My Girlfriend Said I Don't Satisfy Her: How To Make Women Orgasm Harder Than Ever Before

Women need pleasure and they need satisfaction in the bedroom. Feeling pleasure is something that makes a person feel good and you always want to make sure that you are making your partner feel good. After a while, the usual moves that you are using on your woman may not work as well as you would want them to. Things can become repetitive and can become boring. That is when you need to do something about that so you can change it up and bring the spice back into the bedroom.

There is a new set of sex tips out there that men need to know about NOW. With the knowledge of these tips, you will be able to please your woman so good, that you make her orgasm harder than ever before. If you are ready and willing to give your woman something that is literally going to blow her mind, then you are going to need to learn these tips as soon as possible.

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In order to make a woman orgasm harder than ever before, here are the new sex tips that men need to master:

First of all, you should try to introduce some new things into the bedroom. Sex toys and other things are designed and marketed towards women so this makes it okay for you to bring them into the bedroom. In fact, she wants you to. She wants to see the kinkier side of you and the side that isn't afraid of using a toy on her or something else that is going to enhance your sex life. You can use a toy on her or you can tie her up with some light bondage. Either way, as long as you are bringing in something new, you are giving her something new and she likes that.

Another new thing for you to try on her is to be a bit rougher with her body. Men are taught and instructed to be gentle with a woman's body and although that might hold true for the most part, women still require that rough touch sometimes. When you are having sex with her, her body can handle a bit of roughness. You can pick up the pace and you can thrust a little harder. In addition, you can grab at her skin and pull her hair. The more you do this, the hotter you make her. Women like feeling that raw sense of passion in the bedroom and it is a huge turn on.

Finally, when you just want to touch her to bring her to orgasm, there is a new way to stimulate the g-spot to really get her going. It's time that you threw away the traditional form of simulating sex with your fingers and that you went ahead and used this on her. With your fingers inside of her body, move them in circles. This fills up every inch of her and drives her wild. Most women can't handle this intense stimulation and have to climax within a few minutes. Not to mention, it creates a super intense and very powerful orgasm for her.

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Giving your partner the maximum pleasure possible in bed is all about doing the right things at the right time. It's always better to look at various things from your partner's perspective in order to get maximum results in bed. This is the reason why a lot of men feel they are doing the right thing but often they always are in the process of doing things they aren't supposed to be doing. This is the major reason why you must know this at all costs. Read on to discover things women simply can not stand in bed........

Trying to force her into having sex when she isn't in the right mood- It's all about the right mood when it comes to the matter of sex. Not only would she not enjoy it one bit but she might also get totally turned off if you try to ask her for sex when she is simply not in the right state of mind for it. You should always make sure that the moment is right in order to have sex.

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Maintain personal hygiene- This is the most important factor which a lot of women consider in bed. You must maintain strict personal hygiene and should take a shower before getting into bed. One thing no woman can stand is a sweaty smelly man in bed. This is known to be one of the biggest passion killers out there.

Trying to do it too fast- Women are slow creatures specially in the case of sex therefore you must ensure that you take it slow and smooth otherwise there would be no passion at all and she would feel like you are just trying to pleasure yourself and you don't care about her needs.

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Getting a girl to climax fast is not easy, as women take some time to warm up. Unlike men, women need emotional stimulation along with sexual stimulation. You will be able to make a girl climax fast only if you know her well and if she is comfortable being with you. Here are 4 sure shot ways to bring her to climax fast.

Stimulate her brain
No! You don't have to engage in a quiz competition. Instead you have to verbalize your intentions in the most erotic manner. Tell her all that you intend to do when she is in bed with you. If she is comfortable, you may talk dirty and be a little graphic in your description. This will have an instant effect and she will begin to get wet between her legs. This can be done when you are on a dinner date or in the movie theater. Just charge her up with a vivid picture of you making passionate love to her.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

Foreplay with a difference
Surprise her with a sex toy. Instead of using your tongue and fingers to give her clitoral stimulation use a newly ordered vibrator. There are different types of vibrators available in the market that not only give clitoral and g spot stimulation but also stimulate the outer ring of her anus.

Her preferred sex position
After the stimulation with the vibrator ask her to get on top of you and ride cowgirl style. This will enable her to have total control of the act and she can increase or decrease the depth and the momentum. Do this for a while.

Eat her
After some time ask her to lie flat on her back and spread her legs. Go down on her and begin eating her. Give her the best oral sex she has ever had. She will come sooner than expected.

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Here's something true about relationships - if you can satisfy a woman sexually and please her in bed, then you will be able to get away with almost anything. It wouldn't matter if you're dirt poor or you're as ugly as a toad - as long as you've got the powers to satiate her sexual requirements, she will find you attractive - no joke. Therefore let's talk about some of the best techniques you can use to make your sexual partner climax multiple times over in bed AND feel like a sex goddess in the process. Discover how to make her orgasm as quickly as a bullet - using just a few tactics...

"Dirty Talk". All guys have dirty thoughts - so TELL her what you think. Share the dirty thoughts that you have. Dirty talk will regularly turn a woman on sexually, and make her feel extra horny.

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"Have Super Strength Staying Power." If you cannot last for more than 15-20 minutes, then you won't have the capacity to make her climax - simply because women in general require more time to climax than guys. The average woman would require around about twenty straight minutes of stimulation to reach orgasm, so if you cannot last that long, she is never gonna be content. The thing is that she might you another chance, but if you continue in "underperforming" then she will feel sexually frustrated with your sexual performance. After that, it's only a matter of time until she's not answering your telephone calls.

"Sex Position". Every woman has her own likes and dislikes when it comes to sexual positions. Some favor rough movements, while others desire it slow. The trick here is to know when to go fast and when to go slow. You would need to listen to her response and alter your movements accordingly. For example, when she is very reactive to a particular touch at a particular place, then continue to do more of that.

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