Whenever a woman says, "my husband doesn't find me attractive anymore," my heart goes out to her. It is incredibly challenging to be in a relationship with someone who bluntly tells you that they don't desire you the way they used to. When you are married to that person it's even more difficult. Many women unfortunately face this dilemma each day and it leaves them questioning not only their own self worth but the depth of their husband's love for them. It's easy to jump to the conclusion that your husband is focused on your appearance, but the issue tends to run deeper than that. His desire for you may be disappearing because of a lack of emotional connection between the two of you.

If your husband has told you that he doesn't find you attractive anymore, consider the current dynamic of the relationship between the two of you. Do you get along as well as you used to? Is your intimate life just as exciting as it was in the early days of the marriage? Or have you two started drifting apart and are finding reasons to spend less and less time together? If you have been struggling to stay connected, that's likely the root of the issue. Your husband may not feel attracted to you because emotionally he's feeling distant from you. That's why you need to focus on rebuilding the bond that you two have shared all these years.

Work on spending more time with your husband. Focus on the qualities about him that you found irresistible when you two first met. Be supportive and loving with him. Show him that you adore him just as much as you did on your wedding day and that you're still the same woman he married back then. Plan some activities together. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate. Even taking a walk each night in the fresh air together can be a bonding experience. You need to help your husband rediscover his desire for you by reconnecting with him on a core emotional level.

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Do you feel like you just can't make a guy fall in love? Can you feel the spark but can't quite light the fire? Do you think maybe your relationship is already stuck in a rut? Maybe you just haven't added all of the ingredients to round out and complete your relationship so that it can grow. Listen and learn. If you can't make a guy fall in love with you, then just get a dozen cats now because there's no point in even playing the game.

First, know what makes the male animal tick.

Some things are predetermined by nature and haven't changed since the beginning of time. Men want women; women want love. You've surely realized by now that men are not initially attracted by your brain, or even by your sweetness. Beauty and hot legs catch his eye, but even those are not the sweet spot that is the object of his desire. You could be a double amputee with the face of a barn owl and still have what it takes to attract a man. But if you want to do more than service his needs, you are going to have to take that initial attraction and parlay it into a deep and abiding love. You have to make a guy fall in love with you.

Men don't fall in love the same way or for the same reasons that women do. Giving love is your first goal, and being loved is your second goal. You've won half the battle when you fall for him. His goal is not love; his goal is you. That's just nature. You are about quality. You need to find good genes and a good provider to raise and nurture a family. He is about quantity. The more seeds he can sow, the better chance there is that one or more of his offspring will survive in the jungle. His first goal is you, but his second goal is the next woman in line.

The advent of civilization gives men a chance to be loving and nurturing too. Cavemen can be tamed and domesticated. But it can't be done with sex alone. You have to become a friend and a life partner. You have to share the experiences of life together. He has to come to need you and to depend on you. Relationships have a better chance of lasting if they are built on a solid foundation of friendship, emotion, and interdependence.

The hard work has to come before the fun. Relationships in which there is too much sex too soon stand a good chance of fading away or falling apart. You may have discovered that sex in a loving relationship is infinitely more satisfying than casual sex. Once you have built that solid foundation, that is when the man will discover love-even though he was never really looking for it. If you can be enough of a friend, then your love will find that man, and you will see that you can make a guy fall in love with you.

What can you do to make your man crazy about you? Is it possible to make your man love you forever and ever?

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Is your man resisting your efforts to make him fall in love with you? Is the relationship stalled, but he seems happy with the way things are? Are you looking for a secret potion that will flip on his love switch and get things rolling again? The wrong techniques could send him running, so follow this proven path and make him fall in love with you now.

• Make him like you

Most relationships start out backwards, with passion and fire and no foundation for a lasting bond. So start out by creating the strength of a solid connection first. The physical attraction may provide the spark and the kindling, but compassion and friendship are the logs that keep the fire burning.

Take a lesson from other more traditional cultures. In arranged marriages, for instance, a couple starts with no built-in passion. They help each other build a life and a family, and eventually, through mutual respect and shared experiences and struggles, they develop a deep and abiding love with a real passion for one another. The flame increases from nothing to a manageable and lasting warmth. It may never reach the heights of your initial fire, but it doesn't burn down the house and leave you with ashes either.

You have something special together, so enhance the chemistry and magic with the friendship and shared experiences that will make him fall in love with you forever.

• Win his respect and admiration

Show him the modern and independent woman you really are. Men want self-sufficient women, not needy, clingy little girls. Call some of the shots and keep your own life. This will allow him to have a night of his own too, and it will be less threatening for him. Show him your competence and professionalism in your work or forms of artistic expression. Let him see the wonderful way you treat your little sister, talk to your parents, and take your grandma to lunch. Show him that you can do it all by running a successful life and still looking great, always having a pleasant smile, and keeping the house in order too. If you can do it all, then he will admire you-and know that he can have it all if he's with you.

• Don't rush into sex

Build that solid foundation first. Be loving but stingy with your touch and your kisses. Don't let him be totally satisfied right away if you want to keep him wanting more. Remember, for him the hunt ends with the conquest-unless the relationship is on a solid emotion footing.

If you do it the right way with your man, you are going to make him fall in love, and stay in love with you.

Specific things you say and do can make a man feel helplessly drawn to you. If you are convinced he is the one there are things you can do to ensure he only has eyes for you. For more insightful tips about understanding men including a way to get him to fall deeply in love with you, visit this informative site!

What can you do to make a guy fall in love? What can make him love you with all his heart? Are there any tips that really work? The answer is yes. We have some great dating advice. Follow these principles and put them to work in your life. You can succeed in your attempt to make a guy fall in love with you.

It is not about sex. You really do not want to use sex in order to attract men. You will only attract someone who wants to use you and abuse you. When he is bored he will dump you. Sex has nothing to do with love and romance in the dating world. Do not use sex (or money) as the attraction.

Your personality is your secret weapon in your effort to make a guy fall in love with you and make him commit to you. A beautiful personality works better than a pretty face when it comes to how to make a guy fall in love. Male psychology says that men will fall in love with a beautiful personality more deeply than they will with a pretty face.

So, if you want him to fall in love with you, do these things:

· Be happy. Make it a point to smile a lot. Look on the bright side of things. Be a person who gives off positive energy. A happy person is a people magnet. A woman who is happy will make a man fall in love with her very easily.

· Make people laugh. If you want to find your soul mate, make the guys laugh. Learn how to tell a joke. Make sure that you laugh as often as possible. People love to be with people who are happy and can laugh easily.

· Have self respect and confidence. Make sure that you respect yourself. That means that you do not put up with people who put you down. Do not be afraid to speak up for yourself.

Try these tips. They will help you to make a guy fall in love with you.

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