My Ex Wants To Be Friends but I Don't: I Don't Want To Be Friends with My Ex

Did your ex say to you "I think it is best if we stopped seeing each other but we can still be friends"? You are sure you want your ex back but at the same time, you are wondering "Should I still be friends with my ex?"

Let's recap. Your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend dumped you. In essence, your ex told you that you were not good enough to be a significant other but suddenly you are good enough to be a "friend"? If you are like me, you'll see there is something seriously wrong with this way of thinking. That is why your gut instinct is to ask "should I be friends with my ex?"

From my experience, if you really want your ex back, you cannot be a friend or best friend. Here's why.

One, it will be a one-sided friendship because you will be more invested in the relationship since your real motive is getting your ex back. That means you'll end up doing all you can to please your ex to convince him/her to like you as more than a friend. In time, that leads to your ex taking advantage of you and your kindness and taking you for granted.

Two, you are not giving your ex a chance to miss you by creating an emotional void. This is key to building the attraction necessary for them to be drawn to you and want to be with you.

Three, you will feel like crawling into a hole when your ex starts to date someone else and come and tell you all the details. After all you are a friend. That's your role now: to listen to your ex, your new best friend, talk about his/her new love life.

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You know the saying that curiosity killed the cat, and curiosity can be just the ticket to getting your ex to know what you are doing. Making your ex more curious about you can make them more involved with you and eventually back in your arms.

Ignoring Your Ex

This is a hard thing to do for some but it's going to give you great results that you are going to love. While you may think it's going to make them disappear out of your life, it will actually do the opposite. They are going to want to know why you are ignoring them.

Who's Your New Mate?

If your ex sees you with someone else, they are going to be tempted to ask you about them and to know more about what you are doing. This does not have to be a new partner, you can pretend you are with them in order to get your ex talking to you again.

Make Friends with Your Ex's Friends

This method is effective and is going to get your ex yapping at you once again. It's going to get their attention as they are going to be wondering why you are friends with their friends.

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Treat Others Nice

Treating others that your ex is around can have him wondering why you are ignoring him or why you are treating him worse than others. Anything to get them to talk to you again is essential to getting them back into your life.

Spread Rumors

This is something that can have them back to you in a matter of a day. Spread a rumor about him that is a lie and he will be wondering why. Maybe spread something about you going somewhere with a popular person and he is going to be asking you who, what, where and when's.

Change Your Looks

This can be something as simple as wearing a few new outfits or dressing a little better to have them see how much better looking you are now. The better looking you are, the more your ex is going to be dying to get you back.

Act happy

Acting happy is going to make your ex feel you are fine without them. This is not what they want. They want to feel that without them you are miserable. Act happy and let them see it so they come crawling back to you.

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If you want to get back together after a breakup, there truly is only one thing you need to do to get the ball rolling to make this very thing happen. You need to give them space. That's it? Yep! But when faced with actually having to follow through with this advice, we often find that it is far harder than we thought to stay strong and keep it up. But when you want to get back together after a breakup, you have to approach the situation calmly and rationally and this strategy allows you to do both.

Just remember the circumstances upon which your ex left. There is a good chance that they were blisteringly angry and certainly not in their right mind. It is also probably easy to say that you aren't exactly his or her favorite person at the moment. People who are upset like this are not going to act as they would under stress free conditions, so this is not the time to trying to get together after a breakup.

The key thing for both you and your ex is that annoying, but oh so powerful little word, time. You were hurt during the breakup as well, and should not go rushing back into anything without having had a chance to get over your hurt feelings. The time apart will allow both you and your ex to evaluate your relationship and you are both likely to come to the conclusion that the reasoning behind the split was silly or unimportant. Once you both are able to move on from being angry with one another, you can begin to miss one another. And this is when the opportunity to get back together after a breakup arises.

Your ex has likely begun to miss you like mad. They've likely, as you have, moved past the ill feelings the breakup caused and is ready to make things right and work things out. Chances are the two of you will be back together, and going strong before you know it.

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Does your ex still have feelings for you? After a breakup, it can be difficult to tell. One minute you may find your ex being flirty and affectionate and the next minute he/she won't even give you the time of day. This makes repairing your relationship and getting your ex lover back into your arms a difficult and confusing task.

So how do you know if your ex still has feelings for you? This article offers 3 excellent tips to help you figure out exactly what your ex is thinking.

Contact Initiation

The first sign that can be used to help you determine if your ex still has feelings for you is contact initiation. If you see or talk to your ex, who initiates the conversation? Is it you or is it them?

If your ex is making the effort to stay in touch with you, then chances are they still have feelings for you. However, if you find that you are the one who always initiates the conversation, then their willingness to talk to you may simply be a sign of friendship. Remember, an ex won't generally make the effort to stay in touch and initiate the conversation if they've moved on. If they're contacting you, consider it a good sign.

Asking You About Relationships

After your breakup, have you found your ex asking you if you've been seeing anyone else? If so, this is another good sign your ex boyfriend/girlfriend still has feelings for you. In most cases, they're not asking because they want to feel like it's OK for them to start seeing someone else.

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