My Ex Wants Me To Beg Him Back: Should I Beg Him To Come Back

One of the biggest mistakes that we women do when our boyfriends or spouses call it quits on us is to beg them to take us back and not to leave us. This is a mistake because instead of helping us get our ex back, it only makes us look cheap and undignified in their eyes, thus convincing them that they made the right decision in breaking up with us.

Believe me, losing your dignity or even your cool is the last thing you want to happen if you want to get back with your ex. Rather, you want him to remember how great your relationship was, to desire you once more, and to beg you to take him back again.

The first thing you need to do to get your ex back is to take a hard look at yourself. You may not want to think about it, but your ex left you for a reason. Maybe he does not find you attractive anymore because you stopped taking care of yourself. In that case, you need to do a few things that will make you look attractive again, like a makeover or a more flattering wardrobe. Perhaps you need to lose a few pounds; that will be good for your health and well-being, too.

What can you do to get your ex back? Is it possible to make your ex miss you like crazy?

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Or probably what you need to do is an attitude change. Maybe you kept doing things that drove him away, like nagging him constantly, not giving him enough space to do his own thing, or not paying attention to his needs. You have to deal with these things before you plan your strategy to get back with your ex, or else the problems that caused the two of you to break up may happen again.

After you have dealt with your personal issues, then it is time to catch his attention from afar - without looking like you are stalking him, of course. Show up at parties hosted by a mutual friend, preferably with an arm candy in tow. Hang out at places where he goes to chill out, like a local café, pub or diner. Flirt with some nice guys there and make him see you the way these other men do: a hot, desirable woman who is a prize for any man. Doing this can make your ex jealous and want you back, but be careful not to overdo this because it can backfire on you and drive him farther away.

Getting your ex's attention by making yourself attractive in his eyes again is one of the best ways to get back with your ex. It is effective because it plays on the fact that men are visual creatures, and it challenges your ex's ego. So, if you really want to get back with your ex, you need to grab his attention subtly and dare him to fall in love again with you instead of crying and begging him to take you back. You are more likely to get your ex back this way.

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If this is the question on your mind, chances are you really still love your ex boyfriend but when things went South in your relationship it made you feel insecure. After all, when someone tells you they don't want to be with you anymore, it changes how you view your life and your future. All of the plans you made, all of the ideas you had about what your future would be like together... everything's gone now. But if you are still asking yourself the question "Can I get my ex boyfriend back?" then there is still hope.

Whether the breakup just happened recently or even if it was a few weeks or months ago, time is on your side. You might be thinking that you need to answer "Can I get my ex boyfriend back?" as quickly as possible, but that really isn't the case. A break in your relationship gives you time to reinvent yourself and make your ex boyfriend see you as the girl he's always wanted.

So what is the first step towards answering the question "Can I get my ex boyfriend back?" It is time to interrupt the pattern you set in your relationship. It is time to shock your ex boyfriend into thinking about you differently. This is why a breakup can actually be a good thing for a relationship. Two people get into a pattern after they have been together for awhile. You start to interact in the same way day after day and stop realizing that the two of you are individuals who are growing and changing. Things seem to get boring. So then one of you starts picking fights or looking for someone who is new and exciting, instead of looking towards your partner to give you the excitement. Sound familiar? So if you want to get your ex boyfriend back, it's time to make him see you differently!

When is the last time you changed your appearance? When is the last time you went out and did something new and fun? When you change your outlook on life, your attitude and how you interact with people changes. If you want your ex boyfriend to look at you as the exciting girlfriend you know you can be, then show yourself that you have it in you. Do something daring that you've always wanted to do. Then when you run into your ex boyfriend he won't be able to ignore your new found confidence and it will be irresistible to him! Then he will be begging you to take him back!

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Do you still think about your fond memories with your ex boyfriend? Do you still relive the first months of your relationship when everything was carefree and full of bliss in your head? Do you still remember how it felt when your lips touched? Do you want to get all of that back and connect with your ex on a deeper level the second time around? Well, by texting your ex boyfriend back the right way, you can actually make those dreams come true.

Before you start learning about texting your ex boyfriend back, you need to take yourself into consideration first. Think about what you want and need. Think about where you see yourself five years from now. Think about how much you value yourself at the moment.

If you think that texting your ex boyfriend back will actually make a difference in your life today and in the future, then forgive him and yourself for whatever might have caused the breakup before making your move. Whether things were said or done to make your relationship fall apart, you have to let everything go, learn from it and hope that you will end up with a better relationship after you get him back.

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So, how can you text your ex back, reconnect with him and get him back for good?

Well, for starters, you can't let your ex know that you want to get back together with him. In other words, you shouldn't mention getting back together in any of your texts to him. Do not ask him about the breakup, either. In fact, don't talk about love or relationships in any way. This way, the pressure will be off of the table and he won't feel the need to move away from you for any reason.

Instead, just text him in a confident and friendly manner and try to start a friendship with him. Take things slow and back off every now and then, so he doesn't get the feeling that you are forcing him into something that he doesn't want.

Now, if texting your ex boyfriend back doesn't seem to be working and he isn't even replying to your texts to begin with, then you probably need to give him more space and time away from you. Once he has calmed down completely after the breakup, you can try texting him again and building a connection with him again over time.

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You are so hurt and angry right now, even the thought of seeing your ex makes you fume! However, I know just how you're feeling at this point in time, but I can assure you that, after a little while, you'll be thinking of how you can make your ex miss you like crazy.

You'll star thinking this because you will be in the same position - you'll be missing your ex so much, that it's driving you nuts! Of course you'll say that this will never happen - you're too angry right now, but given enough time, all these bad feelings will disappear and you'll be looking at your situation in a whole new light.

Time away from each other does this to people, especially after a major argument. You are so angry with your partner, that you swear you never want to speak to them again, and are actually harbouring thoughts of how to hurt them even more.

This is precisely why you should not have anything to do with your ex right now. You are both very hurt and angry, and any contact between you will only erupt into another stormy argument. But, after having enough time to think things through, your absence will end up making your ex miss you like crazy.

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The answer then is, to get over the way you're feeling right now, read that long, long, novel that's collecting dust on your bookshelf, go jogging, party with your friends, or spend some quiet time with your family - anything that will take your mind off the way you're feeling right now.

When these bad feelings start to fade and you have these little "miss you" feelings nagging you, it will be at about the same time that your ex starts feeling this way as well. Just keep it up though - your timing has to be perfect when you make contact with your ex, so just leave it a little longer.

Not having you around for so long is definitely making your ex miss you like crazy by now, so make that call to your ex, and don't be surprised when he/she informs you that the break up never happened, and that the relationship is back on track again.

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