When it comes to your girlfriend, you should always be observant with everything she does. What she does would usually tell you about what she feels of the relationship.

If you feel as though your relationship is about to reach its ending, then it's important that you start making notes of signs that your girlfriend wants to break up with you. This way, you can put up safety measures that can prevent the relationship from ending.

One of the top signs that your girlfriend wants to break up is when they no longer spend as much time with you. She no longer thinks of you as a priority. She always finds excuses not to spend time with you and tells you that she's busy. Even if what she says makes sense, you still need to pay attention.

If your girlfriend is starting to feel cool towards you, her friends will definitely follow. They start to become remote with you. You find it hard to talk with them and more often than not, they act indifferent and would cut conversation time with you. Your girlfriend will most likely tell her friends first if she is thinking of breaking up with you. If her friends start to act weird when you're around, chances are they know something that you aren't aware of. Be on the lookout.

Your girlfriend wants to break up with you if they simply introducing you as a 'friend' in public. It's possible that instead of her boyfriend, she is now merely seeing you as a 'friend'. For her, you're no longer different from the people she hang out with on a daily basis.

Your relationship becomes inactive. The romance factor is gone and the two of you aren't sweet anymore. Hugging and kissing is obsolete. You don't even hold hands anymore. When you tell her you love her, she keeps on giving unsatisfactory replies. You now have to talk her into doing all those sweet and mushy stuff the two of you always did together.

When you do decide to confront her, she starts giving you excuses about a headache or another urgent problem. She immediately changes the subject whenever you try to coax her into talking about relationship problems. If her coldness has been going on for a long time then there's a good chance that your girlfriend wants to break up with you.

Other small instances that could lead to a possible break up is when you try to call your girlfriend, you are always greeted by the answering machine. If she starts to criticize things she didn't used to like your hair or your shirt, then that's another sign. Nowadays, she just seems to complain nonstop.

If all these things are in your relationship, your girlfriend wants to break up with you so be prepared.

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