My Boyfriend Dumped Me But Says He Still Loves Me: He Broke Up With Me But I Think He Still Loves Me

My boyfriend dumped me but says he still loves me. That statement is always said with a bit of confusion. How exactly does a man who says he loves you decide to make a life altering decision like leaving the woman he claims to adore? Something isn't adding up and you realize it. You're not wrong to feel like you're in the dark when this is happening to you. Unless you do something drastic now, you can kiss the man you love goodbye for good.

First things first, if your guy left but still swears he loves you, get realistic. The operative word in that statement is that he loves you. He likely never claimed to still be in love with you. There's a dramatic difference there. He may see you as a close pal and someone to hang out with. If he was still in love with you, leaving you wouldn't even be a consideration. It's a bitter pill to swallow but the sooner you can accept that his feelings have indeed changed, the sooner you can get things back on track.

What if he has moved on? Here's how to get him back.

Many times when a man leaves a woman but tells her he still loves her it's because he wants to have her as a back up. It sounds callous and cold but sadly it's the way it is. You can typically tell if your guy is using you in this way if he calls you up late in the evening to see what you're up to. You should have realized by now, by his timing, that you're the last person on his list of people to hang out with. Don't take it as a sign that he can't stand being away from you. It's clearly a sign that he's lonely and you're the only person left for him to hang out with.

You can't continue to live like this. You have to make some changes and if you do you'll find that it's relatively easy to get him back in love with you. Firstly, you must dump him too. Doing this may feel very difficult but you have to view it as a necessity. Simply ask him to meet you and when you do tell him that although you appreciate how he's making the effort to remain friends, you feel it would be more beneficial if you two took a real break for a time.

Expect his attitude to shift dramatically once you do this. He'll feel as though the floor fell out beneath him. That's because he was the one completely in control of where the relationship was headed. Now you are. If you can remain steadfast and not run back to him every time he calls, you'll have him begging you to come back. The premise is very simple. Just take away what he thinks he has and soon he'll want it more than ever.

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There are only 5 things you need to do if you want to win your ex boyfriend back through text. Here they are:

1. Avoid being needy.

If you want to win your ex boyfriend back through text, you have to avoid being needy. Guys hate needy girls, in general, and a needy ex girlfriend would be even worse.

2. Avoid sending irrelevant text messages.

If you keep sending your ex boyfriend text messages just for the sake of sending him text messages, then you need to stop immediately. If your text messages are irrelevant, all that your ex will do is ignore them - remember that. So, even if you think you are being sweet by letting him know that you are thinking of him, a simple "Hi" won't do anything to help you get what you want in the end.

What if your boyfriend already left you? Here's how to get him back.

3. Let go of the past.

As far as your ex boyfriend is concerned, you guys are over. You should probably get that fact into your head, as well. Even if you want to win your ex boyfriend back through text, you have to let go of the past and leave it there. What you have to do instead is simply start anew. Believe it or not, this will improve your chances of getting back together with your ex because you can start a brand new relationship without the strings - and pains - of the past attached to it.

4. Forget about revenge.

Are you still writhing in pain from the breakup? Whether you are or not, you have to forgive your ex boyfriend for hurting you if you want to get him back. If, on the other hand, the breakup was entirely your fault, then you have to forgive yourself before you try and get your ex boyfriend back. If you still hate yourself for what happened, there is no way you can be the best you can be and convince your ex to get back together with you - remember that.

5. Set your priorities straight.

Before you try to win your ex boyfriend back through text, you need to set your priorities straight. In other words, you need to figure out how important your ex actually is to you and what you are willing to give up for him. After that, you can act accordingly and try your best to win him back if you still want to.

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It's never too late to attempt to get your ex back even if that means stealing him from a new girl. It is your legitimate right and you don't have to feel like you are doing something devious after all you have the first right of refusal over him and you are just exercising that. Here is how you can achieve your objective.

Get back on talking terms first
Even before you do anything you will first have to reestablish the lines of communications with your ex. Tell him that you have learnt that he has moved on and this calls for a celebration and ask him to give you and your friends a small treat. He will be surprised at your offer and will gladly agree to meet you.

Build the trust quotient
Post the treat keep in touch with him on an intermittent basis and rebuild the trust he has lost. This will take some time and you have to be careful that you don't bitch about him or his new flame to your other common friends.

Get close to the couple
To earn the trust and friendship of his new girlfriend ask to meet them both. Make sure you have a man on your arm and show that you too are beginning to move on. This act will calm his new girlfriend's nerves and she will not feel threatened.

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Mind your language
During the meeting make sure that you don't come across as though you know all about your ex. Show that you are genuinely happy that the two of them are together and express your happiness in as many words.

Wait for an opportune moment
This is the most difficult part in this entire process. You will have wait out this period. Sooner rather than later there will be some sort of friction between your ex and his new girlfriend. And if you have become their confidante then you will be called to adjudicate the dispute. In case nothing of that sort happens then you can create a small misunderstanding between the two of them.

Subtly back your ex
If you are asked your opinion suggest that they take the help of a relationship expert. However, on the sly back your boyfriend. This will make you appear as the good girl. However, don't add fuel to the fire by openly siding with your ex.

Present yourself in a very sexy avatar
Once your ex knows that he has your backing he will begin to share a lot of his problems with you. Whenever you are going to meet him alone make sure that you are dressed in your sexiest outfits. On the pretext of consoling him get closer to him and begin seducing him all over again.

As the disagreements between your ex and his new girlfriend increase in frequency he will begin to count on you more and more and before he realizes it he will have fallen in love with an understanding girl like you.

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If you want to go about getting your ex back, the best way to do so is to show them what a big mistake they've made by letting you go. To do this, you need to develop a plan of action to ensure that you do not make any mistakes that will drive your ex further, rather than bring them closer.

As much as you might like to beg and plead, do not do it, you will regret it. You should not make your ex feel guilty for the break up - this is not the path to getting your ex back. And remember, it took two to make the relationship good, so it must also take two for it to fall apart. You can make your ex regret the break up but avoiding impulsive behaviors and acting thoughtfully. The more you push, especially right after a break up, the more likely you are just going to push them away.

What if he has moved on? Here's how to get him back.

One of the most effective ways of getting your ex back is to, rather than beg or plead, agree with your partner that the split is a good idea. After this, it is time to move on. Once you've ceased contact, you ex is likely to be curious about why you seem so fine without them.

Don't mope! Go out with friends and do things you love doing. It won't get past your ex that you are still that same, fun loving person they fell in love with. Further more, they will wonder why you seem so happy, when they are no longer in your life. You are now on track to getting your ex back. You will have their attention, and they may even fear that you've moved on to someone else, and that this might be responsible for your seeming indifference to the break up.

You can go about getting your ex back by showing them that you are the same fun, confident, and happy person that you both know you really are. When they start to regret the break up, they will be looking for ways to try to get you back again.

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