He informed you the rational and conservative factors when he left you. Understand that those are just his effort to cover his true reasons. Find them out here.

When a man splits up with his girlfriend, it doesn’t mean that he found somebody else. At times, women can be blamed for their faults. There are many situations when it was the woman who was insincere. If you’re one of those who feel guilty but couldn’t exactly identify what made him decide to leave you, read the explanation below.

Did you insist he must change his wardrobe?

A man detests it when his girlfriend insists changes that are against his personality. He wants to be who he is and not the man in your dreams. If you despised the way he carried himself, opined about issues and expressed his emotions, he might have felt you didn’t completely appreciate his being. He must have felt he was treated with scorn by an important person.

Did you only use him for your selfish needs?

Were his financial capability and blind faithfulness the only reason why you entered into a relationship with him? Did you only turn to him when you needed something or when you had a favor to ask? Did you sneak behind his back and went on a date with someone else a few times? These are obvious indicators that you took advantage of his love. Contrary to how society labels a man, he isn’t insensitive, especially when it comes to truth.

Did you compete with his work?

The desire to achieve is innate in a man. His self-esteem needs are gradually satisfied as he progresses in his career path. If you misunderstood this as his way of abandoning you, he felt you were being unreasonable. Each man wants to be with a partner who supports and treasures his milestones, not someone who stresses him out. If you’ve violated this, you’ve greatly turned him off. You’ve added tension and certainly, he wasn’t glad at all.

Did you complain a lot?

Every woman wants both parties to work out the relationship. If she doesn’t see him doing his part, she’ll think it’s unfair. If you often expressed this injustice through nagging, he certainly got fed up with it and consequently left you. For you, it was just probably a form of concern but for him, it was already an act of controlling the relationship. Remember that men appreciate the art of silence.

Did you forget to consider his expectations?

Changes are the only permanent thing in the world but if you changed without taking into account his expectations, you broke the compromise you promised to each other. Did you lose interest in physical intimacy because you realized platonic relationship is what you truly need? Did you lose your patience, decrease your communication time and become an overspender? Like you, every man has his list of anticipation, too. It is possible that he got dissatisfied with the way you have neglected his needs.

If you didn’t expect him to scissor the knot, you must feel terrible and miserable at the moment. But don’t worry about how you feel. Those who were in your shoes were regretful and depressed, too. If you want to make up with your boyfriend, you have to accept that you have treated him wrongly. Before you ask his apology, do something about yourself first.

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