My Ex Boyfriend Hates Me but I Still Love Him: He Says He Hates Me but Still Talks to Me

So, your boyfriend hates you, or perhaps he said he doesn't love you anymore and you feel like you've just lost the most important thing in your life. Don't worry too much, most of the time this is not a statement of true feelings, and more of a reflection of a moment of anger or situational response.

Love is an interesting thing. Couples tend to use it almost as a way of saying goodbye or hello. We hear the 'I love you!' from out mate and that makes us happy, but what is it? Are we being honest?

We all think we know what it is when we meet that special someone that makes us feel good inside, but then we question if it was ever true when we break up. Did we ever really know what love was? And did we actually have it?

The truth is, love is the way you feel around a certain person; it's how that person makes you feel. If your boyfriend says he doesn't love you anymore, then something has changed with the way his feels about himself while being around you. And that is probably what he associates with love. His feelings for you are likely still there.

Winning the "love" back is as simple as making your boyfriend feel like he used to around you. Think about it for a while. Try to determine how he felt around you. What did he say during those one-on-one moments about how you made him feel? Those are the feelings you need to get back.

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Most people have mobile phones in today's day and age. Most people also prefer to use their mobile phones as their communication device of choice to get in touch with other people. Because of this, it would also be considered as one of the most prevalent gadgets to use to get a person's attention. So, if you want to text your ex boyfriend back, then you should be able to do so with ease, even if you aren't too familiar with how texting works to begin with. Here are 3 basic texts that you can try sending him:

1. "Hey, we should catch up soon!"

This text may be very simple, but it can be used effectively to text your ex boyfriend back. Why does it work? Well, for starters, it doesn't start a fight - which is what your ex is probably dreading the most right now - and second of all, you will get to break the ice and start communicating with your ex again through it.

2. "Can we talk about what happened?"

By phrasing this text as a question, you can alleviate any negative reactions from your ex and show him that the decision to talk is ultimately his. Sometimes, text messages can sound bitter or demanding, so if you keep things formal like this, you can make sure that you can still try to text your ex boyfriend back with other kinds of text messages afterwards.

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3. "It would be nice to see you."

Although this text message is more straightforward and shows your ex that you still like him, it is good because it isn't demanding, either. You might have to wait a little before you use a text like this, though - especially if the breakup was a bad one. However, if your ex does agree to see you, make sure you maintain a type of formality, so he will see how mature you can be, even if he broke your heart.

In the end, the truth remains: you can text your ex boyfriend back just by using one of the aforementioned sample texts. If you use them wisely, you can actually get your ex back into your arms and maybe even start a better relationship than the one you previously had. So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of texting today and start a good foundation in your new relationship with your ex boyfriend with ease.

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Steps to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Figure out where it went wrong

If you're going to try to win him back, the first thing you need to do is determine why things went wrong for the two of you in the first place. If you don't, you run the risk of a repeat performance when you do try to work it out. So, before you work it out, find out why it fell apart the first time.

Give him assurances

If he is willing to hear you out and try to give the relationship another chance, you need to give him assurances that these things won't happen again. Regardless of who was to be blamed for the break up in the first place, let him know that you're committed to making it work this time.

Be willing to make changes

If it was your fault, let him know that you're willing to change for the sake of the relationship. Many people view this as a weakness, but it's actually strength. It takes a strong person to admit when they're wrong and do what it takes to correct the problem. If it's worth saving, changing is worth doing.

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Be open to compromise

You won't be the only one who needs to make changes. There will have to be compromises on both ends; otherwise it becomes one person controlling the entire relationship. He has to be willing to compromise just as much as you are.


Communication should be higher up on the list as it is one of the most important factors in a relationship. You have to be able to express to him what you want, and be willing to listen to what he wants. If neither of you are communicating, how are you supposed to know what the other one wants? So talk, but also listen.

Talk to a professional

There is nothing wrong with talking to a professional about the problem. A therapist can be a good way to discuss everything out in the open and get opinions from an unbiased third party. A friend will side with you, just as his friends will side with him. So, a professional could be the way to go to finally get it all out in the open.

Be honest with him

Communication is important, but if you're not being honest, you're destined to repeat the problems you're having right now. So open up, be honest, tell him how you're really feeling. Either he will accept it, or he will reject you. But, at least while you're being honest, you'll have your answer right away.

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Your ex is definitely not talking you right now - it's too soon after the break up and he/she is still really mad at you! To make your ex start talking to you again, it's very important that your ex first starts missing you. That is only going to happen if your ex does not see you for a while, right?

So, it's easy then - just don't be available at all from now on, and sooner or later your ex will start hankering after you, and come to you. No effort, no expense, just some time - that's all that you need to do - great or what! Another great thing about this is that you don't even have to sit around at home waiting for it to happen - you can go out with your friends, see your family, or do anything else that you want to, to keep yourself busy.

When you're out with your friends, say really nice things about your ex. Say what a great time you guys had together, talk about the little things you used to do that made your ex laugh, and don't forget to mention that you still love your ex and that it's such a pity that your relationship ended.

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When your ex gets to hear about these things, as well as the great time you're having with your friends, it will make your ex start talking to you again, for sure. Just the fact that you're having so much fun will start having your ex miss having you around - he/she will want to be part of it, instead of sitting around moping about the break up.

Sooner or later your friends will start telling you things about your ex - what he/she is saying about you, that he/she also still loves you, and best of all, that your ex is starting to miss you like mad.

THAT'S what you've been waiting for - your ex is missing you like crazy! This is going to make your ex start talking to you again so you won't be hearing things second-hand from your friends anymore, because your ex is going to give you a call and start talking to you about getting back together again!

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