My Ex Blocked My Number: My Boyfriend Blocked Me On His Phone

Your ex boyfriend won't answer the phone. Each time you call him and he doesn't pick up, you get more frustrated and upset. You just want a chance to plead your case, right? You want to have the opportunity to tell him how much you adore him and need him. But how can you possibly do that when he won't even take your calls or call you back? It's a really challenging position to be in. Your emotions are taking over and are guiding you towards repeatedly calling him even though your common sense is telling you that it's useless. You really need to take a deep breath and learn what impact your current behavior is having on your chances of getting the man back. You may be sabotaging your future with him without even realizing it.

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You can't ignore the fact that your ex boyfriend won't answer the phone. Pretending that he's just really busy or that he's too emotional to talk to you won't change the reality of the situation. The man doesn't want to talk to you and you have to face that. Regardless of how much you want to believe that he still loves you and longs for you, his behavior right now is suggesting otherwise. Each time you call him you're likely irritating him more and more. You must accept that his not answering your calls is a clear sign that he's not interested in talking with you right now.

There are several emotional stages that a person must face when they are going through a break up. You've already experienced some of them. Disbelief, anger, frustration, disappointment and desperation are all part of the mix. If you let those emotions run wild, you'll inevitably start making mistakes and will end up doing things that your boyfriend will find unappealing and it will cause him to pull back from you forever. That's why you need to take control of yourself and learn how to work through this without continually harassing him by repeatedly calling him.

Your emotional well being must be your number one priority right now. You're only causing yourself more heartbreak by calling a man who won't answer. You are essentially re-opening the wound and making yourself feel worse and worse each time you attempt to speak with him and he ignores you.

Take a week for yourself. Promise yourself that you won't call him during this time and you'll shift your entire focus to you. Make plans with friends you haven't seen in a time and be a little extravagant. Treat yourself to a spa day or a new outfit. Throughout this week stay focused on the fact that you're an amazing and desirable woman.

A remarkable thing will happen once you take this time for yourself. Not only will you find your inner strength but your ex boyfriend will notice that his phone isn't ringing nearly as much as it was. The fact that your calls will drop off completely will concern him. He'll wonder if you've really given up on him and if he has any feelings left for you at all, that won't sit well with him. He'll call you to see what's going on with you and then suddenly, the relationship ball is back in your court and you can then decide whether talking to him right then is really what you want.

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So that's it. You've broken up, and your ex is actually dating someone else. Fine! But what if your ex still calls you, or makes a point to talk to you or hang out whenever they can? Does that mean they sill like you? That depends on some subtle, but meaningful things.

How Much Eye Contact Is There?
One of the best ways to tell if there is a really attraction is to pay attention to how much eye contact there is during the communication. The eye's are a window to the soul for a reason - by looking into them, and paying attention, you can learn so much about how the other person is feeling behind their façade of words.

Do They Ever Seem Overtly Nervous?
If your ex is overly anxious when they speak to you, or seem very nervous or jittery, this may be a sign that they really are still interested in you "that way". The internal conflict of still wanting you while dating someone else is one of the most common reasons for people to feel and act nervous when speaking with an ex, so just pay attention, and you'll get plenty of clues.

Is There Still that "Spark"?
You know what that "spark" is. And you can feel when it's there and when it's not. Take a step back from yourself the next time your ex is talking to you, and just feel - is it still there? Because it's not a one-way thing, and you'll know it if/when you feel it.

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Watch Your Ex and Their Newfound Partner
You can get a ton of information by watching how your ex and their newfound partner interact. If you never get the opportunity to actually see them in public together, bring up their partner the next time your ex talks to you, and watch them as they talk. It will tell you everything.

Does Your Ex's New Someone Get Jealous?
Another good way to determine if your ex really does still like you is to see if the new someone they are dating is jealous of you. While a bit of dislike may be inherently present, (you have to love the spirit of human competition), if they are outright jealous, it's probably for a good reason.

