My Husband Deletes Text Messages From Female Friend: Your Husband Deletes Text Messages Often

All relationships go through ups and downs, but if you get the feeling something is wrong, that things are not as they normally are, look for these classic signs that he is cheating on you. By themselves they may be insignificant and may well have perfectly innocent explanations, but many people whose partner cheated on them, when they looked back saw glaringly obvious clues. When he is with you and his cell phone rings, he sends it to voice mail or gets up and leaves the room to answer it. He takes his cell phone with him to the bathroom.

If you go near him while he is on the phone he turns away from you. He deletes text messages as soon as he sends or receives them; and he deletes his recent calls, incoming and outgoing lists, 'to free up space'. He acts secretively about his computer. If he deletes his emails and clears his cookies you have to wonder why. Your home telephone receives wrong numbers and hang-ups when you answer. His appearance matters more to him than it used to; he shaves more often, uses a new upmarket brand of shower gel or aftershave, gets his hair cut trendily, dresses more tastefully, works out and goes to a tanning salon. He suddenly enjoys different music which may indicate the influence of someone else. He discusses subjects which previously did not interest him. You smell different fragrances on his clothes, for example cigarette smoke and perfume. He seems distant and preoccupied. He spends more time away from you, either with hobbies/interests or his friends. When you ask after any of them he keeps his answers short, without elaborating. He no longer goes shopping with you or takes you out. He avoids being alone with you.

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Mutual friends say they rarely see him. He has a new circle of friends, male and female, you have never met before; they may be her friends. His excuses are not in keeping with his previous behavior. For example, at work he always did the bare minimum, but now puts in a lot of overtime. Or he starts having car troubles when his car is still new. Or previously never close to his family, now he visits a distant relative. Your sex life changes. It may become quieter with him just going through the motions. Or sexual activity may increase with him wanting to try out different things, perhaps things he is doing with his new partner. The same with his kissing style. He seems uncomfortable when you get in his car. Maybe she adjusted the seat or left something behind, including her fragrance. He treats you differently. He talks to you reluctantly, even about everyday things, and makes minimal eye contact.

When you ask an innocent question, he flies off the handle and accuses you of trying to run his life, shouting, "Why do you need to know everything about what I do." He picks fights. He criticizes, makes derogatory comments, points out your faults and compares you to others, for example, "Why do you not take more care of yourself like she does." His body language changes. His stance used to be quite open, but now he subconsciously keeps you at a distance by standing further away, crossing his arms, and tightening his lips and eyes. He becomes evasive. Things he used to like about you now bother him. For example, he admired your laid back attitude to life, but now sees you as unambitious; he loved your sense of humor but now finds it silly; he enjoyed spending most of his time with you, but now finds you possessive. He talks a lot about a new colleague or friend.

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Hearing her name once is no cause for concern, but when he repeatedly mentions it, take note. He describes a new female colleague as ordinary looking, but when you meet her, she is stunning. He accuses you of cheating. His credit card bill is higher than usual, especially if he has been away on a business trip. He is short of cash, and asks you to pay for more than you normally do. He secretly opens a new bank account. He withdraws more money than usual from your joint bank account. Some of your friends avoid you or change the subject if you mention his name; they may know something you do not. Sometimes we avoid looking too closely at our partner's behavior because we dread facing reality, and understandably so. But if you sense something is off, trust issues will emerge and your relationship will deteriorate anyway. Perhaps start by discussing your fears with a trusted friend. Before accusing him, check your facts and if you can, get proof. Talk to him and let him explain or come clean. Then create time apart from each other, and decide what to do next.

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All couples should have the common goal of making their marriage the best it can be. Each party of the marriage is responsible for putting in their own time and work to making the marriage more successful on a daily basis. Learning to deal with your problems immediately as they arise is a key step in a successful marriage. Even if you have the most wonderful marriage in the world, there is probably still room for improvement and growth.

Have you ever met a married couple that had been married for 40, 50, and even 60 years? Many of these happily married couples are some of the happiest people you will ever meet. This is a result of spending a lifetime building a relationship and making it stronger day by day. Many of these marriages have had to reignite and sparked a flame over and over to keep their marriage alive and success. You must make a commitment to do this on a daily basis if you want the same result.

