My Husband Defends His Mother Over Me: My Husband Puts His Mother Before Me - My Husband Always Sides With His Mother

If you are reading this article, then I'm sure that you have thought more than once about how to get rid of your mother in law. They can be so annoying, interfering, and overbearing. Tragically they also can end up ruining your marriage. You should know, though, that believe it or not, it IS possible to fix up your relationship with your mother in law.

In this article I'm going to show you 3 ways to better your relationship with her, by focusing on small things and not trying to tackle the whole problem all at once. It is going to take a lot of work and time to fix things up but for the benefit of you, your husband and your children, it needs to be done.

1. Circumvents resistance. Mother in laws can be set in their ways. No matter how good your intentions are to better your relationship with your "dear" mother in law it "takes two to tango". She is probably too scared to improve the relationship. If you start by doing only small things she won't even notice that things are getting better, until it's too late and...before she even realizes it, she has started to like you.

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2. It's done better. To focus on baking only one dessert instead of 3 desserts usually results in a much tastier pie. When you focus on too many things each project gets in the way of the other one. It's the same way when it comes to improving your relationship with your mother in law. Pick one small area to improve and then move on.

3. Instant gratification. It isn't easy to deal with some mother in laws and it could take a long time to finally have a working relationship with yours. Therefore, if you go for the "big kill" and look only at the end rosy relationship you may end up getting frustrated before you manage to get there and give up. By looking at the small things you will stay motivated and you will keep on going until you get there, step by step.

It will not seem like such a big, overwhelming task if you take it day by day and plan to make one small change to your relationship.

It could be that your mother in law just wants to be more of a part in the decisions of your family.

She wants to feel valued and appreciated.

Try to look past her attitude or the way she comes across, and read into what she could be meaning. For example, if she likes to tell you how to dress your children. Maybe you could ask her opinion about a suitable hair cut or hair design for your daughter. Or ask if she would like to go shopping for some cute little bows and ribbons. She will get to feel appreciated, listened to, and valued, while you still get the ultimate say in the clothes and what your daughter will look like overall.

It might be your dream to know how to get rid of your mother in law but usually it isn't possible. She is here to stay. Therefore, focus on the LITTLE sore points between you two and fix those up. Be consistent and you will eventually be able to have a working relationship where you won't even want to get rid of your mother in law.

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A couple years ago, the failure rate of marriages went past fifty percent. This means that, now, statistically, when you are married you are expected to divorce. Isn't this horrible? The way I see it, the strength of a nation depends on how strong the smallest particles of it (the family) are. And when so many marriages are failing, this can only be bad. So, your spouse wants to divorce you but you want to save your marriage. I congratulate you for not doing what others are doing (just agreeing to a divorce) and actively trying to stop a divorce. I stopped my divorce from happening and so can you - please go on reading!

When your spouse wants to divorce you, your first reaction is usually to argue with him or her to the point about why you shouldn't divorce, or sit down and try to talk about every little issue your marriage might have. The thing is, your spouse is unhappy and whatever you argue, you won't be able to "prove" that he / she is actually "happy". Your spouse is unhappy and wants a divorce. If you press on too much, he or she will think that you are being selfish and not respecting his decisions. This is something to avoid when your spouse wants to divorce you. So, what should you do instead?

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The best thing to do when your spouse wants to divorce you is to accept some sort of trial separation. I know that this sounds counter intuitive; but this is what will save your marriage. First, your spouse is expecting you to argue. When you don't, and you agree with him or her about certain issues and say that you did a lot of mistakes, this will act as a reverse psychological attack, and your spouse might even feel like protecting you ("no honey, don't be so hard on yourself..."). Your spouse is expecting to disagree with you!

The second thing is that a trial separation will give your spouse some very valuable alone time, in which he or she is surely going to reconsider everything. Know that at the moment your husband or wife has an idea of how the separation is going to be. But when the separation actually happens, he or she will see that it's not as good as he or she had planned (or hoped). This is why a trial separation works greatly and usually brings the couple closer upon the end of it!

