"My boyfriend just left me. Can I win back his love"? Oh yes you can! Most women who face this situation totally lose control of themselves. They go into depression for weeks or months before they are able to get a hold of themselves again. But you really don't have to be down in the dumps. You can get ready for a fresh new start in your relationship with your boyfriend. It all depends on what you decide for your future. You can take control of your life and make thing happen the way you want them to. You just have to follow these proven ways to turn your relationship around for the better.

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If your boyfriend has just left you, you will no doubt be going through a lot of negative emotions. Hurt, anger, depression and desperation are some of the emotions that women go through soon after a break up. They also wonder whether they have lost the ability to attract their boyfriend anymore in their lives. But this is not the time to lose confidence. It is never too late to become an attractive person. You just need to decide that you will get attractive enough to make him come running back to you. It is just a decision. Once you make that decision and stick with it, there is nothing that can stop you from getting your boyfriend back.

Women who want to attract their boyfriends back make him the main focus of their lives. They end up constantly showering their attention on them. But you should never make that mistake. From now onwards, you main focus should be on yourself and not on your boyfriend. You should work on making yourself attractive and irresistible. Being irresistible and attractive doesn't always have to do with looks. Men sometimes value intelligence, a sense of humor and common sense more than physical looks. So it all depends on what your boyfriend was attracted to when he first set eyes on you. You need to focus on that particular aspect to attract once him again.

As you focus on making yourself attractive to him once again, you should also go out and have some fun. Get together with your friends and spend a day at the beach or the shopping mall. Get out and live your life. The change of atmosphere will do you a lot of good. When you feel happy, your confidence in yourself will also return. When you realize that you can handle a break up so calmly, you can handle any situation in life. More importantly, when your boyfriend hears that you are having a good time, it is going to make him sit up and take notice. He will be pleasantly surprised to see the new side of you. That will make him get attracted to you all over again.

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Many woman do the wrong things to try and get their ex back. The worst of these is trying to desperately cling to them and force them to return! The trick to getting your ex back is to let them go! It is time that you realized that to lure him back into your life you have to pretend that you don't want him back. Here are some excellent ways in which you can get him to show interest in you again.

Don't show him that you are aching for him
If you try to show him at every opportunity you get that you are aching to get back together again, he will do just the opposite and try to avoid you. He could be still hurting and seeing you desperate to be with him may make him mean and stubborn and out to get revenge.

Fix a happy smile on your face and stay away
One of the hardest things you will ever have to do is to pretend that you are really happy with your life the way it is now. Fix a smile on your face and show him that you are having a wonderful time without him. Join clubs and make sure he sees you with new friends who think the world of you.

Date other guys
It won't harm if you date other guys as well. Why should you sit at home feeling miserable about the break up when you could be out there having an exciting time? The trick is to make your ex realize that you are not going to waste any more tears on him!

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Look a hundred times better than you did in the past
He is used to seeing you look like you used to in the past, and now because of the breakup he sees you looking really miserable and unattractive. This is where you should surprise him and do something to change the picture he has of you. Take the time to work on yourself and make sure you knock him off his feet the next time he looks at you! Look fabulous and sexy enough to make him stare!

Go away on a little holiday by yourself
It is very important that you don't hang around the same old familiar places for some time. Don't stick around so that he starts feeling sorry for you. Instead avoid him so that he begins to wonder what in the world has happened to you. Make an appearance once in a blue moon only to announce where you are off to!

Look determined to have a happy life
Some part of him will never want you to be happy without him. He is a dong in the manger at heart and if he is not with you, he won't want anyone else to be with you. The more determined you are to have a happy life the more it will show in your behavior and attitudes and he is going to realize sooner or later that you will move on in life.

Too much attention will prove that you are needy
Calls, messages and "stalking" will only make him all the more determined to get rid of you. On the other hand, if you begin to ignore him royally and treat him like any other friend, he will get curious about you and will start to make discreet inquiries about you. That's when you know you've hooked him again!

