, then you’ll begin to feel that your life is heading in a new and positive direction. It is always helpful to feel that you are growing and building new relationships.

Plus, the more people you know, the more new friends you’ll be introduced to. As your social circle expands you never know when you might just be introduced to your next boyfriend.

Third, understand that this will take time. There will be good days and bad days. Some days you’ll feel so confident and think that you’re on top of the world. While other days you will feel like you’ve just taken ten steps backward and all you can think of is him and you just want to cry.

That’s okay. No one ever said that this would be easy and no one ever said that this would be an overnight fix, either. Just keep in mind that part of being human and part of the process of healing is in the emotional ride that comes form something as difficult as a break up.

These are the three things that really helped me when my boyfriend broke up with me, although it did take some time for me to navigate all the challenging emotions and really implement them. If you can hopefully learn from my mistake and put these into action in your own life, hopefully you’ll recover quickly and bounce back on your feet in no time.

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