My Ex Slept With Someone Else: My Ex Is Sleeping With Someone Else Already

Have a cheating ex you'd like back? Think it will be impossible to work things out? Think again. Get your cheating ex back fast by putting these four principles to work for you.

1) Forgiveness is divine. When it comes to relationship, learning to forgive your ex as well as yourself will do more good for the relationship than anything else you can imagine. You also need to seek the forgiveness of your ex. Even though you weren't the one who cheated there were things that could have been handled better. There are no perfect people, no perfect partners, and no perfect relationships. We are all learning as we go and some lessons are much harder learned than others. Forgiveness is the best gift you can give your cheating ex.

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2) Let sleeping dogs lie. How many times have you been arguing about one thing only to discover thirty minutes into the argument that you are actually arguing about something you thought you had both moved on from ages ago. While it would be nice if you could both leave all these sleeping dogs in the past sometimes it is so powerful that you must simply deal with it so it can die a final death and never be dug up again. If you have one argument that keeps coming back, it's time to deal with it and correct it once and for all.

3) You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone. Neither of you probably realized what you had together and how special it was until it was conspicuously absent from your lives. Sometimes what the relationship really needs is a bit of a break. Time to sort out tender emotions and bruised feelings. There is no denying that love sometimes does closely resemble war. There is the urge to protect your heart on the one hand and the knowledge of how good it is when it's good on the other. Only you can decide if it is really worth the risk.

4) Don't stop believing you can get your cheating ex back. Your ex, even though he or she cheated on you may very well be the love of your life. You might believe it's impossible to get her back. If that is the case, there is no point in trying. If you've already given up on your relationship as a lost cause there really is no point in taking another step forward. But, if you believe you can win your ex back. If you know deep down inside that anything is possible, then you have the most important tool to get the job done already.

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If you too still care for your ex, then you'd happily jump to the conclusion that your ex too wants to be in a relationship again. But without being hasty, it would be advisable to see the indications and then decide about your ex.

Is your ex sending out signals

It is very important for you to understand whether your ex is actually sending out signals of wanting to be in a relationship again or are you just imagining it? You have to be sure that they are sending out signals to you and you're not imagining them.

Your ex would try to contact you

The phone calls, the text messages or the emails have become all too frequent suddenly. This, no doubt, is a clear indication that your ex is very keen to get back with you, considering the effort they are putting in to stay in touch.

Your ex keeps you updated

Your ex keeps you updated with whatever is the latest. Where they will be going, what is the purpose of that visit, or what else they plan on doing? Well you can congratulate yourself that your ex is showing indications of wanting to be back in a relationship.

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Your ex tries to impress you

Your ex wants to get back in a relationship or why else will they try to impress you with their progress in life, professionally or otherwise. Whatever be their evolvement they want you to know that, so you feel good about them once again.

Your ex tries to find out your news

This is one way of showing their interest in you and the care they still have for you. They are keen to know what you are doing in life and whether your life and profession are treating you well or have you other plans. They may even come up with advantageous suggestions.

Do they find ways to meet you

Does your ex find ways to meet you either over a coffee if in the same vicinity as you, or maybe to a show at the weekend or a dance to which they are invited? If you find your ex contacting you with these kinds of reasons then you can be sure of their intention.

Your ex misses you

At last your ex pops the statement that they do miss you and want to be back with you. How much clearer do you want things to be to actually believe that your ex wants to be in a relationship again?

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Chances are that you've had a misunderstanding with your ex and hence the split up. But deep in your heart you still have strong feelings for your ex but you're not sure how your ex feels or whether you still have a shot with your ex. Here are the proofs to look for.

Your ex maintains contact

Irrespective of the fact that you have formally broken up and told your ex that you have nothing to do with them henceforth, your ex has not heeded you. They still maintain the contact even though it may not be that frequent as earlier.

Your ex comes to meet you

In spite of having broken up and told your ex that you will never see them again, your ex comes over to meet you though posing that it's your folks they have come to meet. Obviously you have a shot with your ex, because they meet you.

Your ex talks of old times

Whenever the opportunity arises your ex does not miss out on referring to the old times you've had together. That shows that you are very much in their thoughts and feelings, which is why they mention and talk of those old times.

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Your ex hangs around with you

You may not have gone together to a party but your ex makes it a point to hang around with you at the party, almost as though nothing was wrong between you two. This is proof that you still have a shot with your ex if you want to.

Your ex appreciates and compliments

Another proof to tell you that you still have a shot with your ex is because your ex appreciates you and compliments you for your looks or achievements and accomplishments. If they didn't have the same feelings for you perhaps they would not say anything to you.

Your ex tells you they miss you

Your ex would certainly not tell you that they miss you if the intention of wanting you back was not there. There is a purpose behind them telling you they miss you because they want you to believe that you still have a shot with them.

The last word

Nothing can be more open and vivid as telling you that your ex does miss you and want you back. This is an open invitation for you to return to them once again. There couldn't be anything more clear cut than this. You still have a shot with them.

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Life isn't fair and you realize it the hard way, your ex has made it clear that they don't want you anymore but your heart still beats for them and you will do anything to set things straight. All is not lost and there can be few things you can try in your efforts to get your ex back.

Conduct yourself with dignity
The first step in your pursuit to get your ex back should be that you behave in a mature and dignified way. Your personality should reflect positive attitude while keeping your emotions in control. Make your ex aware that you have become a better person and do not hold grudges or ill feelings against them, sending out right signals is very important.

Be perfect for your ex
Strive to be a perfect guy/girl who is admired by everyone. No one is perfect, not even your ex, but you can make efforts to be a person that your ex admires if you are hoping to get your ex back. Once your ex sees the efforts you are making to please them, they might respond favorably.

Spread the good word around
Always talk well of your ex and speak highly when you are with common friends. Let them know that you still respect and value your ex, as the word reaches your ex that you are talking well of them it may help to melt their heart for you.

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Take responsibility for your actions
If you are the reason for the break up and have been unreasonable in the past, own up your mistakes and let your ex know that you are ready to make amends. You will have to regain their trust if you hope to get them back.

Make a correct impression
Work on improving your appearance so that you make a great impression on your ex. Look better than ever so that your ex notices you and realizes that they miss being with you. Be that beauty or a gorgeous hunk so that your ex is once again attracted to you, it is quite possible to rekindle their desire for you.

Be the person your ex fell in love with
Your ex was attracted to you because they felt good being with you and you fulfilled their emotional needs. Reflect on changes that led to a break in the relationship. Correct the past mistakes if any, and laugh, smile and be positive around your ex.

Do not show your desperation
Finally, don't overdo things to show how desperate and anxious you are to get them back. Let them know that you are doing well for yourself but would like to enrich your life with their presence.

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