My Ex Won't Take Me Back: Why Won't My Ex Give Me Closure

You tell your ex that you have changed, and they just laugh. You say you are sorry, and they say they don't believe you. You try everything under the sun to win your ex back, but no matter what you do, nothing works!

But that's because your ex thinks you are a big WALKING JOKE. Yup, they sure do! In fact, your ex literally doesn't take you seriously, and if you have been wondering "why won't my ex take me seriously", you are about to get a wake up call....

What can you do to get your ex back? Is it possible to make your ex miss you like crazy?

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Read on to find out why your ex still won't take you seriously...

What did you do to make your ex mistake you for a joke?

Most people don't realize this, but they are constantly doing things which push their ex away, and make them lose credibility.

These things include, but of course are not limited to:

o Arguing- This makes your ex feel as though you are not willing to admit your mistakes, and also makes them feel ignored and misunderstood.

o Begging and pleading- This makes you look desperate, and anytime you add this to the mix, your ex will think you are desperate, and therefore will just believe you are only saying the things you are saying because of it, which in turn makes them think you don't really mean it.

o Showing your ex you need them- this makes them think you were taking them for granted before, and goes along with begging and pleading. This will make your ex feel insulted.

o Breaking promises- You promise your ex you will change, but don't. You say to your ex that you will do this or that, but don't. This makes your ex lose trust for you, obviously, and makes you lose credibility.

o Not keeping your word- This is like breaking promises, only it's when your words don't turn into actions. You say you will do something, but it never materializes and you leave your ex feeling betrayed.

o Lying- some people do this to try and win their ex back. They lie about things they did, try to cover things up, or tell "white lies" in a quick bid to try and win their ex back.

Your ex CAN take you seriously

This list goes on, but the main point here, is that as long as you are emotionally desperate, you will end up making the above mistakes and worse. Thus, if you actually want to get your ex back, and have him/her take you seriously, you need to stop doing the things which make your ex feel you are desperate, needy, clingy etc...

This includes accepting responsibility for your actions, making a real effort to change, and moving on with life, so that you appear to be strong as well as mentally and emotionally healthy again.

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It is a pain in the butt if you are in the process of getting back your lost relationship. Usually people who break up are angry for a couple of weeks or they're in a mood of not wanting to talk to their ex. Are you looking for some tips and advice to help get them back?

Starting a Conversation

The first few days are the most critical as this is when you want them to think about you. Lay low and try to not talk to them to much as this will get to them. You can then slowly start a conversation after a couple of weeks. Talking to them can be the start of getting them back if you talk about things that are not about you and them.

Important Things

If you have some interesting things to tell your ex, make use of it and call your ex with great enthusiasm and make them have a great impact on important things. Let them say their perspective freely, as it may lead to some mutual understanding. This can make them see you miss them and want them back.

Don't Drunken Call

Sometimes breakups can take a toll on you as well as all the time and effort you are putting in to getting them back. This can lead you to go out and have some drinks with friends. If this happens, either have a friend hold your phone or leave it at home or in the car. This avoids calling your ex if you get drunk. This never ends well.

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Texting after a fight is one of the worst things you can do. This is because when you break up, talking should be done face to face. Texting little hi's and sweet messages is fine, but anything more than that should be talked about in person.


Try to be yourself at all times and don't try to sacrifice things that you once believed were true. Try to think about the situation and act accordingly. There is something you can do as planned, but you have to improvise your ideas as you start your conversation. Don't make too many drastic changes just to get your ex back as it doesn't always work.

Be Real

.Never ask your ex t change too much for you and don't try to be someone else for them. They should accept you or who you are, so be yourself around them.

Show Them You Care

Try to not go overboard with this tip. This can be something as simple as "accidentally" brushing up against them the next time you see them. Give them a hug or put your hand on theirs when you are talking to them.

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Breaking up is something we all hate, and it's no fun at all. Some people though, are not too concerned as the relationship was not serious at all. How do you show your ex that the breakup didn't bother you though?

Clear Your Thoughts
Your true feelings towards your ex are going to come out once you see them again. You should, at all cost, avoid this from happening. Concentrate on something else and try to not let them see any emotion besides happiness. Don't think about the past; instead think about the present and how happy you are.

Show Expression
While you shouldn't completely show them you are miserable, show them that you are OK and that you are just getting on with your life. If they see you looking sad and depressed, they are going to know you are sad because you miss them.

Don't Act Too Emotional or Too Rude
If you are trying to show your ex that you are better off without them, act it. Be happy and bouncy and maybe brag about how well you are doing without him. If you show them that you are nervous around them, they may get the impression you are following them. You also don't want to act like a basket case and emotional.

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Show Confidence
Even if you still feel something for your ex, don't let them see it at all. This is key to getting them to want you back if that is what you are trying to do. If not, then the more confident you act, the better off you will be.

Keep Your Distance
If you are really still crushing your ex, the best thing to do is to stay as far away from them as you can. If you are trying to get over them, this is going to be rather simple. If you are looking to get them back, doing this can make them wonder what you are doing and will make them chase you.

Let Go of the Past
If the relationship is over once and for all, the best thing for you to do is to just let go and say goodbye to it. You should not hold onto something that will never be there again. You are going to drive yourself crazy holding on.

Improve Your Looks
You should work on how you look to make your ex jealous and wonder what is going on. This can be something as simple as a new hairdo, new clothes, and even something as simple as getting a tan.

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It's always a hard time when you broke up and want to reunite with your ex. At the first place, you will never realise the hard time you are about to undergo when you broke up but when time passes, you'll understand that you messed some important things in life.

Follow some of the tips below to know exactly what you must do in order to bring your ex back into your life once again...

It's not too late:
But it is never too late. You can reunite with your ex in many possible ways only with a certain dedication. You must be ready to do anything to get your ex back. It may be a painful process filled with regret and desperation, but it is worth the shot.

Keep in touch:
Whatever the problem may be or you may even barely spoke, but it is time to keep in touch with her. This is because, if there is any chance or will be any chance in the future, you are making the part easy on both. Tell her if anything interesting happens to you or something that concerns her.

Make your ex feel the love you have for her:
It is really an easy job, if you have loved her intensely. You'll show it no matter what she thinks about you. You must make her feel that you are missing her badly and will do anything to win her back. Many little things are heavily noted in such stage, so don't over react to situations. Just remind her those beautiful days when you were together.

What if your lover already left you? Here's how to get them back.

Everyone thinks about the compliments they get and the person who gives them. In your case, you have to make her feel that it is the best compliment she deserved. And it should be the best as if no one understands her well, but you. Make it neat and not overwhelming.

Invite to a party:
Arrange a little part and invite her. Pay special attention to her in such occasions. Make her feel the love you have for her in such occasions. And these are places where your energy is spilled across the whole place and the people who come to the party thinks about you. This is a great opportunity to talk with her for a reunion.

Give her space:
It is always necessary to give her more time and space to think about her future. Even if you noticed same signs there, just be relaxed and let her think freely on this matter.

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