My Ex Is My Best Friend but I Still Love Him: Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back When You Are Friends

If you are having deep regrets about breaking up with your man, you may be having thoughts on what you can do to get him back. Things went awry between the both you but that doesn't mean that it is all over. You can definitely get him back especially when he is open to being friends with you and when you do it the right way.

A large part of what your need to do is supporting him in any way you can. Men generally enjoy the company of supportive women who understand their nature and what they want to do. Keep in mind that prior to doing anything to get your ex-boyfriend back, you need to make him realize without being aggressive that he needs you. There are several ways to do this.

Be a good friend. This is basically the best way to maintain your communication without aggressively attempting to get him back. Being a good friend means you support him in what he does and respect his decision. Show him that it is okay with you that you are just friends and that you are having fun. This way, when the time comes he will see what he lost when you two broke up.

Be kind and nice. This is very true however it is okay to have a little attitude. Obviously, it is your goal to make him think that he wants you, but you also would not want him to think that you'll come running anytime he wants to. Be careful though to not overdo what you are doing. Just enough that it makes him interested.

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Play a little hard to get. It should be stressed however that you should never overdo it. Show concern and patience by listening to him when he has problems. Show him that you are doing okay even without him but if he needs your help you are there for him.

Don't play desperate or needy. If he feels that you are being desperate, things will definitely change and there is a huge chance that he will think less of you. You need to portray a confident and cool persona to let him know that you are doing good with everything that is going on and that you are mature enough to move on.

When you talk, focus on the good times. Never have a conversation that is focus on a bad memory because this will make both of you defensive which can throw you off track. Talk about the happy memories without being aggressive. Eventually, he will subconsciously remember just how much he needs you.

It is definitely possible to get your ex-boyfriend back especially when you are friends and in contact constantly. Being supportive and understanding with what he does will help your cause. Also, by working passively and showing him the things that made him fall in love with you in the first place can get him to stop moving on and start moving back to you.

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Sometimes elderly people at the breakfast bar will tell you that no news is good news. You might be feeling something different in that old news is good news, especially when it comes to a former boyfriend. Guys can be tough eggs as their brains are sometimes scrambled so heed our advice to leave a good taste in your mouth.

Step 1:Why Is He Your Ex: When you first go to draw up plans for getting an old boyfriend back, you've got to consider the factors that led to your breakup in the first place. Depending on if your split was catastrophic or just the result of being too young will help determine your success in being reunited.

Step 2:Go Back In Time: Before the mutual restraining orders, there was hopefully a 'peak time' in your relationship when things were going good and you weren't disgusted to be around each other. Try and recreate your past self as maybe historical you was more fun loving and nagged less.

Step 3:Ask Him What's Up: You can get trapped in that labyrinth known as his noggin if you try to understand what he's thinking so perhaps an easier approach is to just ask him. See how he's doing with single life and what his thoughts would be to another go-around with you.

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Step 4:Don't Be You Per Se: It's hard to believe, but guys actually have outlooks to the future much like women do. It's possible that you didn't progress as a girlfriend as his head thought you would but now would be a perfect time to mature and expand your interests, activities, and attitudes.

Step 5:Your Past Has Passed: You guys may have had a good connection when you were dating but it's important to remember that those were ancient times. Instead of dwelling on how fun the prom was in 1999, make some new memories and experiences and your relationship will really start to grow.

Step 6:Focus On Good Times If you must choose to talk about the past, bring up the fun 1999 prom and not the 2000 one when you got in a big fight because he was drunk and ended up taking another girl. It's easy to remember the negative but exes sometimes easily fall into a trap of forgetting the positive times.

Step 7: Be Content Either Way: You've tried some new dudes but none of them can light your candle like this certain ex-boyfriend can. Unfortunately, their wick for you may have already burned out. Instead of spiraling into a depression, look at it as the timing just wasn't good right now. Keep your head up because the 1999 prom reunion is just around the corner...if they have those things.

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If you currently want to text your ex boyfriend back, then two of the many questions plaguing your mind must be, "How do I start? What would work?" As simple as text messaging may be when you first think about it, the minute you actually try to compose a text, you will probably panic and not get anywhere. In fact, you might just get confused and frustrated the more you try to come up with something to say. As such, here is an easy 3-step approach that you can follow to text your ex boyfriend back in no time:

Step 1: Talk about the good times.

Before you actually make a serious attempt to text your ex boyfriend back, you have to take about the good times and essentially remind him of how much fun you had together. Obviously, you should only focus on the pleasurable and happy experiences that you shared when it comes to this, though.

Try something like this: "Do you remember that time when we decided to try out mud wrestling on my dad's front yard? I just found old pictures of that day and couldn't stop laughing at how silly we looked in the mud-filled kiddie pool. Fun times!"

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Step 2: Step up the game with intimacy.

Once you have been texting each other more often, you can start to focus on creating some intimacy when you text your ex. Basically, you have to remind your ex how close you were and make him come to the conclusion that you should get close to each other again. These kinds of texts will usually work better if your ex boyfriend is currently going through some hard times; but if you phrase things right, they should work even if he isn't.

Here's an example: "I heard about your dog. I know you loved him a lot. I'm here if you ever need me. Hope you're alright."

Step 3: Do not hold anything back.

In this last phase, you have to wear your heart on your sleeve and actually let your ex boyfriend know how you feel about him. Make sure you leave this step for last, though, because you will just scare your ex further away if you text him this way too soon.

Text your ex boyfriend back with something like this: "I miss holding hands with you and walking around without really having anywhere to go. I miss just being myself with you."

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You are sitting at home in a stupor - your ex suddenly informed you that the relationship is over, and walked out. That's it - no explanation, no apology, nothing. Of course this will leave you devastated! This is a terrible thing to do to you, and action must be taken immediately.

However, by taking action, I don't mean that you must get on the phone and call your ex and plead to be taken back. On the contrary - give your ex just what he/she wants, and you'll see, this reaction of yours will make your ex regret breaking up with you so badly that he/she will be running after you before long!

If you feel that you can't possibly talk to your ex without breaking down, then rather send an email. Tell your ex that you're okay with the break up. Say that if the relationship upset him/her so badly, that you totally agree with his/her decision.

As an afterthought, add to the email, that you have already been out a few times with your friends, and that there is this very cute someone who you are interested in, and, since the relationship is over, you might just decide to hook up with this person.

Yes, it will make your ex jealous, but it won't be for long, I can assure you. Remember, you'll be with your friends, and EVERYTHING you say and do will get back to your ex in no time flat, and if you haven't done anything wrong, this will also get back to your ex.

To make your intentions seem real though, go all out to get yourself looking really stunning when you do go out with your friends. This WILL get the members of the opposite sex interested in you, so you won't have to make any effort there.

Your indifference to the break up, the way you look, the interest from other guys/girls, and what your friends say about you are all going make you rex regret breaking up with you in a big way! Was he/she absolutely mad to even think of ending the relationship?

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