I am using Roku to watch content on TV for more than a year and it gives me best-in-class user experience from beginning. Roku is a streaming media player, which allows you to watch content from the Internet on your TV. Though I have a smart TV which allows me to watch content from Hulu, Netflix through internet connection, Roku is better than that. Today I am going to share my experience with you about Roku.

What is Roku: As I said earlier it’s a streaming media player by which you can watch content from internet on your TV in HD. There are 7 models with different features but you can watch all channels by any of these models. There are 4000+ channels and some of them are free to watch while others are subscription content such as Hulu, Netflix, and HBO. Paid contents are much cheaper than cable TV contract. The list of free contents is big and my favorite is Pluto TV, History channel and Roku’s own free channel. You can also enjoy YouTube videos for free.

Roku Setup: It’s easy to setup. There are simple 3 steps to follow.
1. Power up your Roku device by plugging into your TV.
2. Connect the Roku device to your internet connection.
3. Activate your device with Roku account. It’s free to open Roku account.
You only have to pay when you buy Roku streaming players which price start from £29.99. This is the onetime payment and you can enjoy free contents on Roku. Once you have done above 3 steps you are ready to go. Search by title, actors using Roku remote or Roku mobile app and this will tell you whether it’s free to watch or you have to pay subscription fee.

Some features of Roku I like:
• I can search my favorite movies, TV shows, actors and many things with my own voice. All Roku players supports voice search through Roku mobile app and I have installed this app on my android phone. If you did not install it yet I recommend you to do that as it’s full of great features. The keyboard of mobile app will save your time when you need to enter long movie title or email address. Remote control of Roku Streaming Stick+ also has voice search option.
• I often go for a trip and I always take my Roku player on my travel bag. Its Hotel & Dorm Connect feature helps me to connect with public network easily and allow me to watch my favorite shows.
• Another cool feature of Roku that I like most is the privacy. When you need to watch shows privately or don’t want to disturb the person who is sleeping nearby you can use private listening feature. To use this feature you need Roku mobile app and headphone connected to mobile.
• With Roku I can play games and my favorite is angry birds. You have to use remote controller as a game controller. Though it’s not built for games but experience of playing games with it is not so bad.
My favorite Program: One of my favorite programs in Roku is TALK BUSINESS 360 where I can see one on one interview of various companies, entrepreneurs. This program is developed by Clearwind Media and it’s one of the popular business shows in USA.

The use of Roku has totally changed the experience of watching content on TV. It’s easy to use interface makes it easy for me to watch what I want and highest image quality gives me more good experience when I watch my favorite movies.

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