My Husband and I Want To Have A Baby: Tips And Tricks To Get Pregnant

It is the most sought out answer in the world, how to get pregnant? This answer is one that is sought out for a long time and has over the years allowed the many people in the world to fight like cats and dogs in search of the true answer. Unlike other sites or articles, this article will offer true honest advice that every person can use.

The first thing that needs to be looked at is the reasons why a couple will have issues in this area of their relationship. Many of the reasons are due to there being an issue with one or more of the partners that they are involved with. Many times the fault may lie with the woman in the relationship.

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If the woman is to blame, then there needs to be measures in place that will allow these two to see eye to eye on the issue and in doing so will allow there to be a solution that can be solved in a matter f weeks and not involve a lot of expensive trips to the doctor to evaluate the situation.

Many times the simple issue is that the egg will not become fertile enough for conception to occur, this can be because of number of different reasons, all of these reasons involve the woman having an issue that they need to attend to in an effort to get the best possible results for a woman.

Many times a drug therapy will be enough to get thing started, this can be a mixture that the doctor prescribes for you, or can be one that will be able to be bought from a drug store, regardless of where or how it is obtained, the important thing that needs to be done, is that this needs to be a therapy that is adhered to.

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Sometimes the issue is just that there needs to be more exercise in the womans life. Few people realize just how important this is in the overall health of a womans life. This can many times be the most important aspect that a woman needs to keep in mind when it comes to ways to get pregnant.

If the woman is to blame, then there needs to be measures in place that will allow these two to see eye to eye on the issue and in the end will allow there to be a solution that can be solved in a matter f weeks and not involve a lot of expensive trips to the doctor to evaluate the situation. This in the grand scheme of things is all that you need to make sure that you keep this in mind.

In the search for a woman to get pregnant, they need to evaluate all of the things that are going on in their life on a routine basis. This will help them the way to get the best out of the efforts that are placed in these tactics. This is all that needs to be done for success.

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Sometimes nature needs a boost when you want to get pregnant. You can give it that boost by choosing the right sexual positions. The general rule is that the sperm must be deposited as close to the cervix as possible, the less travel distance, the more likely it is you will fall pregnant. To do that, it is believed that some sexual positions are more effective than others are.

The lifespan of the sperm and the egg plays a vital role in conceiving, and after ovulation occurs, only a twenty-four hour window is open to achieve that. That means that you want the sperm to be as close to that egg as possible before it is too late. The best positions have the female hips positioned in a way that sperm stays inside, giving it an ample amount of time to swim up and meet the egg.

The traditional man-on-top or missionary position is said to be one of the best positions in trying to conceive. This is the one position that allows for the deepest penetration possible. The vagina is tilted downwards, making it easier for sperm to get through the cervix, into the uterus, and to the egg. Not only is this one of the best conception positions, it is one of the most intimate and comfortable.

The doggy-style is another recommended position. As the man enters from behind, the sperm ends up closest to the cervix after ejaculation, increasing the chances of falling pregnant. It can be done while on all fours or even while the woman is lying on her abdomen. This position is also comfortable and many women prefer it, even when not trying to conceive, especially if they a tilted cervix.

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Elevating the hips with a pillow during the missionary position can also be helpful. This will expose the cervix to as much sperm as possible, also increasing the chances of conception. The warning with this position is not to raise the hips too high; otherwise, sperm may end up behind the cervix, which will not help things at all.

The side-by-side position also allows for maximum exposure to the cervix for the sperm. This is a very relaxing position, something very important during intercourse anyway. It can be done face-to-face or in the spooning position, with the man entering from behind. Besides aiding in conception, this is a good position for those with weight problems or bad backs.

With all the best positions discussed, it is important to note the not-so-best positions. Anything that prevents sperm from reaching its destination quickly and staying there, can affect conception. It is recommended to avoid sex while standing up, with the woman on top, or sitting down. Those positions limit the amount of sperm that enters, and in most cases encourages it to flow back out of the vagina quickly.

