My Husband Does Not Make Enough Money: Exactly How To Keep Your Marriage Despite The Financial Threats

If you are like any normal couple, chances are you row about issues over money. The trouble is that if these money issues are not resolved, it can and often does lead to a marital breakup. In fact, recent studies have shown that it is the number 1 cause of divorce. However with a little careful management, these problems can be prevented. So if you are a couple experiencing money problems in marriage and want to know more about how to stop this from happening, then here are some simple tips that you can use to steer your marriage back in the right direction.

If you are struggling with the monthly bills, try to sit down and look at incoming wages against outgoing expenditure. Agree a budget and stick to it. If you need to purchase something that is not within the budget then discuss it with your partner. Communication is definitely the key. Make sure you are aware what your bank balance is at all times and try to pre-empt situations as opposed to reacting to them afterward.

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Try to adopt a "what' s mine is yours and what' s yours is mine" type of attitude towards your finances. It is OK to have separate bank accounts with your own money but it is also advisable to have a joint bank account for bills and any debts etc that you or your partner has accumulated. By doing this you are showing your partner that you are in it together, but you won' t feel so guilty if you spend some of your own hard earned cash.

For a marriage to fully work, you need to be open and honest. This is also the case where money is concerned. Hiding a money problem, because you think you are protecting your partner, will only serve to make matters worse in the long run. This can lead to all sorts of other issues such as trust. Once this is broken, it is very difficult to get your marriage back on track. So try to adopt a "tell all" policy where your finances are concerned, as this will send a solid signal to your partner that you might well have money issues, but you have a strong enough bond to try to tackle the problem together.

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There was a point where I foolishly thought that money did not matter. Then, voila - I got married, had a few kids and learned that money and marriage = stress and potential problems.

As far as money is concerned, I have been on both sides of the spectrum - on the high end (I'm not talking crazy rich, but way over national median average on a single salary) and on the low end.

Either way, there can be stress because of money. If you make good money currently and your marriage partner spends aimlessly, it will stress you out.

On the other hand if money is not abundant, money matters can be a HUGE problem and the slightest error in judgment can lead to overdraft fees, frustration, & an overall feeling of helplessness.

There are two things that I found helped me get through the tough times with my spouse:

--Communication becomes even more important than ever. You have to talk about every little detail. You have to make sure both of you are on the very same page. Talk about it every day or so if you have to.

--For a while the money and marriage stress problem got to be so challenging for us both. Both of us were thinking and saying to each other, "we NEED to go to counseling"! Guess what, at that time we didn't have the money for counseling.

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Nothing is perfect and nobody is perfect. Life is a continuous journey and change is absolutely constant. In marriage anything can happen. There will be ups and downs but it isn't about those challenges that make life worth living. It is about you as a couple consistently making a conscious effort to work on the relationship. If both of you are willing to make that effort and go the extra mile to work things out no matter what, then fixing a marriage will absolutely come naturally to you both. As you walked down to the altar, you have both promised that in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer and till death do you part you will stay together forever. It is both your responsibility to stand by what you had promised when you made that sacred vow.

Once in a while, every one of us experiences struggles and mishaps. These are the essentials of life. We need to go through these in order for us to grow and mature. We need to take responsibility and ownership of our marriage. It isn't something that if we don't want it anymore we can simply throw away and move on. Marriage is supposed to be a union of two hearts in love. It is a continuous learning process for couples. Most of the reasons that caused marriage to falter are communication, interaction and willingness. But one main thing that drove all of these is pride. Because of being too conceited and proud one or both will not listen to what the other has to say. They will just be contained by their own feeling and will be unwilling to listen and understand.

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One of the main ingredients in fixing a marriage is for both to be humbled. Compromise with each other because you will never get into the resolution if both of you are too proud and to settle your differences. You need to determine what the problems are then you will be able to properly find measures to correct them. An honest communication with each other will make a big difference. You may both plan a romantic trip or date to rekindle the spark of romance in your marriage. Spend more quality time together anywhere as long you will be together for a period of time to restore what have been missing.

Most of all, your spouse should be your priority and no one else. Know her or his needs, that way each of you will feel very important and needed. The last resort would be finding the best place to ask for marriage counseling if the marital problems are too huge and complicated for both of you to handle. Just simply be open to all possibilities. If you are wondering how to fix a marriage, you should know it is definitely possible and you can get great advice.

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In many ways it is difficult to save a marriage because people make it that way. There are three main things you should be aware of if you really want to repair your marriage and avoid the possibility of a divorce. If you are asking how to save my marriage from falling read on.

It is very common for people to have rough spots in a marriage. Even those very difficult problems can be overcome. There are a number of things such as money and debt, health issues, job issues and other forms of stress that can easily break down and eventually tear the marriage apart. When this drift begins, one or both spouses may sense it and worry which can cause insecurities. Once the insecurities begin, it can be very hard for a marriage to be repaired mainly because both partners begin to act in ways to protect themselves instead of mending the marriage.

Ways to Repair a Marriage

1. In many ways trying to hold fast to your spouse may be making the situation worse. Often when we are scared that will lose someone that we love we may do things that we would not normally do such as cling and beg them to stay. Sometimes we will exhibit sad behavior such as wallowing in sorrow and making mountains out of molehills. Acting in this manner will only push your spouse further away and may even make him or her want to leave even more.

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2. An argument needs two people. If you refuse to argue with your spouse then the arguments will stop. Fighting is a part of having problems with a marriage. Sometimes it grows into fighting. There is always one person that is incessant about talking about a problem while the other person doesn't want to talk about things. Eventually someone will say something that offends the other party and then fighting will begin. If it has gotten to the point that every time you and your spouse speak there is an argument it is time for you to stop arguing and start displaying adult behavior. Once you are committed to stopping the insults then your spouse will be also.

3. There are some people that choose to stick their heads in the clouds and avoid a situation rather that deal with it directly. Problems in a marriage that go unresolved will not go away. Instead they will continue to grow causing even more discord and trouble. This is what will happen if you refuse to address problems in a marriage. Don't let problems grow out of control. Instead, do what is needed to repair your marriage in order to prevent a divorce.

4. Most people do not know what to do in order to fix a troubled marriage. Luckily, there are a number of professionals that can help you deal with the marital problems and make your marriage a happy one.

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