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If you have recently been through a break up, you may find yourself wondering all sorts of things about your ex. Do they hate me? Do they still love me? Did they ever really care? Are they out finding someone else right now? Are they thinking about me as much as I'm thinking about them? There are reasons why and signs that show you can be sure your ex thinks about you.

No One Never Thinks About Their Ex
It is nearly impossible for anyone to go their entire lives without thinking about an ex from time to time. What triggers the recollection or thought may be vastly different depending on particular circumstances of the relationship, but there isn't one person who never thinks about their ex - even if it's only to damn them!

If You're Thinking About Them, They Are Thinking About You
Don't underestimate the power of thinking. It has been said that energy follows thought, and it's actually very true. The more you think about them, the more likely they are to think about you. It's called entanglement theory (or as Einstein coined it "spooky theory"). This is especially true if you two were very close.

If You Were Part of Their Life, You Are Part of Their Memory
If you can consider them an ex at all, then they are going to think about you, and probably more often than you may think. Of course, it depends a little bit on how sentimental the individual is, but if you shared any part of their life (unless they are stricken with amnesia or suffer a massive brain trauma), you are a hardwired piece of their permanent memory.

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How Long Were You Together?
How much your ex thinks about you does depend a bit on how long you two were together. The longer you were together, of course, the more time your ex had to form memories, and the more ingrained in their daily life you would have become.

How Long Has It Been That You Broke Up?
Time is a factor again, as it may be that the longer you two have been apart, the more your ex thinks about you! While the converse may seem innately true, you will find that as time heals all wounds, thinking about you will be a positive, nostalgic though process, and your ex will find themselves indulging in it more and more as time passes.

Do You Want Your Ex to Think About You?
Your own thoughts can and will influence your ex, and your experience of your own life more so than most people give credit to it. Call it the power of prayer, focus, meditation, or positive thinking, if you really want your ex to think about you, they probably will!

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If your ex is spending their time doing everything they can think of to get you to go running back to them, then it's obvious you have some serious thinking to do. Do you want to go back to them? Are you willing to try it again? Are they practically stalking you or just driving you crazy? Regardless, there are many things you can do to gain control of the situation.

Run Far, Far Away
Running doesn't have to be a cowardly act. In fact, sometimes it's the smartest thing you can do. If you can't get away from your ex, or control the way they are making you act, the best thing to do is remove yourself from the situation all together so you don't have to worry about acting in any way.

Erase Their Phone Number
Don't memorize it and then erase it! Just erase it! You'll be surprised how something so simple can cause so much hassle - especially considering how spoiled we are with one touch or voice dialing from our cell phones. If you have to physically stop everything, and dial the number by and each time, you may find yourself chasing less, and shaking your head more.

Have a Safety Friend
You've heard of a safety word? Regardless, find a safety friend - one that you can contact first before making any move concerning your ex. You'll find that if you have to report to another person, you will naturally stop yourself from chasing so hard. Or at least you'll have someone there that will help talk you out of the pursuit!

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Exercise More
Yea, yea - you probably don't want to hear this one, but sometimes the truth hurts. If you exercise more, several things will happen. You will feel better about yourself, you'll feel better physically, you'll look better, you'll be more healthy and - most importantly - it will eat at the time you previously spent chasing around your ex!

Make an Anti-ex Tincture
This may seem silly, but stuff like this can actually affect the way you think and act. Make up a anti-ex tincture. It can be something like a fragrance that you know they hated, or anything that you think will keep them away, and sprinkle it around you like holy water when they are near, or you find yourself wanting to chase them. It's placebo, but it works.

It's amazing what 15 minutes a day of real meditation can do for you. It can center you, focus your thoughts and energy, and empower you to be in control of whatever comes your way - ex's included!

Take a Picture
Take a picture of your ex every time they are doing something to get you to chase them. It will lighten the situation, and give you proof of antics for future reference. It may actually show you how ridiculous your ex is being as still shots tend to make us see things differently.

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