Oh no, my girlfriend dumped me. How do I get her back? This seems to be a term that men seem to be saying to themselves on an every day. Separations can pull an individual apart at the seams and for any individual who is still in love with his ex, the way to move forward is even more painful. It is complicated and disheartening when you are no longer with the woman you love. If your friends are like most peoples friends they have told you to go on and find someone else, you know that it is just not that easy. If you do not want to go on with your life filled with thoughts of what could have been, you need to get started on getting the woman back you admire.

What can you do to get your ex back? Is it possible to make your ex miss you like crazy?

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The one item you must quit doing if you are to get your girlfriend back after she dumped you is to stop your crying. You should consider the fact that if you are overly sensitive, it can destroy any chance you have of a future with her. As men we reach a position like this much differently than a woman. If your ex girlfriend calls you crying, telling you she needs you, your hearts would melt and you would take her back without a second thought. If you tell a woman how much you are in love with her right after a break up, she is going to tag you as desperate and emotionally disturbed. She will find that darned unappealing, and she will feel satisfied with her decision to break up with you. Put your emotions away, were they can not be seen whenever you come in contact with her.

The next method to make your sweetheart come back is to be calm. If you can find the nerve to act as though you believe the break up was needed, you hold a splendid chance of getting her back. Although this seems counter-intuitive to us men, it plays right into an important trigger in a woman's head. If a person does not feel wanted, he or she would try to rid themselves of this feeling just as soon as they can. The way you can eliminate these feelings is to bond with the person that has broken up with. This is the reasons you feel you need to get her back. One term alone can help you get her back. Tell her that you are also considering a break, then bid her well and walk. She will not stop thinking about you. It will take a little time for her to contact you again, but she will. Try it. You be amazed by how well it certainly does work.

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There are words you can download off the Internet that are romantic and sentimental but to really win someone back, you need to read off the heart. Saying the right sentences is only half of it because you also have to know when to say those words so follow these strategical investigations.

Step 1: Any Time: The best time to tell your ex that you love them is anytime, anywhere, anyplace. Most people appreciate hearing that they're loved and you've obviously got to get these feelings off your chest. Be prepared though because just telling somebody that you love them doesn't mean they're going to fall back into your arms.

Step 2: Never: If you truly love somebody, perhaps you should never tell them that you love them. They might already have settled down with a family and you don't want to throw this chaos on them. Rest assured that if it's meant to be, there will be a divorce or some other events that will bring you back together.

Step 3: After Time Apart: You really don't want to call your ex 19 minutes after the breakup and spill your heart out to them. Take some time away and find out if you truly do love them before you shout to the heavens that it's meant to be.

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Step 4: Do You Love Them?: You really shouldn't tell your ex that you love them until you're certain you really do. You also love a comfortable couch, a hot towel, and a high-definition TV but perhaps it's your relationship that you should look at in a clearer picture.

Step 5: When The Cards On The Table: After a breakup, there's a certain moment when both parties lay it all on the line. Each partner says things that they've been festering in their brain chamber and now's the time to seize this moment. When your ex has put it all out there, don't be afraid to step up and say, "You're freaking awesome" in some way, shape, or form.

Step 6: After They Tell You: If your ex puts their heart out there and says that you're the real McCoy, don't sit and stammer for a few minutes or return their gesture with a fist bump. If they show you their appreciation, it's the time to give it back to them if that's the way you truly feel.

Step 7: When You're Prepared For Their Answer: Telling your ex you love them isn't always greeted with a smash cut to the convertible covered in cans and a 'Just Married' sign on the back. When you're truly ready for a yes or a no is the time you'll know to let the cat out of the bag.

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Revenge is very sweet especially if you were the one dumped unceremoniously! If you want to get even with that ex of yours by making her grow green with envy and jealousy then follow these fantastic tips.

Work on your appearance
While she is expecting you to look haggard and tense because of the breakup, surprise her by looking absolutely fantastic and hot! She won't believe her eyes if you turn up looking like you've walked out of a fashion magazine. You can rub it in by ignoring her amazed and stunned gaze as she follows you around!

Date her best friend
Go all out to attract her best friend. Since you know how she feels about her getting all the attention and admiration, set out to make her really jealous. Become friends with her friends and praise, compliment and even woo them to a point where your ex is seething with jealousy and regret.

Be surrounded by adoring females
Make sure that when she sees you, you have a fan following! The very fact that you are surrounded by adoring women will make her feel really jealous that she is missing all the action. She will hate the thought of you getting all this attention when she has seen fit to dump you!

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Don't give her any attention
Ignoring her and her obvious curiosity at seeing you looking so handsome and having a ball, is the right way to go about making her green with jealousy. Refuse to reply to her messages and pretend that you have better things to do now that you are so popular!

Let her overhear you talking to someone special
When you know that she is looking and listening to whatever you are saying and doing, pretend that you are talking intimately to someone really special in your life. Coo softly, whisper incoherently and smile in a way that tells her that you are hooked! She is bound to turn jealous as to who can make you look like that.

Talk about where you are headed for the weekend
In the same way all you have to do is make sure she is around when you start to talk about the fantastic time you are going to have as you head out on a romantic getaway! Talk about how you can't wait for the weekend and how you plan to make these vacations a regular thing. She will definitely get jealous wondering who's going with you.

Look happy to be free and single again
The best way to make her jealous is to look thrilled to be single and eligible again. She will burn with jealousy at the thought of you being able to date all those gorgeous chicks out there! Don't let on what you are actually going through. Just make her believe that you are happy to move on.

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Every time you're driving down the Interstate, Natalie Cole's "Miss You Like Crazy" comes on the radio and it gives you inspiration. We urge you to take our advice on making an ex miss you like crazy because we're cooler than Natalie.

Step 1: You Don't Miss The Dentist: You've got to give your ex a reason to miss you. You already may have screwed up in the relationship but if you fine-tune your personality now, the things they truly missed will come to light.

Step 2: Not Being The Shadow: How can your ex miss you if you're constantly hovering over them? Not only will this suffocation push them farther away, it'll make you seem less desirable as if you can't do anything without your ex in your life.

Step 3: Drive Them Wild: A great way to make your ex miss you like crazy is to drive them bonkers. This might mean getting more attractive or simply staying far away from them. Basically, if you do what they don't expect you to, they'll go nuts.

What if your lover already left you? Here's how to get them back.

Step 4: Ex The Hex: You might be thinking of your ex in a negative light and those unhealthy thoughts will manifest themselves. If you do a wipe down and say "they're my ex, no big deal" then you'll notice a cooler and more laid back approach to your everyday tasks...and they'll find out too.

Step 5: Who's That Person: You want your ex to say "Who's that" and it could mean by changing your looks or by being seen with somebody else. To drive your ex wild you need to show them that your life is still your life, with or without them as a part of it.

Step 6: Do Your Things Without Them: There are certain things your ex misses about you, even though you're broken up. If you routinely attended an annual festival together, keep going even though they're not with you. Your ex will miss going with you and will remember that not every date ended in hair pulling and a barrage of insults.

Step 7: Keep Them Single: This is a tough task but in order for your ex to miss you, try and keep them single. If somebody has a new loving person in their life, they might easily forget about their last one so your best chance is to both stay on the single block. Hopefully the missing will soon lead into the kissing.

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There are specific techniques that will show you exactly what to do and what to say to get your ex lover back in your arms- Especially if you are the only one trying... Visit What to Say to Get Your Ex Back to find out more.

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