My Husband Doesn't Like Sleeping With Me: Why Won't My Husband Have Sex With Me

One of the saddest things I've ever heard a woman say is "Why won't my husband have sex with me?" And unfortunately, its a question that I hear all too often.

There are millions of women suffering in sexless marriages all over the world, and for the most part they have no idea why their husband have refuse to have sex with them. And part of the tragedy of sexless marriages is that these women make a painful, but understandable assumption.

If you are in a sexless marriage, chances are you've made the same assumption. And that is that the reason that your husband won't have sex with you is that there is something wrong with you-- and that is totally not the case!

Have you wondered if your husband is no longer interested in sex because you aren't attractive anymore? Or that you're fat, or boring, or a terrible person? Do you wonder if he looks down at you, or doesn't love you anymore?

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These are all perfectly normal thoughts for a woman in a sexless marriage to be having, but unfortunately they are incredibly damaging as well.

First of all, these things are almost never the reason that a man will refuse to have sex with his wife. Furthermore, these thoughts are so negative and painful that they're bound to chip away at your self esteem and self worth.

And in order to fix your sexless marriage you need to feel good about yourself and have faith in yourself so that you can change the dynamics of your relationship with your husband and get him to be not just interested, but flat out desperate to start having sex with you again.

Changing the course of your sexless marriage is something that you can do all on your own. You don't have to keep feeling your husband's rejection when what you really need is to feel his love, passion, and affection.

The first step in fixing your sexless marriage is to make sure you have a clear picture of what exactly is going on in your marriage and why. Trust me, having clarity will not only help you feel better, but will enable you to make the changes you need to quickly and effectively.

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When you and your spouse first married, were you in love with each other or with love itself? Did you take the time to really get to know each other and appreciate the various characteristics each of you possessed, or did you let lust overpower reason making your spouse seem perfect to you? Real love and true marriage have to do with completely loving who your partner is, flaws and all. Fantasy love, on the other hand, causes you to overlook those flaws, at least initially. As with all fantasies in life, eventually the bubble will burst, and when it does you'll end up getting divorced.

Real marriages do exist wherein couples learn to deal with and tolerate facets of their mate's personality and successfully stay married for life. Other people marry for the wrong reasons, and the minute the reality of who they're really married to hits, the illusion of love is broken. Have you and your spouse been there? Maybe you've gotten to the point where everything your partner does makes you angry, where fights are an everyday occurrence, or where you can't stand the sight of each other. It's possible you're already divorced and wondering what went wrong.

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You've probably heard the stories about women who were happily, and blindly, married to serial killers or men who had wives living a second life. Anyone can be fooled provided their partner continues to put on a good act for them. You really have to know the person you marry well enough to understand their true character if you want to have a real chance at a lifetime commitment.

Sure, people get fooled by a good story and a lot of tender attention, but for the most part, people are who they portray themselves to be. For instance, if someone is a heavy drinker who becomes abusive when he's drunk, be aware that he or she isn't going to change for anyone, including you. Ask yourself if this is really what you want to be married to for a lifetime.

Don't give up on love and romance if you've gotten burned in a previous relationship. Naturally, no one you meet is going to be exactly like the spouse you left, but chances are good you'll be able to make a wiser choice because you learned from your previous mistakes. Love is an actual feeling, and real marriages do exist. If this type of relationship is what you've always wanted from life, don't tell yourself that if you've married one person another one won't be any different. It's hard, but if you remain strong, you will find the happiness you deserve someday.

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In your marriage, did you discover you and your wife or husband are consistently arguing? You must sometimes wonder the twinkle that you had for one another during the beginning of your marriage. Are you troubled that sooner or later you might have to get a divorce? This article will give you some facts you can use and a resource for the best way to save your marriage starting today.

The primary thing you should know is that, since the dawn of time, many have survived highly challenging seasons in their relationship, and you could too if you have the right knowledge.

It's entirely likely that, if your marriage has fallen under hard times, that it's due to these everyday issues that you just need more or accurate knowledge about.

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The route on for most couples is when one partner makes a pledge to stick to it and struggle for the marriage. You will find that the other portion of the duo will begin to make an endeavor at helping you turn your marriage around, which is quite amazing.

Therefore, no matter what, set an example for your marriage and become informed on methods used by several other troubled marriages to save them, and hopefully you may be able to engage your spouse in your partnership once again.

Don't give in your work, no matter issue. A marriage is something that both spouses have dedicated their life to and is definitely something that is worth fighting for. Millions have made it and you can to.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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Co-dependency used to be a word reserved for those in a relationship with alcoholics or other addicted people. But the term has been expanded to include people with lopsided relationships-people who are partners, parents, family or friends with dysfunctional people. Dysfunctions can include all sorts of addictions from drugs to sex, and emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

Being co-dependent means you put up with bad behavior from those close to you, possibly because you don't know how to have a happy, healthy relationship. If you grew up in a dysfunctional family, it's what you are familiar with, so you perpetuate the situation. You have low self-esteem-because the dysfunctional one is always the center of attention and their needs are more important than yours. So you look for a way to feel better. You need to be needed.

If you are co-dependent, you often have the best possible intentions. You try to help your loved ones. They are sick, after all, and their needs come before yours until you lose yourself and who you are at your core.

The Problem: As a co-dependent, you perpetuate the dysfunctional behavior of your loved one. In other words, you're not really helping. You're only prolonging their unhealthy behavior by enabling them to continue while you suffer harm.

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The Symptoms: As mentioned, many co-dependents have low self-esteem. Another symptom is the inability to distinguish between your thoughts, feelings, needs and your loved ones'. You have allowed the boundaries between you and others to become blurred. You feel responsible for other people's feelings and problems. You feel the need to fix them. This is okay up to a point-healthy people are compassionate and helpful. But unhealthy behavior is when you put other people ahead of yourself to your own detriment. Sometimes when others don't want help. And you continue even when they don't take your advice.

A co-dependent believes that others are the ones with the problem, and you find it difficult to face up to your own role in the situation. You either keep trying to fix the other person, or go from one co-dependent relationship to another. You don't recognize that you, too, have a problem because you suppress your own feelings and needs. Your focus, instead, is on others' feelings. You want other people to like you and sometimes avoid contradicting them or voicing your own thoughts. After all, if you say what you really feel, you might upset someone else. You might not even know what you feel, so focused are you on someone else. And that person could reject or abandon you-a fear that drives you to allow the lopsided relationship to go on too long, even when you suffer pain and abuse.

The Solution:It is difficult to recover from being co-dependent because it is often passed down from generation to generation. Habits are deeply ingrained. But, if you recognize yourself as having some of these symptoms, you have already made the first step to building your self-esteem. Professional guidance and support will go a long way to help you gain a positive, healthy and happy life.

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