My Ex Says He Misses Me but He Has A Girlfriend: My Ex Boyfriend Has A Girlfriend but Still Wants To See Me

You have this amazing boyfriend and he makes you feel important. You love him so much but now he has another girlfriend. Your friends keep telling you to leave him, but you can't bear to do so. What should you do?

Every day your mind will be filled with questions, "My boyfriend has another girlfriend, what should I do? How to win his heart back? I can't leave him, but how am I going to stop him from seeing another girl?" There are just so many problems to think of simply because you are so afraid to lose him.

People who are in deep pain from such situation have a tendency to become very paranoid and emotional. The first step that you should do is to calm down and start thinking of whether if he is really right for you. Perhaps you are really clear that you want him and he is suitable, but you have to know there are some underlying problems with your relationship that need to be fixed.

What if he has moved on? Here's how to get him back.

In order for you to fix this relationship, you have to train your mental that you can live without him. Stop thinking in a way that your boyfriend is all about "Everything" because when you start to behave in this manner, you will become weak, overly sensitive and agreeable. If you want him to respect and stop cheating on you, it is absolutely vital for you to appear strong.

Now the problem is your boyfriend has another girlfriend. You can't leave him, but that does not mean you can go along with everything your boyfriend does and expect both of you to have a great relationship. For most people, they will try to persuade the other party to stay true in the relationship. However, the truth is a relationship doesn't work this way. You can't convince a person to love you or want to be with you. If a person's heart is not with you, talking to them about committing seriously will rarely get a positive ending. So no matter how hard you try to convince or probably even plead with your boyfriend to stay, what is the ending you will get? Think about this seriously.

The thing that you should be doing now is to make sure that you are in the most positive form even he has another girlfriend. Give him the signal that you CAN live without him. Learn to take a step back and stop seeing him for time being. He will eventually come looking for you when he senses that something is missing out from his life. This is the time that you can control and turn the situation around, but of course you have to do it the right way.

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At the moment, as hurt and angry as you are, you must understand that your ex is probably relieved that the relationship has ended. However, there are ways to get your ex back that will make him/her feel that he/she has lost the most fantastic person in the world - your ex will regret very deeply that he/she ever walked out on you, and will do almost anything to get back together again.

First of all, show your ex how mature you are by NOT lowering yourself to beg and plead to be taken back. Apart from being very unattractive, this will also cause your dignity to be shot as well. Show your ex too, that you are more than capable of getting on alone by getting back into the social life and enjoying yourself.

Not only with your friends, but even on your own by joining some sort of activity that really interests you - this will also allow you to meet even more people and broaden your social life even more. While you are healing your inner self, do yourself a favor and give yourself a complete makeover as well - this will not only make you look great, but will boost your self-confidence sky-high as well.

All these things are part of a clever strategy to get your ex back, so carry on and don't give up. You will also come to realize that you are not worrying about the break up or your ex very much anymore - you're just too busy for that!

At some stage you ARE going to bump into your ex - this is inevitable. The amazing new you, as well as all the great things that your ex is hearing about you is going to change his/her whole attitude towards you, that's for sure. Now's the time to try and get your ex back - he/she is really sorry for breaking up with you, and will be more than eager to talk about getting back together again.

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Your ex boyfriend wants to talk to you! You've been wishing for this day since the break up. He was and is the man of your dreams and when the relationship ended, your heart felt as though it left with him. You were devastated and depressed. Being without him was pure torture and it didn't get much easier as time went by. Now, out of the blue, he tells you that he'd like to talk about things. You're giddy with excitement and already planning your romantic reunion. Before you start picking out your future children's names, you need to slow down. How you handle this conversation is actually going to be instrumental in getting him to come back.

If your ex boyfriend wants to talk to you don't jump to the conclusion that it's about getting back together. There are plenty of reasons for an ex wanting to talk. A few examples are he may want back some things he left at your place, he's moving to another place or he just wants to tell you that he's found someone else. You can typically tell if it's any of the above by subtle clues in the conversations or correspondence you two have already shared. If he's mentioned at all that he misses you or wishes things were different, than it's reasonably safe to assume that he will want to discuss the possibility of getting back together with you.

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You must let him take the lead in the conversation. Listen carefully to what he says and take time to process it before you react. If he says that he's been doing a lot of thinking and he wants to try and be friends, don't discount that. If you say that you were hoping for more, he'll feel pressured and he may back off all over again. You have to give yourself time to absorb the conversation and you must not appear to be desperate. Doing that will really impact his attraction and desire to be with you.

The best thing you can do after you two do talk is to tell him that you need time to think. This shows him that you aren't chomping at the bit to be his girlfriend again. That's important as it suggests to him that you're a little hesitant about things. That will make him work harder to get you to want to be with him again and that will ensure that your needs in the relationship will be more important to him. If you take things slow and appear to be relaxed and in control emotionally, you'll actually make him want to try harder to win your love back.

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OK, so here you are desperate to get your ex back, and I'm sure you have tried almost everything possible to pull your ex back, but obviously, you failed! So what do you do now? Do you just give up and live a depressed and regretful life from now on? Hell no! Instead, what we are going to do, is we are going to shed some light on why your ex is not taking you back; and trust me, once you understand these next things, nothing will be in your way of getting your ex back! Here is what you need to know to pull your ex back...

Your ex actually does want you back... but...- Your ex broke up with you to get some space, because he/she was sick of your bad habits, and your lack of efficient change. This means that you cannot go back to your ex as you are, and you must change. If you need to know what to change, then take a look at every argument you ever had with your ex, and I'm sure you can come up with a few things that your ex had asked you to do, which you never did...

Don't ruin everything...unknowingly...- If you are calling your ex one million times a day, you better stop now! You see, that only annoys the hell out of your ex, and makes him/her irritated to the max. Your ex will deliberately ignore you, simply because you are acting desperate, needy, and pathetic. No one wants to be around that kind of person, so get a grip and show some self control!

Your ex is dating someone else? Don't worry...- If your ex is dating someone else at this point and time, don't worry, because all you have to do is show your ex that they need you back. To do this, you must ignore your ex completely and must date one of his/her best friends in the meanwhile. The rejection your ex will feel from being cast out from your attention, coupled with the jealousy of watching you date again, will force your ex to instantly start seeking your attention. So in the end, your ex will want you back, simply because you are now showing that you are no longer easy, and also that you are desirable.

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