My Ex Boyfriend Is Still Sexually Attracted To Me: Why Is My Ex Boyfriend Flirting With Me Again

You hooked up. You fell in love. You dated for a while, but things started falling apart. One fight led to another and you broke up. Some time has passed and now you're finding that your ex boyfriend is once again flirting with you. What does this mean? This article will help you answer the question, "Why is my ex boyfriend flirting with me again?"

Why Is My Ex Boyfriend Flirting With Me Again?

If you broke up with your man and later find your ex boyfriend is flirting with you again, then there could be several possible reasons for this.

The first is a sinister one. It's possible your ex boyfriend is flirting with you again because he still wants to have sexual relations with you. Even though you broke up, he may still be attracted to you and might be hoping that he can still sleep with you from time to time without having any responsibilities of a relationship. Be careful if you suspect your man might be doing this or you'll end up getting hurt all over again.

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Another reason, your ex boyfriend may be flirting with you again is because he is still in love with you. He may still be attracted to you and could be hoping for another chance. Flirting is a way to let someone know you're interested in them. After all, most relationships start with some sort of flirting taking place. Your ex boyfriend could be trying to gauge your reaction to his flirting to determine if you might be interested in getting back together.

Thirdly, your ex boyfriend may simply be extremely comfortable with you. If you have remained friends after a breakup and he's used to flirting with you, then it might just be the way he is used to communicating with you. He may simply feel comfortable enough to flirt with you even though he knows you're nothing more than friends. If you are uncomfortable with this, then you should be upfront with him and let him know that you don't think it's appropriate to flirt when you're not dating anymore.

If you still have feelings for your ex boyfriend, then his flirting is an excellent sign that you still have a chance of getting back together. Take this opportunity to decide what you want. If you think he's worth giving another chance, then go for it. His flirting is a sign he's still interested.

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Whether or not your ex will come back it has a lot to do with the way you handle your break up. You should know that reconciliations don't happen overnight and the ex will take some time to get back with you. Meanwhile here is what is needed to do to make sure that your ex does come back into your life:

Understand how these things work

When you want to get back with your ex you first need to get realistic expectations. If it feels that things will just snap into place then you will be faced with disappointment. These things take a little time so you need to stock up on your patience.

Assessing the problem

Before approaching your ex with the proposition of reconciling, you need to understand the real reasons behind the break up. If you have hurt or really upset your ex then you should know the cause of that and have a solution in place.

Giving your ex some space and time

When you want your ex to come back to you then you will need to give them some time to get over the hurt and anger. Calling or emailing and hounding your ex with your million "I love you's" is only going to frustrate him/her off of you.

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Not flirting or messing around just because you have broken up

Whatever it does, trying to make pne's ex jealous is a bad idea. Worse still is hooking up with others just because you have broken up. Show your ex that you want to get back together badly and for that showing some regret and remorse.

Approaching your ex the right way

Let some time pass and then approach your ex. Be calm in talking to him/her. The need to show that you are in control, are not desperate and have thought the decision and thoughts through. Ask the ex to meet and try to resolve the issue and not press for a patch up.

Admitting the mistake and showing constructive steps at changing

You need to make your ex see that you have realized the mistake and have changed. Taking ownership of the blame will make your ex see that you are a good person and value him/her and the relationship.

Becoming friends and confidants first

Look at becoming good friends with your ex. Once your ex is able to trust you then he/she will see that both can work things out as a couple.

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If you just came from a devastating breakup and still have feelings for your ex boyfriend, you might have thoughts of wanting to get back together with him. If so, then you'll have to think of how to do so to increase your chances of succeeding in the end.

Before doing anything, you have to first find out if he still has any feelings for you. If he doesn't, then that's your cue to let him go and move on. On the other hand, if he still is interested then you'll have no problem winning your ex boyfriend back through text.

So, how will you be able to find out if your ex boyfriend is still into you? Well, if it's already been a month since your breakup, then you should ask yourself a few questions.

1. Did he send you a text message first or did you?

If your ex boyfriend is still into you, the least he will do is reply to your text messages. If he was the first to text and sent you messages out of nowhere, then you wouldn't need to know what his reasons may be. If he gives lame excuses as to why he is texting you or constantly sends you text messages, then you know that he still has feelings for you.

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2. How many text messages does he send you?

Does he try to keep the conversation from ending? Does he reply to every text message you send him? If so, then it's obvious that he is still interested in you. If this is indeed the case, then go ahead and ask him if you're ready. You both know that you want to get back together. At this point, the only thing left to do is to confirm and text out his intentions.

Here's a simple and subtle trick for you to try out: When you're out having a meal together, pretend like he has a smudge on his lip and wipe it off for him. Observe his reaction and check if it's good or bad. If he says "Thank you" and smiles then you will have no problems winning your ex boyfriend back. If it takes him aback or if he turns away, then it's time to take a few steps back and try to turn things around. This shouldn't make you lose hope, though. Many women are able to win their ex boyfriends back. It's not very difficult.

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There are certain things that will help to act as guidelines that you will need to follow in an effort to get your ex back. Following these guidelines will go a long way in ensuring that you end up getting your ex back.

Number one thing you should do is to guard your emotion. The way you manage your emotion can go a long way in determining how you succeed in getting your ex back. If you manage your emotion properly enough, you can be sure that getting your ex back will never be a problem. The self control you are exercising over your emotion will help to prevent your ex from seeing you as an emotional basket case. This will still help to maintain or promote your self respect in the sight of your ex.

Another very important point you will need to consider is the fact that you need to take a step forward. Staying glued to your sorrow and pain wills not be helpful to you in the least. It is better for you to tear off that toga of bitterness and move forward with your life. One thing that will help you a great deal in getting your ex back is your ability to look life in the face and shout "I am a Survivor". If not, you will not be able to take the needed challenges and move on with your life.

You will also need to tell yourself that you can be a better person. If you can write this boldly on your door post or bed post, it is all well and good. This will enable you to see it every day and you will be moved to believe this by simply repeating them daily.

Your belief in this will help you to take steps to conquer your weaknesses and enhance your strength. In the long run, your radiance will be so much prominent that your ex will not be able to resist you again.

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