My Ex Boyfriend Has A Girlfriend But Still Talks To Me: My Ex Tells Me He Loves Me But Has A Girlfriend

If you have recently experienced a relationship breakdown, then the stress of this is already enough but the relationship breakdown is often even harder to accept if your ex boyfriend has now got himself another girlfriend.

If you still really love your ex boyfriend, then the pain of seeing your ex boyfriend with another girl is often unbearable. I am going to share with you some expert advice in order for you to get your ex boyfriend back in your life even if he has found himself another girlfriend.

You must not under any circumstances say disrespectful things about your ex to your friends that you do not really mean, I know that the temptation to do this will be strong, as you will want him to experience some of the pain you are currently going through, but please resist your urge to this, because the things you say to your friends will eventually get back to your ex and in the long run this will reduce your chances of getting him back.

Also do not under any circumstances approach his new girlfriend, I know that you probably feel jealous but by engaging in threatening behaviour to his new girlfriend will not get your ex boyfriend back and in fact it is likely to make their new relationship stronger.

You must show your ex that you do not care about this relationship has has with his new girlfriend, if you walk past them with they are together, just smile, pretend you do not care and laugh with your friends.

If you see your ex boyfriend on his own, then just go up to him and tell him that you are still them for him if he needs to talk about anything but do not get upset, stay strong at all times.

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How to get your boyfriend back when he has a girlfriend is more simple than you think.

He's Moved On

Breaking up with the love of your life is devastating and painful enough. But what if your ex already moved on and found a replacement for you? That would most probably cause pain beyond words. You suddenly lose all hope of getting him back. You still want him to run back into your arms again, but with the other woman in the picture, that seems to be impossible right now. Well, don't despair. There is still hope. You can still get the man of your dreams even if he already is in another woman's arms.

Be Mature Enough

Stop your childish antics of moping around in your room and locking yourself in the bathroom. The only things you'll get out of this are eye bags and a zombie-like face. Learn to accept the fact that your ex boyfriend has already found someone new. With this kind of attitude, you ex will be amazed at how mature you've become in handling situations like this. It will take a lot of effort on your part but you can do it if you badly want your ex back.

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No Backstabbing, Please

If you want your ex to still treat you like a friend, never ever say anything bad about his new girl right in his face. This will only show him that you're jealous and spiteful, something that would definitely turn him off. He probably wouldn't talk to you anymore if you'll keep doing this. Do not talk behind his back. And if you do get the chance to meet his new girlfriend, be friendly. Remember the old saying, "keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer?"

Keep Your Connection

Most people think that they can never be good friends with their exes. Wrong. You can still keep the bond between you and your ex despite the breakup and all the bad memories. If you want to get him back, this should be something that you need to consider. Let him know that you can still be that girl that he could openly talk to. Get him to trust you like he always does. Soon you'll find him telling you everything about his new relationship and you'll be the first one to offer him a hand when things go wrong between him and his new girl.

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There are a lot of different text messaging templates that you can refer to in order to get your ex boyfriend back. However, you need to keep in mind that each template has its own purpose and is all part of the grand scheme of reconnecting with your ex boyfriend, so that he will realize that what you had is actually worth another shot.

Some text messaging templates might exist to break the ice and get you to start talking to your ex boyfriend again, for example, while other text messaging templates might be powerful enough to remind your ex boyfriend why you were so good together to begin with. Then there are templates that can increase your intimacy with your ex boyfriend and make him feel close to you again. Other templates can even seduce your ex and help you get your ex boyfriend back through text that way, if you want.

The key to succeeding with these templates is to know exactly which ones work for your specific goals. Once you learn them by heart, you can even use several texting tactics in conjunction to have an easier and faster time winning your ex back.

Template 1: Start talking.

The main idea of this template is just to start talking to your ex boyfriend again after the breakup. It is important not to make him feel pressured to respond when you text him, though.

"I just found that wacky photo of us after we rode that weird roller coaster in the mall. It never fails to make me laugh. It was nice because I hadn't actually thought about you in a while. Hope you're okay."

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Template 2: Bring up the good.

If you want to get your ex boyfriend back after he broke up with you, you need to focus on all of the good things that you went through in your relationship. Essentially, you should try to make it seem like you lived the perfect life together and that things are miserable now.

"Do you remember when we played golf and my golf ball flew into the embankment, so I tried to fish it back out? That was a lame attempt. Priceless memory, though."

Naturally, there are many other texting templates out there that can help you get your ex boyfriend back. To make the most of them, just phrase your words delicately and you should have an easier time getting your ex back in no time.

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It's really no good sitting at home crying your eyes out about something that has already happened, and is to all intents and purposes, history. Accept that the relationship has failed, do the right thing, and after a while you'll succeed in getting your ex back - I promise!

Your emotions are really raw at this stage, so soon after the break up, and your ex feels exactly the same. Just one meeting between the two of you right now could set the whole argument off again, and damage the situation beyond repair. Getting your ex back like this will never, ever happen, so listen to the advice in this article, and follow it slowly, step by step.

Just stay away from your ex for a while. You both said really nasty things to each other, and you need time to think about these things and how you're going to fix them. If you are still so hurt and angry, you're not going to be able to think about them logically at all.

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Once you are feeling better, you can approach your ex without these hurt and angry feelings, and rather with the love that you have for your ex. This will give you a much better chance at getting your ex back. You will both be saying anything you can to each other that will make you WANT to be together again.

It might seem like a very harsh bit of advice that you're getting, but once you are over the hurt and anger, and thinking logically about the whole situation, you will agree that it is the right thing to do.

By that time, you will both know exactly what it was that you said to each other, and you will be able to apologize to each other very sincerely, instead of just saying anything that comes to mind, in the hope of getting back together again.

In short, all it costs in getting your ex back successfully is time, patience, and determination. Try doing it any other way, and you will lose out hopelessly!

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