Who doesn’t want heads to turn when their ride is passing by? Customizing, modifying and building your car into something more than what you actually have is exciting and at the same time expensive.

Have a look at 10 ways to make your car jealous worthy.

1. A new set of alloy wheels

Make your car look more dramatic with a brand new set of alloy wheels. Earlier it was tough to know what will suit your car best. The companies had to go through several trial and error methods which were costly. Now everything is easy with advanced technology in the automotive industry. A good set of alloy wheels can make your car pop and look stylish from the outside.

2. Install an induction kit

Improve the sound and performance of your car with the help of an induction kit. It replaces the normal air filter which allows air into the engine providing a free flow to the engine. This does not increase the horsepower but enhances torque. This also improves the look of your engine bay to a proper tuner look and enhances the induction noise which normal filters tend to mute.

3. Upgrade your standard exhaust

Car manufacturers have strict rules about how NVH standards -noise and vibrations. This makes better cars to perform far lesser than they actually can. You can upgrade your exhaust with a better one which can sound better and allow air to escape more efficiently to make numbers go up in your dashboard. This enhances the output power of the vehicle. Exhausts which can suit in any vehicle is now available in the aftermarket that can totally transform your car’s look and performance.

4. Brake upgrades

Before going for engines, if you want to upgrade the performance of your car, go for brakes. They are always worth it. Without it, you will not be able to manage the extra power when you stop your vehicle. Upgrading brakes is one of the best as well as cheap car modification that you can do. A good set of high-quality brake pads can increase your stopping power.

5. Change tyres

If you are planning a higher upgrade of power and performance of your car, you will definitely need a better tyre. Modern-day tyres can change a lot about more than just the looks and protection from rough roads. They can change the way badly reputed cars more safe by getting some good rubber tyres for it.

6. Upgrade your suspension

Aftermarket suspensions can perform much better than the normal suspension. This can make your car more comfortable and better to drive. A suspension upgrade can help you when you have a long drive to take. Some lift and good shock absorbers can always do the trick.

7. Anti-roll bars

When you turn your car into a corner if you feel a sensation of total dislocation from your position, it is probably bad handling. Install anti-roll bars will reduce this sensation, increase stability along with more grip and good handling of the car.

8. ECU remap

If you are all about gains and extra power, you can ECU remap. You just have to do some tweaks with the help of a computer and it is good to go. No extra parts are needed for this process and you can reverse map it anytime you want for a better economy. If you want additions you can increase air intake, cooling and turbocharger.

9. Wheel spacers

If you want to bring a change of look and more space for your car, install wheel spacers. They instantly give a dramatic effect to your car. If you do brake upgrades and suspension component upgrades, you will need this car trimming. This makes it more assertive and dramatic.

10. Keep it clean with wax and wash

Your car gets an enhanced look with a good scrub. This won’t affect your insurance. This also can protect the paintwork and longevity of your car. This can stay for several months and can go up to a year.

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