My Ex Won't Sleep With Me: My Ex Boyfriend / Girlfriend Won't Sleep With Me

Some may say sex matters about 75% in a relationship. They are wrong.

I'll say it loud and clear each time some abandoned, broken hearted person asks me whether sex is good in making their ex get back to them: sex is just a complementary activity that has kept you two together for a while. Other values are more important.

If you believe that sex has plaid such a humongous role in the cohesion you your couple, then why aren't you still together as we speak? It is logical to believe that, if your sex life has remained as passionate and satisfying as before, other reasons must have been more important in your ex's decision to break up with you.

Going from a normal sexual life to a zero sexual life can be frustrating and hard to bear. This is still not a strong enough reason to keep having intercourse with your ex. Instead of turning sex from a couple adjuvant into a disgusting routine (yes, it's possible!), you have to bring out the reasons why your lover would really want to be with you again.

Sex is cheap. It is available everywhere at any time. Trust, love, intellect - now here's something you can't find at every corner of the street! Having sex with your ex partner will transfer that "Cheep" feeling towards your entire relationship.

Not even the "sex buddies" concept will do you any good if you want to get your ex back. Sex buddies do not get emotionally involved and they only "use" each other for hormonal release. You definitely want more than that from your loved one!

So, instead of using sex as a tool to attract your ex back into your life, you should remove it from the equation.

Do not expose yourself any more. Leave room for some mystery. Make yourself desired as a whole - body, mind and spirit - not only as a chunk of meat.

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In your efforts to get back together with your ex, you have likely run across millions of tid bits of information about "THE thing to do" if you want to get your ex back. But what about the things you DON'T want to do? We overlook this, but the "don'ts" are actually more important than the "do's" because mistakenly falling prey to the "don't" will render any "do's" useless as you will have pushed your him or her so far away that your chance to get back together with your ex will have been crushed into oblivion.

Breakups often cause people to become desperate and this desperation can allow us to fall prey to the fatal "don'ts" when trying to resurrect a relationship. Read on for the most common three things you'll need to avoid doing at all costs if you want to get back together with your ex.

Big Mistake #1: Contacting Your Ex Right After the Breakup

You want your ex back more than anything and fear that if you don't act fast, your chance to get them back will pass you by. This is not true, and by calling or otherwise contacting your ex constantly after a breakup is only going to aggravate the situation further. You do NOT want to appear desperate - that is NO way to get back together with your ex - so you need to avoid contact for awhile.

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Big Mistake #2: You Accept All Blame for Anything and Everything

You want your ex back so badly that you don't care what you have to do to get them back. You will apologize for anything and everything regardless of your actual fault. Do not do this! This only demolishes your own feelings of self-worth, but also makes your ex feel justified in their actions.

Big Mistake #3: You Promise the World

You want to get back together with your ex so badly that you promise to change every little thing about you or your relationship that ever even slightly niggled at your ex. You make promises that you know you cannot keep and this will end up backfiring on you in the end. It will also give your ex the impression that you are a weak person that they can lay demands upon at any time they choose and that you will always follow through.

When you want to get back together with your ex, remember the things that you need to avoid that make the chance for reunion impossible. You cannot move on to the "do's" if you constantly act out on the "don'ts". With a bit of guidance on behaviors to avoid, it is entirely possible to get back together with your ex.

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Get over your insecurities - You have a fear that you may be alone for the rest of your life, you fear your ex is going to leave you, and that you are not good enough. All of these sorts of feelings are simply just insecurities, and as long as your ex is aware of them, you will not have control over the situation. Your ex will simply use these things against you, whenever they want to get more attention or get you to do things for them.

All your ex would have to do, is say that they don't love you, or that they are going to date someone else, and suddenly you are calling him/her like crazy. This is how your ex can get anything they want from you, without even having to do anything in return. That is why it is critical for you to get over your insecurities and even develop an ego, because unless you do, your ex will only continue to take advantage of you just for their own benefit.

Date again! - If you do this, you will get your ex back almost instantly, simply because you are no longer handing yourself out anymore, and you are showing your ex that they are about to lose you. This will suddenly make your ex extremely scared that he/she will lose you forever, and you will find him/her chasing you and trying to get you back. You see, your ex actually does not want you to move on and date other people, and this will also seem like rejection to your ex. He/she will wonder how it is that you got over them so quickly, and it will hurt his/her ego so much that your ex will be trying to prove to you that they are still worthy of your attention.

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If you have found it difficult to forget your ex and want to get back with him, then don't sit around doing nothing - try out these tactics to get him back. Convince him that you are the only woman for him and that life without you would be empty.

Look cute as a button and sexy to boot!
Your appearance has a great role to play in luring him back. Take every step to look fantastic. A cute and sexy look will grab his attention and he will be looking out of you at every opportunity albeit against his will. He should wonder about the reason for the improvement in your looks.

Don't be too gushing and adoring
Don't show him that you are dying to get back with him. If you are too gushing, adoring and desperate you will only convince him that he does not need you around. Be aloof and casual every time you meet him. This sort of attitude will make him a little upset and hurt that you could "forget" him so easily and he will try to win you back!

Show him that you are made of sterner stuff!
Most probably he is going to expect you to sulk, mope and be upset that you are not together anymore. He will never expect you to take it in your stride and go out there confident and happy and that's exactly what you should do! Go out and socialize. Make new friends and enjoy yourself it will impress your ex.

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A streak of independence would impress your ex
The trick is to show your ex that you don't need him anymore to live a full and happy life because you believe in yourself and your abilities. Let him see your confidence and assurance in your behavior. Let various facets of your personality stun him and make him realize that what he knew of you was just the tip of the iceberg.

Be the belle of the ball
Contrive to be the center of attraction and the most attractive girl around. If he begins to notice that you are holding your own in any company and that people around you are aware of your natural charm and attraction - he will begin to be drawn towards you himself.

Don't discourage admirers
Bask in the admiration of others. Just because your ex didn't think you were good enough and broke up with you does not mean that others feel the same way. Prove that you are better than what your ex believed you to be! Make him jealous of all the admiration you are receiving from others and he will want you back.

Don't be too harsh on him - be sensitive and charming
If you want him back, you will have to handle him with kid gloves. Don't be too harsh and unforgiving or else he will avoid you because he feels too guilty. If on the other hand you can be sensitive and charming, he will feel more confident of coming back to you.

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