My Ex Changed His Number: He Changed His Number Will He Call

Since the day I broke up with my ex-boyfriend, I wanted nothing more than to contact him. I wanted to talk and hear his adorable voice. I wanted to talk to him and see whether it's possible to reconcile. A few times my ex-boyfriend picked up with phone, then after a while he stopped answering the phone. What feels worse than being dumped is the feeling of being ignored! I was feeling depressed and it was just aggravating my pain.

Eventually, I got over the urge to call him. So I am sharing a few practical ways you can use as well to resist the urge to contact your ex.

1. Ask yourself why you NEED to call him
What's the motive for you to contact your ex? For me, I found that when I am bored or not occupied I just felt like calling him. For you, it could be some other reason. So every time you reach for the phone to call him, ask yourself why. Then take a few minutes to reason out in your mind about those reasons.

What are you going to talk about? Will talking with him make me feel any better?

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2. Call someone else instead!
If you really have an urge to call, call someone other than your ex. May be a friend or family member who you can trust and will hear out what you have to say.

3. Keep yourself occupied
When your mind is not occupied you tend to think about your ex-boyfriend and this in turn will make you want to call him. So, do something to distract yourself when you get that initial thought about your ex. Hang out with your friends, try a new hobby or learn something new. So the best thing is to keep yourself occupied.

4. Get rid of things that remind you of your ex
Photos and gifts are the most common culprits. If you these items in clear sight box them up and keep it in a place where you won't reach out for it, when you feel the most vulnerable. I gave to one of my good friends to keep. I also told her, not to give to me even if I come begging to her!

5. Avoid the places your ex hangs out
It's going to be difficult to forget your ex and not contact him when you constantly keep running into him. I must admit that I even took different bus routes just so I can see him while he was having his morning run. Looking back at it now it seems all so pathetic! At the time, I wasn't doing my self any good because when I see jogging in the morning, I would end up thinking about him the entire day. This in turn would make me want to call him, even more!

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If you've recently broken up with your significant other, you may find yourself missing them more than you thought you would. You may also find yourself wondering if they are missing you at all too. Rest assured, they are, and here's when they start doing it.

That Song, You know, That One...
You may not even know what it is, but it's out there for you and for your ex. It's that one song that whenever you hear it, you think of them. It was as if the song was written for you and them and your situation. They have one for you too, don't worry; and when they hear it, guess who'll they'll be missing?

Every place You Ate
What is it about restaurants that are associated so easily with individuals, even though you may not be able to remember all the times you ate there with a person? But it happens, every time. You can't get through the meal without thinking of you know who. And neither can they.

Old Haunts Haunt
Old hang outs, favorite store, movie theaters, even park benches can suddenly become permanent reminders of anther person once they are gone. Places you would have never given a second thought to now trigger memories that have you reminiscing old time, and haunt your present.

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Phrases That Linger
Have you ever caught yourself saying something in the same way, or using a phrase that your ex often used? Well, you ex is finding the same thing to be true. Even if someone else says it, chances are they are thinking of you ever time they hear it.

Holidays can be some of the most joyous times, and some of the most painful times - especially when you spend them alone due to a recent break up. Everyone misses someone during the holidays - you're supposed to! It's a time of reflection and time set aside specifically to spend time with family and friends. They'll be missing you then, for sure.

When Things Feel Lonely
Anytime you start to feel lonely is when you start to really miss people in your life. Who wants to go through life alone? You can be sure that anytime your ex turns around and finds themselves alone with no one to share a happy time, or help them through the rough times, they will find themselves thinking of you.

Every morning, and Every night
Some of the most vulnerable times of day - when you first wake up and right before you fall asleep - are also times for emotional vulnerabilities to surface. It could be that you can go through your whole day without thinking of your ex in the least, but snuggling down for the night, and waking up to a pillow alone may trigger that missing feeling. Same with your ex.