Sometimes you need to give nature a boost when you want to get pregnant. Experimenting with sexual position to conceive is a good way to start. Make sure you enjoy what you are doing, be a bit adventurous, and have fun, making a baby should not be a chore.

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Many women are looking for information on how to get pregnant. While there is certainly the obvious way, sometimes things need a little bit of help. This is where technology and science can come together to give better results than we might get on our own, without the help.

Science uses some key aspects including timing, ovulation periods, ovary health and sperm counts. If you have been trying to conceive for a while, perhaps you have seen a doctor regarding the issue. Most of the time, they will do a sperm count test on the male to see if anything can be done to help.

If the sperm count has been found to be deficient, there are certain things that can be done to increase it. Doctors have studied this issue and will help with advice on what to do for it, in order to ensure conception. Although some may laugh at the procedures that are followed, they do work and they can be very simply processed to reach your goal.

For the woman's side, the health of the ovaries must be taken into consideration. Determining where the problems lie will be handled by various medical tests performed by the doctor. Whether it's genetic or something particular to the individual, it can usually have a treatment specified by your physician.

Ovulation only takes place at certain times during the month. If this window is missed, then the opportunity does not arrive until next month. When your system does not run on a regular schedule, you may need to find out what your body's ovulation times are. There are kits that can be purchased over-the-counter that can be used to predict when you will ovulate. These can be helpful for timing purposes.

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Stress will also take a toll when pregnancy is not achieved right away. Many times, future parents get so caught up in the excitement and rush of trying to conceive, that they actually create high enough stress levels to deter their progress. Our bodies are very sensitive to increased hormone levels caused by a variety of situations. Even excitement over an upcoming happy situation can throw things off just enough in deter accomplishing the goal.

If you do some research, there are also some positions you can use to increase your chances of conceiving. Whether it's the Kama Sutra book or online research, you can find information on this topic, as well as others in the pregnancy arena. The web is a fantastic resource of study results and information regarding the how-to's and up-to-date results data.

There could be a book named, "The Guaranteed Way to Get Pregnant" and it would be a myth. It is different for everyone, although there are certain basic things that apply to people in general. Follow the medical advice of your doctor and relax and let it happen. Usually, just as a couple has given up, and decided to adopt, things finally work out and they end up bringing home a special bundle of their own.

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I recently received correspondence from a woman who wanted more information about any medical procedures which would ensure that she would get pregnant with a baby boy. She 100% wanted a son and she was very serious about this and was willing to do "whatever it took" to make sure that this is exactly what she got. Actually, there are medical procedures that allow you to chose your baby's gender and sex. I will discuss them more in the following article.

PGD: The Only Surefire Way To Get A Boy: Right now, the medical procedure with the highest success rate of getting you a boy (or a girl if this is what you want,) is called PGD which stands for "pre-implantation genetic diagnosis." This takes place in a lab and is basically artificial insemination which takes it to the next level to determine gender.

Here's how it works. Some of the mother-to-be's eggs are extracted by a specialists. Then, the father-to-be provides the sperm. The sperm will fertilize the eggs, but this will entirely take place in the lab. Once this happens, the result is several potential embryos. These embryos are then screened for genetic issues, abnormalities, and gender. Only healthy embryos that are the gender that you want (which is in this case is a boy) are then implanted back into the mother. Those that "take" should result in a normal pregnancy. Any left over embryos that meet this criteria can be frozen for future use.

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Some Cons Of This Medical Procedure That Determines Your Baby's Gender: For those who are dead set on having one gender over another, this can most definitely be the answer. But, if there are any negatives or cons to this procedure, the biggest one is probably the cost. Sometimes, people believe that the costs of PGD are included with the cost of the artificial insemination. They aren't are not. And insemination is expensive, running several thousand dollars for each cycle. If the pregnancy doesn't "take," this needs to be repeated. Statistics show that it is about 35% successful each time, so some couples need several rounds before they are successful.