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No matter what the problem in the marriage is, you must be able to define it with pure clarity. Your spouse may be messy and leave dirty clothes and old food lying around the house. He may not show his wife much affection and watch too much TV. His wife may have gotten caught up in too much neighborly gossip and is arguing with neighbors about nonsense. One may be criticizing the other's family members and do not want them around. Whatever the problem may be, no matter how serious it is, it must be clearly defined in order to be able to solve the problem. Your first step is to define it with clarity.

Both the husband and wife need to confront the problem head on before another major problem from the small problem arises. Choosing the right time to confront the problem is a key step in solving it peacefully. Whatever the two of you enjoy doing together as a couple, set aside one evening to do it. It may be going to your favorite restaurant or an evening walk by the river. After you have completed your favorite evening together as a couple, this is the time you should sit down and put your heads together to solve the problem at hand. Each of you should be able to convey your issues peacefully and nicely. It may help to hold hands while exchanging words. This may sound a bit counterintuitive, but it does work. Make sure you communicate effectively and in detail what your issue is and what your solution you would like to happen would be.

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In a relationship workshop the group leader asked the wife:
"Does your husband make you truly happy?"
Her husband hearing the question was confident that his wife would answer yes because his wife has never complained about anything ever. But his wife answers the question with a big round no.

"No my husband has never made me happy. I am happy!"
"My feeling happy does not depend on him but on me. I am the only one that can create my happiness. I am determined to be happy in each situation and in each moment of my life. If my happiness would depend on anybody else, in anything or any circumstance on the face of the Earth I would have serious problems."

Everything that exists in this life is constantly changing: the human being, the riches, the body, the weather, the friends, the pleasures, the physical and mental health.

I have decided to be happy. If my home is full or empty I am happy. Things and people, moments or situations I call "experiences that may or may not give me happy or sad moments." When someone I love dies, I am a happy person in an inevitable moment of sadness.

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I do learn with the passing by experiences and I live deeply the eternal experiences like love, forgiveness, helping others, understanding, acceptance, and support to others.

Some people say today I cannot be happy because I am sick, because I do not have money, because the weather is too hot, because I was insulted by someone, because I did not value myself, because my kids do not listen to me, because my friends do not make me happy.

I love life not because my life is easier than other people's life. But because I decided to be happy as an individual I am responsible for my own happiness.

When I take this responsibility out of my husband's shoulders I leave him free and this way life is much lighter. That is how I have got a successful relationship through all of these years together.

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What men are looking for in a wife are not limited to what their eyes can capture at their first sight on a woman. Facial outlook, yes, just to align with the saying that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Considering what men are looking for in a wife from this point of view, the female folk have to understand that there is diversity of interest in what men are looking for in a wife. This diversity is always connoted by his likes and dislikes. However, no matter how different a man's taste of a wife could be presented, there are still some fundamental characteristics that appeals to every man in need of a wife, and these attributes are what they are looking for in a wife. Before I go into the detail of what men are looking for in a wife, I want to offer this candid advice to every wife to be.

As a wife to be, I am advising you to first of all understand who you are. Secondly, do not panic neither be in haste no matter the situation you may have found yourself in. Thirdly, believe in yourself, and know that in you is embedded the authentic power and the ability to shape your life and create changes in your world. Apply this advice, men will definitely come looking for you.

However, in order to real a man for good in your life, you must first understand who is this man?, as this will help you to know how to arrest his heart, understand his personality with regards to his likes and dislikes, and then conquer his fears about marrying a woman as a wife, queue in, and subsequently real him for good.

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In understanding what men are looking for in a wife and so as to real him for good, I want to dwell on its generality, because it is difficult to treat every man's unique interests in what he want in a wife. Therefore, from the general point of view, what men are looking for in a wife include, but are not limited to the followings:

Men are looking for:

* A wife who can be truthful to them.

* A wife they can share their love with, in other words, they want a real loving woman in their lives.

* A wife they can trust at all time, and in every circumstance.

* A wife they can be proud of at all times, in all circumstances.

* A wife that can respect them.

* A wife that has deeper stable commitment in marriage.

* A competent match for them, have a perfect spouse material to them.

* A wife who is emotionally grounded with good understanding.

* A woman who can cook assorted palatable dishes, care for them and be able to appear clean, that is to say, always take care of herself.

In all these and many other chronicles of what men want in a wife, I want you to know as a would be wife that in as much as all these abound, a lot of men want a wife who is understanding enough to live with. So, try to make yourself attractive, smart and competent enough to make the best wife in the life of a man, then men have no choice than not only to look for you, but to compete for who will finally have you as his wife.

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