My Ex Says He's Still Attracted To Me: When Your Ex Says He Still Loves You

So your relationship has taken a turn for the worse and you have broken up. The problem is you're still deeply in love with your ex-boyfriend and you're trying to figure out what to do. What I'm here to tell you is do not despair. There is hope!

One thing you need to realize is that when most people break up, there's still time to repair the relationship. Usually. If the couple is able to make amends, the relationship ends up being stronger than ever before. But, the question remains,"does your ex-boyfriend still love you?" I will give you five signs to watch for to see if he does.

1. One of the first and foremost signs to look for to know if your ex-boyfriend still loves you is that he wants to save the friendship part of the relationship. If he makes the suggestion that the two of you remain friends, then that's probably a pretty good signal that he still has some love for you. When he asks if you would still be interested in remaining friends, remain strong, confident and if at all possible cheerful and say yes.

2. If you happen to talk on a fairly regular basis when you run into each other, and he says he misses you and that probably has a deeper meaning that it might first appear. By your ex-boyfriend saying that he misses you, what he is really saying is that he misses being with you. He misses the intimacy, the physical contact, really meaning just the closeness you once shared. This may indicate that he is reconsidering and rekindling the relationship.

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3. If he is consistently still making an effort to stay in contact with you whether it be by phone, e-mail, or text messaging, then that is probably a very good indication that he still has feelings for you and may be starting to realize he may have made a mistake.

4. He may eventually start asking your friends and his friends if you're seeing or dating anyone else at the moment. He may be asking this for one very simple reason, he's probably wondering where he stands right now and trying to figure out to see if maybe he will have a second chance. But, if you do want your ex-boyfriend back you should never try to make him jealous or act as if you no longer care for him. You can show a slight emotional tie to him but be as subtle as possible.

5. One of the most important signs to look for to see if your ex-boyfriend still loves you is to watch his body language when he is around you. Look for signs such as nervousness, you know... Like a nervous giggle, rubbing his hands together constantly, or puts his hands in his pockets and shuffles his feet while looking down at his feet and up at you repeatedly. This is a very good indication that he is still in love with you. Most importantly, when you are in this situation try to make him as comfortable as possible and remember that this is probably the exact same scenario that took place when you first met and the spark was ignited.

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Why did you break up in the first place?

Trying to win them back seems like the right thing to do, but you have to ask yourself why it didn't work out in the first place. There could be problems there that can't be worked out. The first thing you need to do is figure out why it fell apart, and will you be able to get past it.

How do you feel about them now?

A break up can affect people in different ways. How do you feel about your ex now? Do you still love them? Do you want to be with them because of the way you feel, or because you cling to the familiar and don't want the hassle of trying to start over with someone new? So often we want to hold on because you know them, you're comfortable with them, and the thought of starting over is scary.

How do they feel about you?

Now that you've figured out how you feel, now you have to determine how they feel. Do they still love you? Is there still love between you? Were the problems too much for the two of you to work out, or do you think the relationship can survive if you try again?

Is there still trust?

There has to be truth if it's going to work. Do you believe in the things they say? Can they believe in the things you tell them? There has to be communication, or you'll end up in the same position you're in right now.

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Are there others involved?

Have you moved on to someone else? Have they? Maybe they have feelings for someone else. Maybe you do, as well. You need to figure these things out before you can move forward.

Will it work?

You don't want to agree to try to work things out and then you end up in the same position again, wondering what went wrong. If you do give it another try, do you think the relationship will work this time around? Are both of you willing to try to make it work?

Do you see a future in it?

This is a tough question. Many times people cling because they don't want to let go, but do you really see a future in the relationship you're trying to save? Can you see yourself marrying this person, starting a family? If the answer is yes, then the relationship is worth saving. If not, it may be time to let them go.

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It isn't uncommon for girls to feel extremely horrible after breaking up with their ex boyfriends. In fact, a lot of girls get so depressed that they start complaining about how unhappy they are and how convinced they are that their lives will go nowhere but downhill from there. Other girls even become so dramatic that they claim to want to commit suicide. If you aren't on that intense of a level yet, but would like to learn how to text your ex boyfriend back, then read on for some helpful tips.

Tip Number One: Hide your emotions.

If you want to learn how to text your ex boyfriend back, you need to know that putting your heart on your sleeve will not help. No matter how emotional you might be feeling at the moment, showing off those emotions, so that your ex boyfriend knows exactly how much you're pining for him will not help. On the contrary, you will simply look desperate and needy - two traits that your ex boyfriend will not want any part of.

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Tip Number Two: Avoid sending a slew of texts his way.

On that note, you need to avoid texting too much if you want to text your ex boyfriend back. See, if you text your ex too much, he will probably just ignore your text messages altogether and might even avoid you. Generally speaking, guys hate girls who seem clingy and desperate, so sending him a text message every hour will only drive him further away and ruin your chances of getting what you want in the end. So, no matter how hard it might be to resist the urge to text your ex boyfriend, you need to do so if you want to win him back. In fact, it would be best not to text him at all until you have cleared your thoughts and calmed yourself down.

Tip Number Three: Pretend the breakup didn't happen.

Now, this doesn't mean that you should pretend like you guys are still together. It merely means that you shouldn't pester him about the breakup through text. In other words, do not bring up the breakup when you text him and do not ask him to explain why he broke up with you for the hundredth time. Instead, just accept that you guys aren't together for the time being and live with the knowledge that you can still learn how to text your ex boyfriend back if you play your cards right later on.

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Therefore, completely ignore your ex for two whole weeks, so that your ex can instantly go crazy. What will also happen, is that your ex will start seeking your attention, because he/she will feel rejected.

The second step- After the two weeks are up, send your ex a message (do not call, because your ex will just ignore you, however if you send a message it is guaranteed that your ex will read it). This is the message you want to send: "wow that really was crazy, do you have any more pics of us together? See you Friday...and make sure you"

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