When something new enters the market the reaction of the people is divided. There is a small majority of people who will go and check out the product or service without waiting to hear about it from someone else. Then there’s a slightly larger group that chooses to follow the first batch of people after a short while. Then majority of the people left wait to hear about it from the first two batches and then go ahead and try it. Regardless of which category you fall into reviews of companies are important. This is why I felt the need to write a Questnet Reviews because I wanted people to know about the experience I had so they can make an informed decision.

My Questnet Reviews is product of me dealing with the company as a customer and attending the membership recruitment meetings. I had never herd about the company before. One day I bumped into an old friend from school at a supermarket on a Monday afternoon. We got talking and I happened to ask her what she was doing for a living; she told me she was an independent representative. Since we were short of time then we decided to meet the next day for coffee. Since she knew I hadn’t herd about the company before she decided to bring along one of their presentations the next day on her ipad. In twenty short minutes she told me everything I needed to know about the company and what they do. Since I was still a little unsure she about being a member she showed me the wide range of products they sell. I went through the products later that night and was amazed at the extensive collection and unbelievable prices. Since my sister’s birthday was coming up I decided to order for a pair of earrings from them. They were quick to respond and allowed to me to make the payment in the method most convenient for me. They told me my package would be delivered within a certain number of days. I was prepared for some amount of delay but was pleasantly surprised when it came two days before the time limit they gave. My sister loved the earnings and immediately asked me where I bought them so she could get some more. I contacted my friend again who sat down with me and cleared all my doubts about the company.

It has been six months since I met her and I have since then been a loyal customer. My Questnet Reviews is an honest account of what happened with me. I have a wonderful relationship with this company and swear by their products. I have managed to get the rest of my family hooked on to their products as well, my sister has even become an independent representative for the company. There are a lot of negative Questnet reviews doing the rounds recently, but I can personally tell you that most of their accusations are untrue. I am a user of their products and know for a fact, through experience, that they are of excellent quality and very durable.

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An international direct selling brand that utilities the network and multi level marketing (mlm) combined with e-commerce for more info: http://questnetreviews.tumblr.com/