A break up can be an extremely confusing and frustrating thing - one minute things are going great, next think you know she's telling you things aren't working out. If you're asking "why my girlfriend left me" I have some good news - it is possible to save your relationship and get your ex girlfriend back. Here is a plan to help you get your girlfriend back and stop your breakup.

First of all, but she might have done you a favor by dumping you. A lot of times, guys will just stay with their girls because of "inertia". In other words, it is easier to stay in an OK relationship than look for a much better one. You may have known people like this - sometimes they suffer from low self esteem, and have been dating the same person for a long time and are OK with what they have. They may break up 3 or 4 times and still get back together.

What can you do to get your ex back? Is it possible to make your ex miss you like crazy?

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Now, I'm not saying that this girl has to be your soul mate - I don't think such a thing exists - but if you think you could be happier, than the fact that she called things off might be a blessing in disguise.

But, if this isn't the case and you really want to win your ex back, keep reading.

Next, you have to determine if she loves you. See, girls can be fickle, and they are much more likely to act on impulse then regret what they did later. This can make it hard to understand why girls do what they do and even harder to tell if they still love you. So, what can you do to make sure she still loves you and wants to be with you?

The first rule of getting your ex girlfriend back is this: Don't chase her, let her chase you. You might be wondering how you can do this when she is the one that dumped you. Well, according to T.W. Jackson, relationship expert and author of the one of the best selling books on getting your ex back, you need to use the force that she is using to push you away in your favor.

So, instead of pushing back (calling her, texting her, stopping by her house, sending her emails, all the stuff that you probably already tried and DIDN'T work) you need to pull away!

Now this is where it gets exciting, because by doing the exact opposite of what you think you think you should do, your girlfriend will start to react completely different. Instead of pushing back her back by doing all of the above, you should accept the breakup. Tell her that you agree with the breakup and act like you are moving on with your life.

Try to have a good attitude and during the time you are separated from her think about how you've changed from the guy she fell in love with. Think back to when you first started dating her. How did you treat her? How did you talk to her? Did you plan fun dates and go out more often?

You might have gotten a little lax - not making as much effort as you did before and maybe you are more comfortable in your relationship. If your girlfriend has left and you want her back, think about how you treated her before and treat her that same way again. Relationships take work, but the better you treat your girlfriend, the happier she will be and the better your relationship will be.

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If your girlfriend seems like she wants to end things, you are going to have to kick it into high gear to save it. There are a few things you can do, and timing is very critical at this stage, so act fast before you lose the girl you love forever.

Listen to Her Needs More Closely
You should start off by paying more attention to every word she speaks. This allows you to find out what she wants and what she is telling you indirectly. This can be as a test, and you should take every chance you get to show her you've been listening.

Give Her More Affection
If your relationship lacks romance and affection, start to show her a little more. Get a movie and snuggle on the couch with her. Spending some along time and bonding time is essential to any relationship regardless of how long you have been together.

Apologize for Anything You've Done Wrong
If you've done things to her or said things to her that have hurt her and are causing this rocky time, apologize to her. Don't give her a generic one either. Make sure you spend some time on it and make it good.

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Spend Some Time with Her
Take the night off and stay in with her. Rather than going out to dinner make her a dinner and light some candles. Put some music on and romance her. Dance with her and do other little things that show her you care.

Show Her She's Appreciated
This can be something as simple as telling her thank you when she does something for you. Buy her a little gift, or if you notice she needs something for work, get it for her. Show her and tell her how much you value her as your partner.

Take Her Somewhere Romantic
Romance is essential in all relationships and this is one thing women crave more than anything else. Romance is showing her love from your heart, and love that is genuine. Take her for a walk and tell her how you feel about her. Write her a poem, or simply tell her you love her more. Spend more alone time with her and just be with her.

Ask Her What She Wants
You can always sit down with her and ask her what can be done to save the relationship. Women may value this more than anything because it can show that you are getting down to business and are serious about being with her.

