I really love drinking coffee, and probably coffee is part of my daily life routine. Coffee in the morning and coffee during office breaks. Though it’s usual for my officemates to go to Starbucks and have their coffee break there although I usually prefer to just stay behind our office and just make my own coffee. This is not because it is too expensive to spend a lot for a cup of coffee, it is because I much enjoy preparing my own coffee with my favorite coffee mugs. I admit I am no expert preparing coffee or I myself have no secret way of preparing the coffee that you are looking for. It was just a plain hot coffee together with my favorite coffee mug.
By the way I would like to share you my way of preparing coffee. Two tablespoon of coffee mixed with hot water and a bit of creamer. My coffee mugs probably holds about 16 ounces of liquid which is pretty fine for my coffee break. Like I said there is no something special with my coffee. And that it was just as plain as what everyone else doing.
Anyway I found something worth to share about this cool coffee thing that everyone might not be familiar with. These facts have nothing to do with my coffee break habit or coffee making activities during break times.
To start with, did you know that in Europe, coffee was first called as Arabian Wine and generally it was believed that Arabs are the first people who brew coffee. It was then in 1680’s where Milk becomes an additive with coffee and it was 1689 when the first Parisian café open and serve coffee.
Back then in America, coffee was usually served during and after meals. I really never knew that since I am just familiar with coffee during breakfast and break times.
The first espresso machine was created in France in 1822 and the first commercial espresso machine was manufactured in Italy in 1906. And did you know that Barista are well respected job title in Italy.
Aside from these coffee trivia’s what I like most are my coffee mug collection, I almost have a dozen of it and it really give me a bit of a hard time choosing what to use. Some of my mug collection came from my officemate, it was usual for me to receive mugs from them especially during Christmas. Aside from the gifts I received from them I also bought my own, I prefer those handy plastic coffee mugs that we usually see on market it is because I could bring them anywhere. I also have those plain white standard size mugs which are pretty well ideal for our coffee break sessions inside the office. I guess my day won’t be complete without a cup of coffee. A cup of coffee completes my day and no wonder it really makes me feel more relax and more active the whole day.

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