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"How can I make my husband want to have sex with me?" That's a question that no married woman wants to find herself asking. Intimacy is an integral part of a marriage and when one partner starts to lose interest it will leave the other feeling confused, rejected and sometimes even resentment creeps in. These feelings can undermine the foundation of the relationship and eventually lead to a separation or divorce. If you are feeling as though your husband just doesn't want to make love with you anymore, there's help for you. Understanding why this happens is the key to changing it and reconnecting on an intimate level with your partner.

Quite often women overlook the fact that many men are just as self conscious about their bodies as we are. Sometimes after marriage one or both partners just don't put the necessary time or effort into taking care of themselves anymore. This can lead to them feeling uncomfortable being intimate. Even if you've told your husband that you don't mind that he's put on a few pounds, his self esteem may be telling him otherwise. If you believe this may be a contributing factor to his not wanting to make love, help him get back in shape. You don't have to be obvious about this. Just cook or encourage him to cook healthier meals and ask him to work out with you. This not only will get you both looking and feeling better but you'll also be spending some important one-on-one time with each other which can help strengthen your bond.

Also, consider if there's any ongoing conflict between you and the man you married. Sometimes we don't realize that an argument we had with our husband can cause him to pull back. Although you may have thought the matter was resolved, he may still be feeling some left over anxiety from it. Think back to whether there's any current tension between the two of you. If you feel there is, it's really important that you address it and clear it off the table. If you don't it will continue to fester inside your husband and make him pull even further away from you. Compromise is often the key when it comes to working through issues. It's well worth giving in a bit if the end result is a closer, more satisfying relationship.

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After the birth of our forth kid, our routines changed. And for a number of weeks, my husband and I were completely too exhausted for sex, thus the frequency of our sexual relationship decreased drastically until it reached a stage where we rarely made love anymore. Honestly, I became worried, and made advances towards him, but at every advancement I made, he would quickly build a wall of excuses around himself. So, I will quickly proceed to bed not really feeling happy or satisfied in any way, but more bothered. Right in my heart, was this nagging question of whether or not he is having an extra-marital affair with another woman.

While struggling to suppress the burning hurt in my heart, I asked him why we stopped making love after the birth of our fourth child, and he answered me that it was simply his way of life before we got married. He then assured me that there isn't someone else sharing his love with me. But I wondered because of the height of his performance on bed before now.

Never the less, I devised assorted approaches to regain the flame in our sex life, especially our romantic intimacy which became so porous, but not an iota of my approaches worked out. So, I decided to confide in my elderly woman friend, who offered me some marital advises she could, but none of them worked. The more I tried to regain his attention to know whether we can talk it over, the more difficult he became.

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Since it was getting to the extent where I felt I could not live in a sexless marriage any longer, I determined an additional new methodology in my desire. I know I truly love my husband, and I know he knows that I can never indulge in extra-marital sexual relationship, though some people advised me to do so during this incidence. But, I forced myself to approach him the same way I used to do it when we married newly.

Remembering that both of us were the so reserved and religious type, which I suspected he has fallen back to; I think as a result of the break in transmission after our fourth baby, I then told myself that I had to launch an additional new methodology to this effect no matter the cost. Since I felt we would have overcome all these, by virtue of our wedding in the court and in the church, moreover, by living together as husband and wife, and sharing ourselves together in every ramifications for about ten years now. Hence this could not perfectly remove this veil, I had to take these steps:

I had to bath with him. We stopped bathing together for thirteen months, two weeks and one day, as at 12th December, 2010. So along the line as we were bathing ( though, I noticed he wouldn't want to, but he could not resist it); a fore play ensured, and for the first time after approximately fourteen months break, we had the hottest rocking I ever had with him.

As if that was not enough, after dressing mid-way, while at the table eating his best dish, he swept me off my feet, straight to bed and the whole burden resolved speechlessly. Those are the new techniques that worked for me and within two days, he began whistling, singing his best songs, dancing indoor with me, and sharing his day's experiences in the office and elsewhere with me. So, we again begin spending more intimate moments together. Give it a trial, it will work for you.

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As marriages go through their ups and downs it is not always as easy to focus on the good times as it is the struggles. We develop expectations of our spouse over time and when we feel let down it typically stands out more than the positive aspects of our relationship. This becomes particularly true in failing marriages. As our daily interactions become more filled with conflict than agreement it can feel as though you are heading down the road to divorce.

The first step in salvaging a troubled marriage is to remind yourself what you are working towards. Take a mental inventory of the positives in your relationship, even if you do not experience them on a daily basis. You need to clearly define what it is about your spouse that made you fall in love in the beginning. When the going gets tough (which it will) you will be able to look back at these positives for inspiration.

Perhaps the toughest part of mending your relationship is confronting the issues. While it is easy to try and ignore you problems in hopes that they will go away, if you don't bring the issues out into the open then it will be difficult to attack them. You can begin this step by simply asking your spouse what changes they would like to see in your lives. Be sure to listen first and be open to their opinions.

Once the source of your problems has been identified, it is time to examine your options. Ask yourself if there are things you can do right now to change your situation. This might include some sacrifices on your part, and you may have to make some difficult decisions. The key is to be willing to act first so that you show your partner how serious you are about fixing things.

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There are other important elements to a successful marriage beyond just solving conflict. Romance and passion often gets lost in the daily routine of work and maintaining a household. However, if you are going to save your failing marriage then you have to rebuild the natural attraction between you and your partner. This means coming up with creative ideas for bringing you closer together. Surprise dates, passionate surprises, and even vacations are a great way to reignite these feelings.

The final step in your resolving your differences involves being honest. It can be difficult to communicate with each other when tensions are high, but it is important to stay on the same page. Share your feelings and ideas with your partner through the healing process. Let them know how much they men to you and offer your goals for the future. Honesty is about being open and truthful, and this will help support the trust your spouse has in you.

Saving a failing marriage does take dedication and work, but if you truly love your partner then there is no reason it can't be achieved. By bringing your differences out into the open and making changes to your daily routine, you can effectively break down the barriers between you. If you always remember what you are working towards then the hard times will be much easier to deal with.

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When it comes to how to solve problems in a marriage, it can be difficult to even know how to begin. Sometimes the problems can be so overwhelming that it is hard to see your way to a solution. The good news is that most problems in a marriage can be solved if you are willing to put in some hard work. Here are some tips for how to solve marriage problems and get back on track again.

Start By Looking at Yourself

As hard as it is to admit, practically no marital problem is one-sided. There are two of you in the relationship and each one of you contributes to the problem in your own way. Now, I know this may be difficult to hear, but if you can accept it and start taking a hard look at how you may be adding to the problem it can go a long ways toward reaching a solution.

Try taking out a sheet of paper and writing down what you think the problems are in your marriage. Then, with an open mind, brainstorm some ways that you may be contributing to the problem. Here's an example.

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The problem: Your spouse won't talk to you anymore.

How you may be adding to the problem: Do you really listen to your spouse? Have you ever belittled them, made fun of what they are saying or treated their ideas as if they didn't matter? Do you make it easy for your spouse to talk to you? Do you find yourself interrupting them while they are talking or offering advice when they haven't asked for it?

If you can identify what you may have done (or may be doing) that is adding to the problem and then talk to your spouse about it, it opens the lines of communication in a way that is not accusing them of anything. So rather than saying "you never talk to me", you can say something like "I know I have made it difficult for you to talk to me by doing..."

Do you see how your spouse may be more receptive to that type of conversation? If each of you work on this together and then sit and talk about it you may find that your problems can be resolved fairly easily.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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