"My boyfriend dumped me", so you said. Yet, it does not have to be the end. Read these 5 quotes that can guide you on what to do next to make you feel much better and get him back again.

“My boyfriend dumped me,” she disclosed with indescribable emotions on her face.

A man can ditched a woman for countless reasons. It can be as lame as changes in physical appearance. Unfaithfulness and unpreparedness to face marriage are the mortifying ones. Whatever reason a man has, it breaks the heart of every woman. Breakup doesn’t only mean changing the information in your Facebook profile. It also means bearing the pain of rejection and discomfort of losing the known. However, for women who takes this opportunity to make themselves cleverer, they equate it to an opportunity to implement ways to get him back.

If you’re in the same boat, the following lines from five songs will remind you what and what not to do.

“If you leave me now, you'll take away the very heart of me. Oh baby, please don't go.” (Chicago)

Dismiss this idea. Becoming desperate will only annoy him and drive him away. Men aren’t attracted with women who are too clingy. Accept his decision instead. With space, you’d know the real reason why he split up with you. Whether he wants a bigger personal space or ampler time for tennis and career, give it to him. Give him respect and you get the same thing in return.

“There’s a girl in my mirror crying tonight, and there’s nothing I can say to make her feel all right.” (Britney Spears)

It’s true. Anger and pain, no matter how tall your fence of denial is, will find a way to climb and get into your house. So just open the door and embrace them for awhile. Don’t let them stay for long, though. If they get comfortable in your dwelling, they will ruin everything you have.

“The greatest love of all is easy to achieve. Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.” (Whitney Houston)

If you’re truly in love with a man, you’re also in love with yourself for you can’t give what you don’t have to others. When that man leaves you, you must hold on to your self-love for it’s the start of rebuilding your confidence to get him back. Have plenty of “me time” and learn to enjoy life even without him. When it comes to him that the woman he left is independent enough to identify what she desires in her life, you become more appealing in his eyes. And the my-boyfriend-dumped-me issue might lead to my-boyfriend-is-making-up-for-what-he-did possibility.

“Doomed to crumble unless we grow and strengthen our communication.” (The Tool)

Communication has always been a powerful tool in every relationship. Gifted with intuition, you know when you are and when you’re not prepared to discuss your issues. When the exact time has come, be reminded that men are not verbally expressive and naturally emphatic. If this irritates you, be patient and control your temper. Don’t use lines that would inflict his ego. Outbursts, bitterness and sarcasm must be set aside. Otherwise, you might lose your chance for reconciliation.

“Now that it’s raining more than ever, know we’ll still have each other. You can stand under my umbrella.” (Rihanna)

If you want to pull your ex back, remain as friends and continue to keep in touch. You don’t send him emails and messages as often as before when you were still lovers but once in a while, ask him how he is or what he is up to. Tell him that when he needs a helping hand, you can come to his aid. However, don’t give him more than what you should. You’re being a buddy, not a martyr.

When a woman says, “My boyfriend dumped me,” remind her that love should be healthy even after the breakup. If she lives that definition, there’s a greater possibility that her ex will regret his stupidity and find a way back to her.

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