My Husband Does Nothing Special For Me: My Husband Never Does Anything Romantic

Isn't it wonderful when a man is being romantic? He's so creative and full of surprises and it just feels so good to be loved and romanced by a man whom you care about and love a lot too.

Unfortunately, when you've been in a stable relationship for some time, you may notice your man becoming less and less romantic. Why does this happen? What is really happening? You know he loves you, but then why isn't he doing the things that make your heart flutter and sing anymore?

Some may think that the reason why men stop being romantic, is simply because he has run out of romantic ideas. While this is a valid and logical explanation, deep down, you know that if he really wanted to plan a romantic date for you, he would find a way. So while being 'out of ideas' is a justifiable reason, it doesn't help you get to the root of the matter. And even if you buy him a book filled with romantic date ideas, if he's not inspired, he's not going to use them, and you'll feel even more frustrated.

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So the biggest reason why men stop being romantic is that he has grown extremely comfortable in your relationship, and he's simply taking the easy way out, because he can. He knows you are not going to leave him just because he's not being romantic. So instead of going through all the trouble of planning and coming up with some romantic idea, he is just going to sit on the couch and watch some TV instead.

You've played a part in this because you've let your man become lazy. You probably wouldn't doing it on purpose. In fact, you probably did all you could to make his life easier, just to show him how much you love him. Unfortunately, by taking such good care of him, you took his job of being your romantic hero and prince away from him.

So, the only way to get his romantic juices flowing again, is to give him some incentives to do so. You do this by doing less for him and making him feel good when he does small things for you. Instead of doing things for him in return, just tell him how much you appreciate what he's done. Men love being appreciated and while it will take some time, his romantic side will come back. Whatever you do, please don't nag him.

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Marriage can sometimes be a very difficult road, especially when you're going through tough times. There are some instances when you may ask yourself if it's time to just give it up. In this instance, it could take some pretty convincing things to make you push forward and want to salvage your marriage. So, what do you do if you just aren't sure whether your marriage should be saved or not? Here are 5 tips that might help you figure it out.

Tip 1 - Ask Yourself: Do You Still Love Your Spouse?

While most of us know that love isn't the only thing that matters when we're considering whether the marriage should be saved or not, it is one of the most important things. If the love is there, you can make it through a lot of the damage that has been caused to your marriage. You need to take an honest look at this question and answer it to the best of your ability. This should have a large part in deciding whether your marriage should be saved.

Tip 2 - Infidelity? Can You Trust Your Spouse Again?

Many marriages are broken because of infidelity. In this case, one of the things you should really think about is whether or not you can trust your spouse again. Has he or she apologized for the infidelity? Were they sincere? Do you believe them? If you honestly think that you can't trust your spouse again, there is a good chance that things will only get worse from where you're at. Answer this question and let it be another factor as to whether you should save your marriage or not.

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Tip 3 - Speak with Your Spouse - Have a Heart to Heart

Although during times of turbulence in a marriage, a heart to heart conversation can easily turn into a huge argument - this is an important tip. Your marriage is nothing without communication, anyway. Ask your spouse for their opinion and their input on whether or not your marriage should be saved and why. Their answers, their demeanor and their feelings can help you make that final decision. If they are careless, you may want to move on with your life. If they truly love you and want to make it work, you may want to save your marriage.

Tip 4 - What is Your Spouse Willing to Do? Find Out!

What sort of steps are you and your spouse willing to take to save your marriage? Has your spouse suggested counseling or therapy? If you suggested it, would they join you? Knowing what your spouse is willing to do in order to save your marriage can really help you determine whether it's even worth saving in the first place.

Tip 5 - Follow Your Heart

This sounds like cheesy advice, but in the end - sometimes it's the only thing that makes sense. Follow your heart to know whether your marriage should be saved or not. When you've tried everything and exhausted all means of saving your marriage, your heart may be telling you that it's time to just move on. Listen very carefully and you will eventually get an answer.

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Your husband is withdrawn, he will not make eye contact, and the only conversation is about meals or minor day to day stuff, but overall he is evasive and detached. There is a major reason why your husband is leaving and how to stop him will be clear after you understand your husbands need. Your husband has several needs but here we will only discus one primary need that must be met or he will start to look for the door. To stop him from leaving is easy once you are able to counter act the reason that makes him want to leave. Your husband cannot tell you what these needs are, because he more than likely dose not know he has them.

The reason why your husband is leaving will be to fulfill the need to be admired. Your husband will go anywhere and does anything for the people who admire him or for those that make him feel admirable. This feeling is second to none in his mind and all the people in his life will be sorted into priority by the way they make him feel admired. At one time you were at the top of this list but if you do not feel that you are where you once were in his list of priorities now you know why.

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Think about all the people in his life from children to friends and evaluate their importance to your husband as it relates to what they each do for his feelings of admiration. The order in a good marriage is most often wife, children, family, and friends. In a relationship where the husband is leaving looks more like children, friends, family, and wife. This is because no one can admire a man like his own children and a man will not have friends that do not admire him in some way.

Now you know why your husband is leaving and how to stop him will be clear now that you know what the problem is. You should be number one in your husband's life, this is easy to fix because all you need to do is admire your husband with an excited joy to see him. This is the way people greet him in his high priority list of most important people. I know that this sounds too easy to be true but and it is easy and all too true. If you decide to give this a try do not be phony or he will know that you mocking him and that will have the opposite effect you are looking for.

When you are making up in your relationship, you may find that this is a bit one sided. This is when you need the most help and support. Do not wait for the right time or the right moment to get your husband back just start today.

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Are either you or your spouse thinking of divorce? Ever wonder if you can save a marriage with a marriage counselor? Counseling is an important and potentially expensive step to take, so you want to know the differences between the options you have.

When looking at family therapists you will want to know the credentials of anyone you consider trusting your marriage reconciliation to. There are 3 basic classes of professionals who do marriage counseling.

The first and highest category is a Ph.D. or Psy.D. Most will use the title "Dr.". These college graduates continued on to complete graduate school and wrote a dissertation. Many have also published a book or two. Additionally, they have worked under the watchful supervision of an experience psychologist for a minimum of 3000 hours.

These academic types will likely be the most expensive and sometimes a little less "personable" with a delicate task like trying to save marriage from divorce.

The next level down is the M.S.W. or master of social work. Social workers are trained to apply social theory to marriage situations. While graduate school trained, they have less schooling than a "Dr.".

Next, but not necessarily less competent for your needs is the Marriage and Family Therapist which probably only has a M.S. or M.A. (bachelor's degree) in counseling or possibly more as required by some states. This level is actually quite a growing field and licensing requirements may get higher over time.

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Financially, this can be quite expensive, and if you have insurance coverage you will want to check with the insurance company. They may tell you what level of professional counseling they will cover and what limits exist in your coverage.

Cost should not discourage your from seeking marriage counseling, however. You probably have a friend or two who can attest to how expensive and life changing (in a bad way) that divorce can be.

Different professionals will have different policies. You will want to check out each one you consider in these areas also:

- Cancellation policy if you cannot make a session

- Flexibility in scheduling for a preplanned event you have like a vacation

- Is he or she available for phone calls outside of sessions; outside of working hours?

- Do they have a backup person in case you need emergency help when they are gone?

A family counselor could be the answer to keeping your marriage and family together and avoiding the pain of divorce and family split.

If it does not seem to be working after a few sessions or you do not really "click" with the therapist then look into the option of trying someone else. The counselor himself may even suggest someone they know who is more appropriate to your situation or personality.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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