You probably ask yourselves, how could breast cancer be a blessing in disguise?

Actually, there is a simple answer to that question. Since I believe that everything that happens to us, there is a lesson we have to learn from it. In my encounter with breast cancer, I learned tremendous things I was not aware about them before.

My experience with breast cancer helped me change my outlook towards life. My perspective towards life changed, and my priorities have all changed for the better. I don't take life for granted anymore. I learned to live in the moment. I also realized that when I live in the present moment, life is wonderful. However, problems usually arise when I live in the past or in the future. That's why I enjoy living in the moment. My life is fuller and richer now. I appreciate every moment, consciously making decisions that correspond with how I want to feel in the moment. I make time to take a walk every morning, smell the roses, listen to the birds chirping, talk to my plants, and listen to the silence. Most of all, I feel precious life all around me.

It may sound like a cliché to call my breast cancer a blessing in disguise. However, many times I wonder if my life would have been as rich as it is today if I hadn't traveled on this path. It's a journey that has been enriched by many courageous people especially courageous women.

With much Love and Laughter.

Lea Yekutiel - author
Making the Breast of It:
Overcoming Fear of Intimacy After Mastectomy

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Lea Yekutiel is a breast cancer VICTOR and the author of the book entitled “Making the Breast of It”. Lea turned her life around 180 degrees by changing her belief system and her attitude. This effort has involved 20 years of studying metaphysics and spirituality to learn what she now practices and teaches every day. After Healing from breast cancer, Lea considers her mastectomy experience to be a gift from God. Today, she helps cancer survivors in Southern California and beyond on their journeys toward recovery, peace, and happiness. Through her inspirational speaking and writing, Lea hopes to help enlighten her audiences and readers to ways of promoting their own health and healing.

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