Make a Subtle Innuendo
You can always go out on a limb and make a subtle innuendo towards getting back together, or missing your ex to see how they react. Even if they eventually pull back and state that they are clearly dating someone else, their first (uncensored) reaction will give them away.

Ask, and Gauge Response
Of course, you can always take the super bold approach and just come right out and ask your ex if they still have any feelings for you, or are still attracted to you. You know your ex, and their response can be easily read for what's "really" going on!

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Whether or not you have any intention of getting back together with your ex, sometimes you just need to be able to assert your attractiveness again, and woo them into wanting you again. Here are some ways that can help you achieve just that.

Spend Some Time On You
The best way to attract anyone is to be attractive. This doesn't mean that you have to go out and get plastic surgery until you look like the movie celebrity of choice, but it means that you have to feel your best. When you feel good, you look good, and you're generally more attractive.

Never Underestimate the Power of Positive Thinking
There are studies that show that the way you think and feel actually generate electromagnetic fields that physically affect the way others react to you. Don't underestimate you power to positively think yourself through any situation. Think attractively, and your ex will feel it too.

This is perhaps not the most direct tactic, which probably means it's one of the most important things you can do. Getting enough rest is essential to healing physically and emotionally, resetting your mind from the previous day, and starting fresh and being able to shine. And happy shining people are always more attractive than drug out tired souls.

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Eat Raw Foods
Again, this intrinsically focused tactic will make you more attractive overall. By incorporating more raw foods (fruits and vegetables) in your diet, you will feel better, have more energy, look better, and you will exuberate more vitality and strength - all of which will make you more attractive.

Send the Flowers
Okay, people have been doing it for centuries for a reason - it works! Send some flowers, choose the appropriate color for exactly what you want to say, and sit back and let your ex enjoy a bit of you, from you. Unless they are ice, flowers will always soften a heart.

Be Friends
This can be one of the hardest things to do especially if you are trying to attract them because you really do want them back, but sometimes by extending the hand of true friendship, trust will be easily regained, and the friendship will naturally lean towards something more.

Give Freedom
Freedom is attractive to everyone. Giving your ex the freedom to do and say what they please without having any negative comments or behavior resulting on your part is one of the most attractive things you can do.

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You need to smarten up to know if your ex wants only sex. There are some crystal clear signs that will confirm to you his actual intentions. Don't mistake a guy's love coming through because he wants sex with you. Learn to read the underlying message.

Does every meeting culminate in sex
Has every visit in the past ended in having sex? Does your guy continue to come by and every meeting culminates in sex. This indication should be as clear as crystal that this is his only intention of meeting you and there is nothing more to it.

Are his thoughts overpowered by sex
In the process of your meetings, does he only talk of sex and nothing else? If sex is always on his mind then it shows that real love is missing. He cannot think of anything beyond sex and you as the object of his intention always.

Are his eyes fixated in an embarrassing way
If the guy's eyes are fixated on you in an embarrassing manner on a particular part of your body and shows little interest on other things besides your physical form, then this guy is only out for sex. This guy has no sincere love or feelings for you.

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Has he been concerned with your needs
Has the guy been a selfish person when it came to sex with you? Did he think only of his satisfaction and finishing his side of the act or has be been concerned with your needs too. Has he taken you right to the end till you have been satisfied?

His comeback
What about his comeback? Do you see him as a sincere guy who tries to show more concern and consideration and understanding towards you? Does he show an intention to see you happy, or does he fake these things only, with the intention of sex with you?

Study his reactions
It would be well worth it to study his reactions to you when he comes to meet you and refuse him sex. He may try to coax and convince you or arouse you to give in to him, but you have to be strong and not allow him to have sex with you. How does he react?

False promises
Does he come up with false promises of behaving, or being more considerate or not wanting sex too often? If you find him trying to cajole around you with these false promises then you know he only wants sex with you.

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