My Ex Boyfriend Cheated On Me but I Still Love Him: I Still Miss Him Even Though He Cheated On Me

My boyfriend cheated on me and I still love him is something that you may be shocked to hear yourself saying. As women, we usually have a preconceived idea of what we'd do if we ever found out that our man was being unfaithful. Typically that involves telling him off and walking out the door for good. It's so much more complicated than that. When you're confronted with the realization that the man you love has been unfaithful, it doesn't automatically render all of your deep feelings for him null and void. You struggle with the understanding that he was with someone else while at the same time you still want to be with him. Although most everyone in your life will probably tell you to dump him that may not be the right approach for you. It's your heart and your life so you need to do what brings you fulfillment. If you want to work with him to get the relationship back on track, that's commendable. It's not easy though.

If your boyfriend cheated on you the first thing you must do is to be brutally honest with yourself. You've got to determine whether he's as committed to you as you are to him. It's a completely different story when he is wavering between you and the other woman. Don't feel ashamed or guilty if you still want him back even though you're unsure of who he wants. It feels very much like an emotional battle when you're faced with this. In your heart you know that he belongs with you but he may feel a strong temptation because she's offering him something you don't. That may be understanding or a sense of freedom. Quite often when a man has an affair he truly believes that the grass is greener on the other side. In his mind, he thinks that he's found something unique and refreshing with the new woman when in fact it's just his mind confusing sex with love.

There are a couple of things that you can do that can impact what your boyfriend is feeling. The first is to be understanding. That's incredibly hard when you feel betrayed but if you are truly hoping for a future with him, listen to him when he wants to explain what's been going on. Threatening him or screaming at him may feel like the right thing to do, but it's not going to accomplish anything positive. You also have to set boundaries. If your boyfriend cheated on you and he's now confused about what he wants, remove yourself from the equation. You'll accomplish a couple of important things with this action. You'll be telling him that you're not comfortable or accepting of his desire to have two lovers and that you're not willing to sit by the sidelines while he decides who he wants. Also, if you tell him that you're not going to date him while this is going on it will force him to see that he does indeed have to make a choice. Life without you may be more than he's willing to bear and if that's the case, the other woman will become a distant memory very quickly.

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Step 1:What Went Down: In order to help you get your ex-boyfriend back, it's important to analyze how big of a blowup caused the breakup. You can easily win him back if you split because of a stain in his Camaro but if you borrowed his Camaro and drove it off a cliff, there's some extra work to do.

Step 2:Is There Something About Him: Something did go down to make him your ex so why in fact do you want him back now? Before you try to win back this guy's heart, make sure he's worth it and that he'll treat you right because you've already gone through the breakup, which is the hard part.

Step 3:Be Pals: You can take the steps to get your ex-boyfriend back by first getting to be acquaintances. If every time you see each other a professional wrestling style shouting match breaks out, perhaps you two weren't meant to be. On the other hand, if you're cool and talk about things he likes, he'll see you in a better light.

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Step 4:Keep Some Distance: Most guys hate showing affection and despise being smothered. A dude might hold your hand while you watch 'Notting Hill' in the privacy of your home but it kills him to do it in public. Therefore, since you are indeed split up, give him some space and keep your distance as well.

Step 5:Make It His Move: The best way to get your ex back and to keep him is to make it his move. You can rope him in by having a positive attitude, keeping up on your looks, and potentially start getting interested in other men.

Step 6:Use Your Move: Some guys are stubborn and would wait 30 years to make their move even though they loved you the whole time. Give your ex a little kick start by nonchalantly setting him up with a line like, "There's that big party on Saturday but I'm not sure if I'll know anybody there, is your car full?"

Step 7:Be Honest: Mary ended up going with Ted because he was the only one of her suitors that was actually telling the truth and being sincere. Likewise, you don't need to consistently play head games with your ex and at some point you should let your true feelings come out.

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Breakups are never easy. They are even harder if you are still in love with the person as much as you were when you were together. Unfortunately, getting back in touch with an ex isn't easy, either. In fact, it can be downright frustrating just trying to get your ex boyfriend to text you back. Whether he refuses to text you because you seem desperate in your texts or because he doesn't like what you have been saying in them, you will need to learn what to say and how to say it if you want to text your ex boyfriend back successfully. Here are several tips to help you out:

Tip 1: Be nonchalant.

Before you try to text your ex boyfriend back, you have to stop and think about what you want to say first. Your ex might just be ignoring your messages because the way you are phrasing your words is too mushy or too desperate. So, make it a point to think about your words choices and stay neutral as much as possible. Ideally, you shouldn't bring any emotions into the mix, either, so that you don't scare him away.

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Tip 2: Be interesting.

Of course, you can't just hope to text your ex boyfriend back right away with a single text message. You have to be able to keep the texting conversation going by being interesting and by choosing topics that will actually fascinate your ex while keeping a smile on his face at the same time. This means that you cannot choose interesting topics that will make him feel uncomfortable or make him angry. You have to just stay neutral and make sure he understands exactly what you are saying while you are at it. Remember: you have to ease yourself back into your ex's life; not force yourself into it.

Tip 3: Be calm.

If, after you text your ex, you do not get a reply right away, do not panic. You cannot get angry just because your ex doesn't reply to you - remember that. You cannot bombard him with text messages asking why he isn't replying, either. Just stay calm and give your ex boyfriend the time away from you that he needs before you try to text your ex boyfriend back again. Patience happens to be the key at getting your ex boyfriend back, so make sure you do things right.

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When you are looking for advice to get your ex back, you must be careful about putting any of that advice into action without serious thought. There are very few ways - that actually work - to get your ex back. These strategies work even when he or she is refusing to speak with you.

The best technique you can employee is the "cutting off all ties" strategy. Though you are feeling heartbroken, you cannot let this show. If you want to get your ex back, you are going to have to agree with them that the relationship is over and discontinue all communication.

This might sound a bit harsh, and certainly seems a bit odd of a technique to get your ex back, but this is an absolutely vital strategy if you want to get your ex back. You can contact your ex to thank them for the good times and agree that the split was for the best, but this is as far as contact should go.

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The best thing for you to do at this point is to move on with your life and focus on you. Spend nights out with your friends, spend time with your family, and do whatever you can to have a good time. When you want to get your ex back, you need to show them that you are alright without them.
Chances are, you share friends in common, use this opportunity to tell all your friends about your fresh start in life. Focus on the positives and this will certainly get back to your ex, causing them to wonder about you.

The logic and beauty of this technique is that it gives you ex what they said they wanted, while at the same time, fostering desires and sentiments towards you. The time apart will reveal to your ex what a mistake they made. You are likely to receive a call, or hear of a renewed interest through a mutual friend, and you will now that now is the time to get your ex back.

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