My Ex Changed Her Number: She Changed Her Number and Disappeared

I have summarized the best and most effective way of contacting your ex down into 4 easy to follow steps. I have been through the pain of really wanting my ex back after that relationship ended. We were together for about a year and a half and the breakup was one of the most soul destroying experiences I ever had. I want to help you in your time of need! I know that as a man it can be difficult to talk about our emotions and feelings in real life so I just want to let you know I'm here to support you.

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Onto the 4 rules of contact:
1) So first rule of contact is... don't contact her.

The emotional cycle of the breakup is very delicate and things must be done in a time sensitive manner. If you call her too soon it makes you look needy which is very unattractive. The blanket rule is do NOT initiate contact with her in the first 30 days. You can call her on day 30 by this stage both of your wounds will have healed a bit and she will be in an emotional state of loneliness which will mean she is more open to reconciling.

Delete her number from your phone! Trust me on this one man. I sent some weak texts to my ex in my moments of emotional despair "I miss you so much xx". They will kill your chances. Drunk dialing is also not going to do you any good! You can write her number on a piece of paper and put it away somewhere but just take the number out of your phone to avoid drunk dialing and messy messages.

2)What if she contacts me?

If she contacts you that is obviously a positive thing! You need to be careful about what you say and more importantly how you say it! You should just be the cool guy when she contacts you( either via email, phone or in person). DON'T tell her how much you need her, miss her or still fantasize about her. Doing this will make you unattractive in her eyes. It's not romantic... it will just destroy your chances. You want to talk to her as though you are friends or are only interested in being friends.

3) What to talk about?

Similar to above, you are the cool guy so you should only talk about fun interesting things like you would with any of your friends. DO NOT initiate any conversation about the breakup or your feelings for her. If she brings this up then that's cool you can talk about it briefly but then move on. You should say that you're happy the breakup has happened and that it's given you a chance to grow. You really should be using this period to grow as a person. It will help your wounds heal faster and help you become a much more attractive man.

4) Contact is going well how can I move things forward?

Remember you should be in 'friend' mode only. Not trying to sleep with her or declare your undying love. You need to play it cool. So just suggest meeting up for a coffee or some other low pressure environment just like friends would. Take things slowly. Remember your breakup happened for a reason you need to try and work out why before you jump back into the same relationship again.

How you behave and your mental state is very important if you want to attract any woman into your life. It's extremely important if you want to get her back! Make sure you have an effective strategy to get her back. The 4 points above are an excellent place to start!

Knowing how and when to contact your ex girlfriend is the most important step to get her back into your life.

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Sometimes you feel that you will never be able to get your ex girlfriend out of your mind and heart. If you are in this position and want to make reconciliation possible it is very essential to be aware of the facts that surround you where she is concerned. For example, see if you can detect signs that tell you that she will return to you or not. Consider these points.

Ask yourself if you have changed for the better
Do you think that you have changed for the better so that your ex girlfriend will not be disappointed in you in any way? Only if you feel that you have made positive changes to yourself, then you can hope to keep her really happy with you. Unless she sees the difference in you she will not want to return.

Have you made an effort to get her back
Just wanting her back desperately or hoping and dreaming that you two will get back is not going to make it really happen. These dreams will become an actual reality if you go out there and make honest efforts to do all you can to change her mind about you. Prove that you are worth coming back to and she will.

What do you have to offer her
If your ex girlfriends thinks that you really have something to offer her - a life of happiness and satisfaction in every way, she will definitely think about coming back to you. You will have to prove that you can fulfill her heart's desires and be there for her before she can make up her mind to get back with you.

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Attract her by your attitude and behavior
Show her that you are no longer that bumbling, immature idiot who made her life a misery. Let her see that you have come a long way since then. If she suddenly sees you as a person whose personality and charm are undeniably attractive and irresistible, she will find herself thinking about getting back with you again.

Make her envious of your new friends
Don't sit in the background proving to the world and most especially to her that you are broken hearted and want her back desperately. You have to socialize and be seen with other women, having fun with new friends and being "in demand" she is bound to become a little jealous and envious when she sees what she's given up!

