My Husband Despises Me: My Husband Dislikes Me For No Reason

My husband doesn't like me. That's a horrible thing for any woman to feel, let alone say out loud. When you begin to feel that the man you married dislikes you, it makes you question the state and future of your relationship. How can you possibly continue to live with someone who hates you? How can you leave him when you still love him despite what he feels? It's a heartbreaking position to be in. If you want to reclaim the love you two once shared, don't give up. You can change the dynamic of your marriage and make your husband love you more than he ever has before.

It's very easy to misinterpret what your husband feels for you. It's not as though most men are an open book when it comes to sharing their emotions with their wives. They clam right up and we're left to our own devices to muddle through what all those signals he's giving us mean. That's why you can't be too quick to jump to the conclusion that your husband doesn't like you. You may be confusing his anxiety about another matter or his unhappiness with life in general for dislike for you.

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In order to know what he really feels, it's a good idea to try a little experiment. For the next couple of weeks you're going to treat your husband differently. You're going to treat him the exact way you wish he was treating you. Push aside any feelings of how unbalanced your marriage is at the moment and bury all that resentment you feel. For now, you're going to become the mirror image of the person you wish he was. Pamper him, tell him you love him constantly and be as compassionate and kind as you can be. In many cases, when a woman shifts the dynamic of the marriage like this, her husband will follow suit. He may be hiding his feelings beneath the surface only because he's unsure of how you feel as well.

Obviously every successful marriage is based on open communication. It may be difficult for your husband to talk with you if your conversations have typically ended in conflict. You have to lead the way when it comes to calmer, more productive discussions. Start talking more with your spouse about every day matters. Keep a cool demeanor at all times and always listen to what he has to say. If you show him, in this manner that you're not going to verbally attack him when you two talk, he'll be much more open to sharing what he feels about everything, including the marriage, with you.

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Bob and Carol were in constant conflict. One of the reasons for their conflict was Carol's expectations. Carol grew up with a father who could fix anything. On Saturday mornings Carol's mother would present to her father a list of things that needed to be fixed around house. Her father enjoyed working on the house on weekends.

But when Carol presented her first list to Bob, she got a rude awaking. Not only did Bob hate the idea of spending Saturdays fixing the house, he did not have a clue what to do. Bob could not fix anything. Carol concluded if Bob cared about her then he would learn how to fix things around the house. But Carol never understood that Bob simply did not have that ability.

People begin marriage with a lot of expectations. We may expect our spouse to be like one of our past heroes. A man may expect his wife to give him children. Or a wife may expect her husband to provide a certain level of income. As you hold on to your expectations you become frustrated. A wall slowly develops between you and your spouse. Without realizing it you are screaming at your spouse. "You don't meet my expectations."

Please understand not all expectations are wrong. It is right for a couple to expect each other to be faithful to their marriage vowels. It is right for a person to expect their spouse to work with them to solve the problems of life. It is right for a husband and a wife to expect each other to help with the children. But unrealistic expectations can destroy a marriage relationship.

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Let me encourage you to sit down, and list on a sheet of paper the answer to this question. "What unrealistic expectations do I place on my spouse?" After listing your unrealistic expectations take time to think through how you can change your expectations.

After ten positive years of marriage Marie finally concluded that her expectation was going to be fulfillled. She wanted children. Rather than blaming her husband for his physical problems she adjusted her thinking. This was not easy. She had to work through her disappointment and grief. But her husband deeply loved her, and helped her through the process. In the end they had a better marriage.

Do you place unrealistic expectations on your spouse? Now this is how you get rid of your unrealistic expectations. Replace your unrealistic expectations with thanksgiving. List on another sheet of paper five positive charcteristics in your spouse's life. Then your attitude will change. You will thank God for your spouse rather than complaining about what they are not.

But whatever you do, never forget this important truth found in Proverbs 18:22. He who finds a wife finds a good thing. Or we could also say, "She who finds a husband finds a good thing."

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It is one of the biggest dreams in every women to find a man who will truly love them, but it will take a lot of work to keep a relationship interesting and alive. Unfortunately, many couples do not know the right ways to keep a marriage healthy and have allowed it to slack off in the romance especially when they are facing daily stress from commitments, work, children or parents, etc. When a wife can feel that the husband is losing interest in her, she will start to see signs that her husband doesn't love her anymore.

One of the biggest and most common signs that your husband doesn't love you anymore is when he does not want to get too intimate with you more frequently. This may happen when the husband does not feel as emotionally connected to his wife as strong as before.

Another common signs that your husband doesn't love you anymore is the amount of time he spends with you. He is often giving you excuses of going home late such as busy at work, hanging out with friends, taking up new sports, etc.

When you can also feel that your communication with your husband is getting lesser, it may also be another signs that your husband doesn't love you. He used to be so interested to know about your things and shares his latest hot stories at work, but now he does not do that and both of you have been quarreling more frequently.

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I have yet to come across a wife who does not long for a husband helping around the house. She could be the owner of a large enterprise or a stay-at-home mom. Every wife appreciates the offer to be helped and that too with a smile. I heard marveling at how her parents still have the talk about whose turn it is to take out the trash. So we have this figured out, even a no-brainer like putting away the groceries would be a pleasant activity with the eager help of the significant other. The question remains, just how to get that significant other to make the smooth transition from being too significant to cheerfully helpful?

Praise. I am speaking of both the divine and the regular kind. Praise the Lord when your husband offers a helping hand, and be sure to praise the husband. However rugged their exterior may be, husbands are just as prone towards doing something that wins them approval as anyone else. Their need to feel wanted is satiated by getting praised for what they do, just as ours is.

Here is a secret that husbands do not want you to know: they know what needs to be done around the house, and when it ought to be done as well! The only thing that keeps them from getting up and doing it is the feeling that they will not be acknowledged for it once they do. Sure, they may be verbally tossed around for not changing the light bulb but for them, it is still less painstaking than going through the trouble of doing something and not being recognized for it.

Pay your husband a compliment for the little things he does, even something as minor as turning off the lights before leaving the room and watch his desire to help grow. Each time you give him a thumbs up for a job well done, he will push himself to do more to hear it again.

For those of you who are more likely to complain than praise, make sure you maintain a ratio of at least 6:1, meaning you praise your husband at least 6 times before you complain of something that had to be done.

The best part about giving praise is the inevitability of receiving it as well. You will feel yourself easing into a marriage filled with positive assertions from both ends by committing to this one habit of praise.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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