My Husband Doesn't Want A Baby: Husband Changed His Mind About Having A Baby

I want a baby but my husband doesn't want a baby - Perhaps you have heard this statement from your closed friends or perhaps you've said yourself to someone closed to you. If you are in this situation, it's important not to argue with your husband because argument about this matter can jeopardize your marriage. In this article, you'll learn how to approach your husband in a right way so that both of you can agree on a solution to move forward.

In this situation, you need to understand the real reason why he doesn't want a baby. Once you find the real reason, it's much easier to work on the solution. Here are 4 steps that you can follow to talk to your husband regarding this matter.

1. Find a perfect time where both of you can sit down and talk to each other about this matter.

Don't discuss this matter when he is under stress. The best way to do is to find a moment where he's relaxed and in happy mood. Approach him slowly. You want to start with a general conversation first. You want to talk about happy things first in your initial conversation to keep him in happy mood.

2. Subtly switch your conversation to your real concern.

The way you do this by saying "by the way, I would like to talk to you about something, is it alright?" or something similar to that. Once he gives you his green light, then you would want to start by telling him about how you feel about having a baby.

Most of the time, your husband will try to avoid the conversation. Whatever he says, always align with him. Don't argue. Just nod your head and tell him that you understand his point. Then, switch back to your concern by telling him how you feel at that moment and tell him you just want to talk about it.

The reason why this part is a bit emotional is to persuade him to tell you his real reason. Most of the time, the husband will start to listen to you when you tell him how bad it hurts you when living without a baby.

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3. Now it's time for you to start asking a very important question to your husband.

The way you ask the question plays an important role of your success in finding out the real reason from your husband. This is how you want to ask your husband - "By the way, perhaps may I know why you do not want to have a baby? Do you mind sharing with me?"

This question has a soft tone attached to it. This can prevent your husband from feeling offended. You might want to tweak how you ask the question considering you've spent a long time with your husband and you know a better way how to ask for something from him.

After you ask the question, you want to keep quiet until he answers your question. If you keep quiet long enough he'll answer you. If he wants to avoid the question, persist asking the same question but still in the soft tone. You want to listen to his respond.

Once he gives his answer, the conversation then will revolve around the reason why he doesn't want to have a baby. There are many reasons why a husband doesn't want a baby and for each reason there is always a solution.

4. Start working out a solution.

Now you know the real reason why your husband doesn't want a baby. What you want to do now is to discuss with him on how both of you can tackle the issue. There is always a solution when you discuss the matter. Set a specific goal that both of you can achieve.

These are 4 general steps you can follow in order to have a good and productive conversation about having a baby. Always remember to find a perfect moment before you start your conversation. Then, you want to subtly switch the conversation to your real concern. Once he starts listening to you, then you can ask the question why he doesn't want a baby. Be persistent but not pushy. Give him time to think and to respond to your question. Finally, both of you can start looking for a solution for whatever reason he told you.

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