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After a breakup, there are times when you may not be able to get over the fact that your ex is out having a great time. Meanwhile you are hurting and still having feelings. At this point you just want to get back at him in any way that you possibly can. You want to make him jealous and feel just the same way you do. The best way to get back at him is by making him as jealous as possible.

Show Off
You must have looked good to him once before, so why not look even better without him. Get yourself a hot look, and go ahead and flaunt it. This will frustrate him more than you can imagine. Get yourself in shape and find clothing that will leave him speechless and longing to be with you.

Be Social
You will make him extremely jealous once you start making more friends. This will show him that you have personality and have the ability to attract people. Make yourself as attractive as possible. When your ex begins to notice how much attention you get, he is bound to be jealous.

Get Out and About
Take yourself on a much needed vacation! If you can remember going places with your ex, choose those exact places. Once he begins to realize that you do not need him to have fun, he will get upset. This will cause him to only imagine who you are with and what you are doing.

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Find an Attractive Guy
Just the thought of you being with an attractive guy, will cause your ex to get uptight. This will show him that you are capable of finding someone new. Your new guy could even be much better than your ex. He will become very jealous.

Become Popular
Your ex will expect you to be alone after a breakup. He will never suspect you to get out and become popular. Prove him wrong by showing him how happy you and that you don't have time to be stuck at home worrying about him.

Find Someone New and Fall in Love
This is the best way to make him jealous. Find yourself new love and be happy. The last thing that an ex that broke up with you wants is for you to find someone new. This not only is great for you, but it also will upset your ex.

Go to Exciting Events
Find fun events, and go! Your ex does not expect you to be happy, or out having a great time. He would expect you to be home crying over him. Get yourself invited to some of the main events around, and have fun!

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There are many signs that can show you whether or not an ex wants to be in a relationship again. Though you may still be heartbroken from the previous breakup, sometimes it just takes another chance to get things right. Even though the relationship failed before, does not mean that it cannot work out.

He Remains in Touch
If your ex is completely over you, he won't bother staying in touch with you. It is up to you to decide whether he is just calling you out of habit, or to actually communicate with you. If he calls occasionally, he may just be bothering you. If he calls on a daily basis, he more than likely wants to get close to you again.

What Does He Talk About?
Is he just calling you to bring up the past, and to annoy you? Or is he asking about the things you are doing during the day? Pay attention to what he chooses to talk about, this can show you what he really is looking for.

Does He Accidentally Call you?
Once you get to the phone, he has already hung up. When you go to call him back, he tells you that he accidentally called you. Possibly the excuse is that he had the phone in his pocket, or meant to call someone else. If he does this on many occasions, he more than likely is intentionally calling you.

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Is He Hanging Around Your Friends?
He likes to hang around your friends, because this brings him closer to where you are. It also gives him the advantage to get information about you. Ask your friends what he has been saying about you. There are many times an ex will open up to people about how they really feel, or even ask for help to try to get you back.

Has He Found Another Relationship?
If he is already in another relationship, than he may just miss you. This is an important way to find out if he wants a relationship with you again. Maybe he has tried to be with someone else, but it doesn't feel right. If he is single while showing interests in you, than chances are he wants another relationship.

Has He Brought up the Future?
He may ask you simple questions about the future, and include you in the picture. He could do this by telling a story of what he wants in his future or hinting towards hoping to be with you. If he is imagining a future with you, than he may be hinting to you that he wants a relationship again.

Has He Brought up the Past?
Memories that you have shared together, your first kiss, the activities you both loved. These are all signs that your ex still cares. As long as he does not bring up negative memories. By him bringing up the past, he is showing that he misses you.

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There are specific techniques that will show you exactly what to do and what to say to get your ex lover back in your arms- Especially if you are the only one trying... Visit What to Say to Get Your Ex Back to find out more.

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