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Okay, so you really want to get their brain working, eh? You really want to say some things to your ex that will get them to think, rather than blurt out whatever nonsense you're used to hearing. Well, be careful for what you wish for - or at least enjoy your show...

You Liked it That Way
This one is great especially if they are complaining about something you "always did". By blatantly telling them that they were the ones who liked it that way, it will make them stop and think what the heck could be so wrong about the situation that not only did you not see whatever it was that was driving them crazy, you actually thought they liked it!

It's Okay, You'll Find Someone Else
This one will make them think just because they may not want to hear that from you, regardless of the nature of the split up. It's nicer to think that you'd be fighting to get them back, not comforting them and encouraging them to go off and find true love elsewhere.

I'll Drive You to Your Wedding
This one just has shock value, especially if you say it sincerely. Not only does it say "hey you're going to be just fine" and "I really don't want to have anything to do with you as far as marriage is concerned" but it also says "I'm so nice, I'll even take you". Talk about a head spinner.

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We Should Have Stayed "Just Friends"
This one is something to think about, especially since it may actually be true. It may even be good for you both to ponder. Great friendships that could have lasted a lifetime can be ruined if pushed to the next level, and it's good to think about it, and know your limits in order to recognize it in the future. As they say: an ounce of prevention...

Your Mother Should Have Aborted
This one may be downright crass, but it will get your ex thinking - something. In fact, they will probably be thinking more than one thing really! Though, perhaps it's best to refrain from going into what those things actually are.

I'd Tell You to Go to Hell, but You Already Live There
If this is said in anger, it actually doesn't hold as much weight. If you say this to your ex as cool and as matter-of-factly as you can manage, they will stop and really think about it. After all, no one wants to give off the impression that they live in hell, and if you're telling them they do, it may just be enough to prompt at least a little bit of self reflection.

Never Have Children
This one may be harsh, and hopefully you'll never have to say it an mean it, but telling someone they should never have children will be sure to boil their blood, and get their mind reeling. Especially since this can be taken so many ways - it's an easy saying to get your ex to think - about what you mean, how could you mean it, and oh my is it true?

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If you're in a relationship and you suddenly begin to feel that everything is going downhill, then you should be greatly alarmed. A guy isn't as emotionally capable to tell you what he wants so you have to be able to read the signs of his real concern. Most of the time, they just need to be given space...

He'll start acting weird.
You may have gotten used to that guy who is passionate and sweet so if he suddenly becomes placid, then you could definitely say that something's bothering him. This sudden shift in his behavior is a clear indication that he needs to be given a little time by himself.

He has a dazed expression on his face.
It's as if you're looking at a man who's so confused with his life. It's either this or he has a blank expression on his face. There's usually no way to tell what he's thinking but you could still try to ask. If he doesn't respond, then give him a little time to think things through.

He tells his friends about his dilemma.
But he would never open up to you. And pretty soon, one of his friends would come up to you and give you an unsolicited advice regarding giving a guy his needed space. Your man may have a hard time opening up to you so he has used his friends as mediators.

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There's just too many secrets.
This guy would never want to talk about anything while he is in need of space. He would rather keep secrets than tell you some of his plans. He would be willing to keep secrets for fear of rejection or any negative reaction.

He's always on the edge.
Yet another weird behavior that you would see is that he always seems to be mad at something. Ask him a simple 'where were you last night' question and he'd be ready to fight! He also seems to be annoyed at everything.

There's no clear answer from him.
Try asking him anything and he will give you vague answers. It's because his mind is somewhere else that's why he would give you bland and standard answers just to shut you up.

He spends more time alone in your bedroom.
Since he's trying to sort out something on his own, you would often see him in the corner of your living room or he would even lock himself up in your bedroom. He could also spend hours just walking the dog. These are the classic signs that he's already boiling inside.

There's that little something in him that's different...
Your tingling intuition keeps telling you that he's trying to conceal something. Maybe he's not ready to ask for some space so why don't you unburden him by offering him some time off? He would definitely appreciate how you maturely handled the situation.

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