A lot of women are complaining today "my boyfriends doesn't love me" in their relationship. Being part of a couple seems to be a game for a lot of people today, mostly the guys. Even guys who are already mature engage in this kind of game, causing lots of women to cry over the relationship.

It is crucial that girls learn to avoid these type of situation and guys to realize that it is not manly to hurt women's feelings.

First off, you should ask yourself if your feelings for your boyfriend are actually love. Perhaps you are just afraid of being alone should the relationship end. And is being with him worth all the things you're going through right now? If yes then you are a loyal girlfriend and your boyfriend is very lucky to have you in his life.

Now if you're not in love with your boyfriend then perhaps you should break up with him immediately. The two of you are just deceiving each other and lying to yourselves. If you are dealing with a "my boyfriend doesn't love me but I love him very much" situation then you are definitely at a disadvantage. Your boyfriend is not really taking the relationship seriously. Or perhaps he attaches conditions to his feelings. What you should do right now is to take it easy. You need to ensure that you won't get hurt too much by not taking things too seriously in the first place. If possible, end the relationship yourself. You would only be experiencing pain if you opt for this kind of set up. It would be better if you get hurt now than suffer through something worse in the future. Perhaps the two of you are taking things too fast. It might also be noted that you were not able to invest that much emotion in your relationship. With this, you just cannot complain that your boyfriend does not love you. It's also your fault as much as it is his. Perhaps you jumped to decisions or perhaps thought the whole thing would be OK due to practically reasons.

If the two of you have been going out for some time now then chances are you're already in the "my boyfriend doesn't love me anymore". You need to take this seriously because this could be a sign that the relationship is in danger. If he starts treating you differently then this is a sure sign. Has he stopped kissing you lately? Are there no more sweet talks? Is he spending less and less time with you? Is he lying to you about his recent activities? At this point, you would need to bring back the love in the relationship, at least for his side. You have to do this quickly otherwise you might be too late and lose his love completely. Try having a serious conversation with him. Ask them why they suddenly don't love you anymore and do something to fix it. Develop things in your life that your partner doesn't seem to like. Of course, this doesn't mean that you have to obey everything he says. Talk about compromising in the relationship. Remind him that it takes both of you to make it work. phase once you've resolved the problems together.

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