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"How do I save my marriage before we divorce?" This is a question many individuals ask each and every day once they realize that their primary relationship is beginning to fall apart at the seams. Marriage isn't always an easy road and too often we overlook the hardships believing that everything will eventually work itself out. Sometimes that is actually the case and a couple that was once struggling to hold things together, rediscovers their mutual love and devotion. It does take work though and even if your partner is unwilling to help, you can rekindle the adoration and actually ensure your marriage is stronger in the future than it has been before.

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When I found myself asking the question of how do I save my marriage I realized that at the core of the problem were communication issues. If your marriage is anything like mine it wasn't that my husband and I were arguing all the time. The problems lie in the fact that we just didn't talk about anything important anymore. We had fallen into a rut and found our conversations focusing on things like the weather and the children's homework.

If you and your partner are guilty of this, it needs to change. Perhaps you're wary of bringing up emotional issues because you fear your partner will shy away from you or shut down. If this is the case, you need to preface the conversation by telling him or her that you aren't going to verbally attack them and that their opinion, even if it's painful to you, is incredibly important. You should both have a safe venue for talking about what you are feeling without fear of being verbally abused by the other. Accept what each other has to say and it will help you both heal.

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It's not unusual for your feelings and your perceptions to change when you are going through a marital separation. Sometimes, you wonder if your goals or wishes are still the same as things progress with your separation. This is a scary question to ask yourself when you're no longer sure how you feel about your spouse or your marriage.

An example is the wife who says: "my husband has always been the center of my life. I have always felt like the luckiest woman in the world while being married to him. I am the type of person who thinks that there is one person for everyone and that is it. So when my husband told me that he wanted to separate, I was truly devastated. I truly didn't want to think of my life without my husband. In the initial weeks of the separation, I called my husband multiple times per day. My goal was to see him each and every day. Basically, my criteria on having a good day was feeling that I was just a little bit closer to getting him back. That was my primary focus. During my separation, I found out that I have been accepted into law school. Not only that, but I have received a scholarship. Honestly, I considered turning it down because I wanted to focus on my marriage. But, my mother urged me to reconsider. She said that this was a once in a life time opportunity. So, I have started school. And since I have, I've been so busy that I no longer have the luxury of focusing on my husband every day. I am slammed with my work load. And, much to my great surprise, I actually am loving my new life. It's very exciting to be making new friends. I'm doing very well in school and my self esteem is soaring. Now, I am starting to have second thoughts as to whether or not I want him back. He must sense this, because suddenly he is the one who is calling me every day. What do I do now?"

I always want to help people in this situation. Because in my own experience, I know how emotionally draining and how scary a marital separation can be. But, as much as I do want to help, this isn't a decision that I can make for anyone. Only you know what your heart is telling you to do. However, with this said, it's always my inclination to want to put off making such a huge decision when you have just introduced something new into your life. Emotions are high. Things can feel like an "either / or" situation when they really are not.

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And frankly, who is to say that you can't be in the top of your class in law school, enjoy every minute of your experience, and still be happily married? Quite honestly, situations such as this can sometimes improve things with your separation. When I turned my attention away from my husband, he suddenly became interested in me again - just like in this example.

Your husband may well end up supporting you and wanting the best for you in law school. And who is to say that you have to decide this instant or even relatively soon what is going to happen with your separation? I believe that a decision as huge as what to do about your marriage is not a decision that should be rushed. I never see the hurry in making these types of decisions. What is the harm in just taking things day by day and seeing how things unfold?

I usually find it interesting when I hear wives' say "I'm not sure if I want him back" or "I'm not sure if I want to save my marriage now." To me, if there is any doubt (and when you say 'I'm not sure' this means there is doubt,) then it makes sense to just wait to make a decision until you are sure as to what you really want. I hear from a lot of people who tell me that they deeply regret their divorce and this type of regret is very painful. That's why I wouldn't make any decisions until you are feeling more sure about what you really want.

Nothing is wrong with enjoying school and just seeing what happens between you and your husband before you begin the decision making process. Since you aren't sure one way or another, I'd suggest giving it a little more time.

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