My Ex Says He Misses Me but Doesn't Contact Me: Ex Says He Misses Me but Makes No Effort

"My ex says he misses me and wants me to give him another chance." Why is it that as soon as you start to regain confidence, start to think about yourself and move on he has to come back begging. He knows how to say all the things I want to hear and the hardest thing is I love him and I really would love to be with.

You wonder can people really change and is it worth giving another shot. Before you make any decision you have to figure out why your ex is back, is it because he missed you and realized that by breaking up with you he did a big mistake and felt how important you were to him. It's important to spend time apart in the beginning so feelings can get worked out.

Second, You have find out that sometime just being in love does not take you very far compatibility also matters a lot. Is it advisable to be back in the game again or just by being friend will be more better. Third, does your ex act any differently?

Are they being nicer than before? Is there a self realization that they did a mistake and want a second chance to cover it up or they want to get back because they do not have anyone else right now?

Only once you figure out why your ex has returned can you make a rational decision about getting involved with them again. If your ex really wants you back, you'll notice the changes they made to make them more desirable. Do not get lured just because "ex says he misses me".

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"My ex says he misses me but he is gonna have to start doing somethings if ever wants to get back together with me." How many women, and men for that matter, across the world do you think are in this situation? What, only a couple million? The fact of the matter is that its great that someone you loved and aren't together with anymore wants you back.

It means that the man you spent years and months with in a relationship is willing to do whatever it takes to get you back in his arms again. Too many of us just let go and move on after the break ups we go through, and it isn't right. When you share so much of yourself for so long with a person, you shouldn't just let go, start over, and move on to someone new. Fix things.

Relationships can be so hard to start for so many people in the world and it can be even harder to get a relationship to go the distance and if he wants you back, make him work for it. What you want to see from him is his ability to change and his ability to show you that change.

If you think that you can share your life with him than being willing to give him the change to get you back and you can even tell him what you want from him so that the two of you can get back together. Communicate to him the changes you need him to make for the two of you to get back together and that you need to see him making positive steps toward change.

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For whichever of the hundreds of reasons your relationship ended, its obvious that a change was needed to save it. Whether he needed to change his attitude toward you or the relationship, he needs to show you changes that show his maturity and stability.

In an "ex says he misses me" situation, what you want to see from is maturity in the way he tries to get you back in his life, and his stability to still live his life after the break up. He needs to give you space and time to think about him, the break up and why it happened.

You don't want him constantly pressuring you into getting back together by calling, texting, or showing up at places you know he'll be like your home or apartment and worst of all being your job. Just give him a chance to try and talk to you about the problems you and him feel ended the relationship.

Talk to him about the ways the two of you can fix those problems together so that the two of you can get back together. Relationships are reignited everyday and they should be. Relationships are serious and they are the only things that matter. Please take advantage of the things and people who can help get someone you loved and lost back in your arms and life again. This is what to do if you're in a "my ex says he misses me" situation.

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You broke up with your lover. Ever since the break up you cannot stop thinking about all the possible logical or miraculous things that can make your ex boyfriend miss you again? You spend your day and night looking at your cell phone for his calls and texts? You are dying to know what is he up to. How is he feeling? Is he missing you at all?

You are craving for him and any response or even a slightest positive notion from him would make you feel better? At this moment, you'd surely do anything to have him call you up and tell you how miserable he is without you. Right? All you have to do is make your ex boyfriend miss you! Not easy... but certainly possible!

So, how can you make your ex boyfriend miss you? It's all about playing the right cards at the right time. At first you were running after him. Now make him run after you. Start by making him realize how good your life is without him. Even though you miss him, don't show it to him. Act cool, pretend happy. Give him space, and have yours.

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Accomplish all the tasks you had been saving for a 'free time'! Hang out with your buddies. Watch movies. Start gardening. Manicures, pedicures, hair-dos... why not? Get back in shape. Get your life back and SMILE!

Actually, get so busy that you hardly have time for him. Even if you accidentally run into him, just give him a casual smile and remember to act cool. Sooner or later... the lack of attention on your part will make your ex boyfriend start missing you again!

This is the point where his ego hits a shredder! He feels rejected and dejected! He stops and thinks he has lost something big... something important. He misses the cute things about you and knowing the wonderful person you have turned into, he starts having guilt pangs and second thoughts.

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Well your ex may have decided to breakup with you, but let me tell you, this is no reason to freak out! Now you may be thinking that is easier said than done, but just calm down for a second, because you are in fact going to get your ex back! You see, that is the main key to getting your ex back in the first place, is to simply exhibit self control. But wait, because that is not all you need to do if you really want to pull your ex back...

Give space - a lot of people breakup just to get space, and this is all your ex needs and wants right now. It is also what you need, because unless you give your ex space, he/she will only find you really accessible and easy to have.

Change inside and out- Boredom is another reason why people choose to leave someone they love, simply because they are too used to you and want something new and challenging. You see, that is why you need to make an extreme effort right now to change all of your habits and to change into the person that your ex wanted. As well, with time we often let ourselves go, physically, which is why you need to hit the gym, exercise, get a new wardrobe and basically do everything you can to ensure that both your inside and outside have had a fresh makeover.

Begin dating one of your ex's friends- You may not want to date again, but let me tell you that unless you do this, your ex will never want you back. This trick, works extremely well when placed with the first two points above, because everything together will make your ex think about you. Not only this, but your ex will become so jealous and crazy thinking about you with one of his/her friends, that he/she will literally be begging you back.

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