Endeavor to make her long for the past
The more attractive you become in her sight, the more popular you seem to be with your friends and the more she notices that how independent and confident you have become, the more she will start to long for the past and be involved with you again.

Say the right things that will melt her heart
Make sure that you are not caught unprepared and tongue tied when you do bump into her. Be prepared and say things that will show her that you are delighted to see her. Compliment her and praise her with your words and looks of admiration and she will be flattered at the attention. Melt her heart by being generous and magnanimous in every way.

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You realize the true value of your girlfriend only after she has left you. If she has not moved on permanently then you still have a chance to win back her affections. However, you will need to do the following and then hope that your prayers are answered.

Set her free
The moment you realize that she was the perfect girl you have to set her free. This means that you have to stop pestering her or following her. If you have been giving her mixed signals then stop that once and for all. You have a lot to do before you attempt to impress her once again.

Do all that she wanted you to
You very well know what she didn't like in you. Now is your chance to prove that you are willing to take her counsel. Make all the necessary changes and give up all the irritating habits she detested in you. If necessary seek professional help but become the kind of person she wanted you to be.

Become more responsible
Start focusing on your academic and professional life. You should not only be a good looking gentleman but you also need to be successful in your chosen field. No one wants to be associated with losers and your ex girlfriend also expects her future man to be an achiever.

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Start meeting her once again
The above two steps are going to consume some time and by the time you have changed and become more responsible her anger and pain would have melted away. Now is the time to reconnect with her. Meet her once in a while and put on your best behavior. She should be impressed with the metamorphosis you have undergone.

Give her the credit
As you reconnect with her tell her the credit for the transformation goes to her. Thank her for showing you the mirror and letting you know where you were going wrong.

Charm her
Take one step at a time and begin meeting her very often. Only this time don't be impulsive but charm her in a gentlemanly manner. Take her to movies or plays or to exhibitions and give her a good time. Make sure every moment that she spends with you is memorable. Don't try to get physical with her. Keep your distance and she will be impressed with you.

Ask for forgiveness
Once the comfort level has increased ask for forgiveness. Let some time pass and as you get closer and closer don't ask her to be your girlfriend. Instead propose to her and ask her to be your fiancée.

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The breakup is now in the past and you have picked up the pieces and are trying to put your life in order once again. However, there is one small problem and it is that you are now beginning to get mixed signals from your ex. You don't know what to make of it. Well, relax just read on and make your judgment.

Your ex does not know how to deal with the situation
Although your ex left in a huff he/she now does not know how to deal with the sudden empty feeling. This typically happens to both partners and there is nothing abnormal about it. If your ex continues to do so even after some time then you need to look at it closely.

Feeling guilty
Your ex realizes that after all the good times you shared he/she treated you poorly and ended the relationship without giving it much thought. This guilt is eating into them and they are trying to make up for it.

Hates the bitterness
If your breakup has been particularly messy and there was a lot of bitterness then after sometime it must have cooled off and your ex now realizes that he/she should not have said or done the things they did. Your ex wants the bitterness to go away and is therefore is trying to get closer to you so that it is no longer there.

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Mulling a second shot
Your ex can't live without you and has decided to seek a second chance. However, they cannot muster enough courage and are therefore being cryptic in their signals to you. Take your call after thinking it over.

Hates to lose your forever
Only after you have left your ex does he/she realize the role you played in their life. The fact that such a wonderful person will no longer be a part of their life in the future makes them send mixed signals to you. They would like the two of you to remain friends if not lovers.

Realizes you were not bad after all
They say time and space is the best healer for broken hearts. After staying away from you your ex realizes that you were essentially a gem. They would want you to be close to them and even consider a patch up.

Wants you back
This is the most plausible of reasons why your ex is sending mixed signals. They know that the two of you are destined to be together and want you back in their life. Don't jump with joy but take your time and then take your call.

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There are specific techniques that will show you exactly what to do and what to say to get your ex lover back in your arms- Especially if you are the only one trying... Visit What to Say to Get Your Ex Back to find out more.

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