On top of this, the PGD will typically costs another $2,000 to $4,5000 depending on your clinic. So costs alone does keep some couples from going down this route. And, the fact that not every try is successful is another deterrent. Now, some couples do not have a choice with this. They will not be able to become pregnant on their own. Of course if you have some fertility issues and need the help of a lab to get pregnant, then this procedure is only taking what would already be necessary to the next level. But, if you are only going this route because of gender selection, there actually might be another way.

Ways That You Can Try To Make Sure That You Conceive A Boy Without Any Medical Intervention If you can't afford PGD, there are some things you can try at home. Basically, your goal is exactly the same - to make sure that a Y or boy sperm reaches your egg. Since you can't test or see the embryos as the lab folks can, you'll have to go with what we know about how the sperm behaves and how long it lives. Boy producing sperm can not live long so you want to have intercourse late in your fertility cycle. You also want to make your reproductive tract alkaline. This can mean changing your diet and experimenting with douching. Finally, certain sexual positions make a boy conception much more likely.

If you can use all of these things together, you can greatly increase your changes to get a boy baby. And it won't cost you very much at all.

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I recently received an email from a couple who wanted to conceive a boy within the next several months and were trying to come up with a workable plan for this. The husband had to be out of town for his job sometimes, so they were trying to figure out how many "fertile days" they would have to work with each month. Well, there are more than a few fertile days, but there are only a couple of those days on which it is optimal to get a boy baby. I will discuss this more in the following article.

There Are Around Five Days Of The Month When You Are Most Likely To Conceive, But Only A Few Of These Work Best For Conceiving A Boy: Since sperm can live for days in a woman's reproductive tract and a woman's egg can live for more than a day or two, there is a definite window when you are most fertile. Most people will tell you that you have 2 - 3 days before ovulation takes place and roughly the same amount of time after the egg's release. This gives you around five days to work with.

Most people will just guesstimate when they ovulate and begin a few days before this and stop trying a few days after this. And this is a fine strategy if you just want to get pregnant as quickly as you can without worrying about the gender. But if you want a son, you will need to limit these efforts. Now, with this said, please make sure that you really and truly know when ovulation happens. Guessing really doesn't count and is often wrong anyway. Use a really good ovulation predictor to be absolutely sure.

If You Want A Boy Baby, The Best Days For You To Conceive In The Entire Month Come After Ovulation (And There Are Only A Few Of These Days:) If you truly want a boy or son, you must understand and accept that the Y chromosomes in sperm which produce boy babies are shorter lived and more vulnerable that those which will get you a daughter. This is so very important. These particular chromosomes will die if they attempt to wait for your egg. You must set it up so that it is the other way around.

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To do this, you will want to wait until you get a positive in whatever ovulation tool that you are using to tell you that you have ovulated. This is going to be your optimal day and you should always give your best effort on this day. The day after this is fair game also, but since these guys are not long lived, having intercourse any more than one day after ovulation is probably not the best strategy.

So there's your answer, you have basically two really good days each month to try to conceive a boy. Does this mean that all of the other days are off the table? Well, I guess not. But they certainly don't give you the best odds. Why would you want to leave this to chance? I believe that you are always better off going for the quality rather than quantity here. Yes, it's a bummer that there are only two really good days, but if you do everything right on these two days, you're greatly increasing your odds of having a boy child.

Other Things You Want To Make Sure Happen On Those Best Two Days To Get A Boy Baby: In addition to timing, you will also want to make sure that you are as alkaline as possible. Acid is an enemy to those weak Y's. So you want to spare them this. You can change your PH by diet and / or douching. And, you will want to make sure that these guys have both short and easy travels. This is why deeper penetration sexual positions are good to use when trying to get pregnant in this scenario.

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