I had been going out with my girlfriend for about three and a half years. We were in a serious relationship and both still quite young, I got home one day from work one day and she had left me. Honestly guys, she had organized a truck to turn up in the morning, chucked her stuff on it and moved away...

200K's away to be precise. We had a daughter together which made the shock of getting home and find her and all my girls stuff missing, without even a note..

We had been going threw some tough times. As where we were was miles away from any of our friends and family, because i was chasing the best paying job I could find.

I didn't really thing about how that would have effect on my girlfriend. I know now that taking a spouse somewhere new like that, you need to be considerate of there feelings.

But when my girlfriend left me like that, I mean without anything. I was stuck with so much crap on my mind, I had no idea where she had gone, and no contact details except for her mother who was saying a thing.

An emotional wreck would be the best way to describe the way it made me. I could not see a way to get threw the fact the she had disappeared out of my life.

It was time for me to do a little growing up!

When you can find the way to start reflecting on the reasons why she may have gone, I feel the biggest thing that we have to realize is that a relationship can not be a one way street.

I think us guy's at the beginning of our dating life, sometimes believe that it is all about us. Well that's how it seems to most girls. We may think we are catering to there needs, but honestly we have no idea.

A few days before my girl left me we had a major fight and never spoke at all. Perhaps if I had said sorry a little sooner things would not have got so bad?

The thing is that, we are now back together! That time out was a very important part for our relationship to grow. The both of us were pondering our relationship, the good and the bad. Some weeks later we were talking again..

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