Many people told me that the only solution for my excess fat was liposuction. But really, after I had done some reading, I found it too aggressive and scary. You see, I only have one problematic area and that’s my tummy. The rest of my body is in an okay shape, but whenever I wear a dress of something tight, my stomach becomes visible.

So I started looking for a solution on the Internet. I did extensive research on exercises, food and even some surgical procedures, but then I stumble upon the coolsculpting technique. The fact that it was a non-surgical procedure was the first plus for me. Coolsculpting freezes the fat cells and they die, to be eliminated from the body over time.
In the end, I underwent the procedure, and I’m so happy with the results. Knowing how many people want to do the same, I thought that sharing my story might be helpful.

The Coolsculpting Cycle

A Cycle is a 60-minute treatment of the desired area. If you want to treat the same area, at least 12 weeks have to pass between the cycles. But when it comes to several areas, you can do it all in one visit to the clinic. I had one cycle on my lower tummy, since I was actually satisfied with the rest of my body.
First the doctor marked the area on my stomach, something you’ve probably seen done before surgery on TV. Then I went to the procedure room, which is really a comfortable-looking space. I lay down on the bed and a wet gauze-like material was placed on the area to be treated. It’s cold, so don’t squeal like I did.
The Coolsculpting device is usually big and you lie beside it. The procedure resembled the ultrasound - the values are entered into the main device, and the small, rectangular one is used on the area. When it started, it seemed as though my stomach was sucked into the device. I had that pulling feeling, just like when you put a hand over the vacuum cleaner pipe.
However, the procedure is not comfortable so don’t be surprised. The device will freeze your fat in the first 10 minutes. After that time, the area will feel numb and you can relax. After an hour, the procedure is complete and the device is turned off. Than the area is massaged or treated with a small device to further break up the fat tissue. This doesn’t last long, and is not painful.


I was a little bloated on the fourth day, but felt no pain. The area was still a little bit numb and I was just anticipating the pain to start. Dr. Nettle who did the procedure warned me I might feel some nerve pain three to five days after the treatment.
By reading articles and personal experiences online, I realised that it was really important where you did the procedure. Silkwood Medical has great reviews and a long tradition in cosmetic and plastic surgery. This was why I chose them. I believe that when you do something to your body, you should look for quality since some experiences online included a very strong and sharp pain. I didn’t have any of that. I was sore, felt a bearable pain to the touch on the fifth day which lasted for two days and then just slight numbness for a couple of months.

Lastly, the result

The first results appeared about six weeks after the procedure. Or at least that’s when I noticed them. Since I still felt a bit of numbness numb in the treated area, I avoided using anything that would constrain me there too much. I advise that you do the same.
Also, don’t think that once the procedure is done you can eat what you want and avoid physical activity. You have to keep that fat off your body, since it can build up again.
And remember, always do research before undergoing any procedure and choose a clinic with a good reputation. Coolsculpting may not be invasive, but maybe the strong pain all those people felt had something to do with the place and the doctor who had performed the procedure.

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