My Husband Has A Female Best Friend: Is It Ok For Husband To Have Female Friends - What You Should Know!

If you want to know if your spouse is cheating, then it is important for you to identify the warning signs. Emotional affair is now one of the most talked about and controversial form of cheating. The warning signs in emotional affair are hard to detect because of its ambiguity. It can also be easily misinterpreted in such a way that you might think your husband is cheating when in reality he is not. Persons involved in this type of relationship say that they are not cheating because they are not having sex.

But experts say otherwise. Emotional infidelity is harmful on marriages and other relationships because of trust issues. In fact, a lot of marriages were destroyed because of it. The husband is willing to do anything just to be with his "special friend" even if he has to lie or deceive his wife. He might say that he is going out on a work-related meeting with colleagues when in fact he is dating a lady friend from work.

Here are the most common warning signs in emotional affair:

• You will notice him talking about the same woman every time. He might not always say good things about her but you can sense that he is spending too much time with this lady friend and that she is always in his mind.

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• You will notice that he becomes self-conscious in his image. He goes to the gym regularly, wears excessive cologne, and starts buying expensive clothes. There is nothing wrong with taking care of one's self. But if you notice this sudden change in your husband when he does not usually care on how he looks, then this is definitely one of the warning signs. Emotional affair can be detected if you pay attention closely to your husband's sudden change of routine.

• You will notice certain changes in your husband's personality. He becomes difficult to approach and short-tempered. This due to the guilt he is feeling inside and he does not want you to notice anything strange.

It is important that you don't go directly into making accusations with your husband. Be cautious in interpreting these warning signs. Emotional affair should be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent the situation from becoming worse.

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Often times one spouse or the other know their marriage isn't great but doesn't realize just how troubled it is until divorce papers suddenly show up on their door one day. Problems in a marriage seldom come without warning, however, sometimes the warning signs are easy to overlook since they happen gradually. If you are worried about your relationship and not sure if things are how they should be, here are some common signs of marriage problems that you may want to watch for.

Loss of Intimacy

Loss of intimacy is one of the signs of marriage problems. Now, intimacy doesn't just refer to sex. Think back to when you started dating or when you were first married and how you held hands, hugged or kissed each other good night - or even something as simple as touching your partners arm while you are speaking to them or they are speaking to you. If all of these little signs of intimacy have disappeared there may be underlying problems in your marriage.

Constant Criticism

Do you feel like you can never do anything right in your spouse's eyes? Or perhaps you find many things that they do annoying that didn't used to bother you before. Constantly criticizing each other's actions is another sign of marriage problems and can actually make things worse in a marriage. Nobody is happy when they are constantly under scrutiny or feel like they never do anything right. This can lead to arguments, low self esteem and loss of self worth over time.

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Having the Same Arguments Over and Over

Do you find that you and your spouse are always arguing about the same things? Occasional arguments or disagreements are normal in any relationship, however when fighting becomes a habit and the same topics keep coming up again and again it can be a sign of marriage problems.

Loss of Communication

When you first were married odds are that you and your spouse talked to each other about everything. If you find now that you rarely talk to each other you may be having marriage problems. When your partner's friends know more about their lives than you do it is a sign that communication is breaking down in your marriage. One of the most important factors in any marriage is communication and when this starts to erode away it can be a sign of problems ahead.

Anytime you are worried about problems in your marriage it is important to be proactive and take steps to do something about it before it gets out of hand. Sit down and have a heart to heart with your partner and tell them your concerns. Anytime you talk to your spouse be sure not to assign blame or bring up what you think are their shortcomings. Instead, talk honestly about your feelings and how what they do or don't do makes you feel.

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Compromising is a huge part of life all by itself, but especially in marriage. Marriage is all about compromise with a lot of giving and a little bit of taking. Both parties that are involved in a marriage can be right and wrong at the same time. Compromising is not about pointing fingers and saying you're wrong or your bed. Becoming self-righteous is a losing game in marriage. You will only create a lot of conflict and destroy any possible harmony in the end.

When it comes to compromise in marriage, you must be willing to play a 60-40 game. I mean be willing to give 60% of the time, not 40%. If each of you take this mindset when it comes to compromise and marriage, you will be giving just slightly more than you would be getting. If you take the approach of 50-50, someone will always be trying to figure out is the other got one over them or not. There's something about the human psyche to where 60-40 is okay, so make sure you play this 60-40 game.

Compromise has nothing to do with keeping score whatsoever. Couples that keep score with one another will always lose in the end. You must be willing to cede the other person's point of view and respect it. The same goes for the other party as well. Each time you compromise that must be it. The next time you cannot throw it in your partner space that you compromise last time therefore it is now their turn. This will not work and will only cause conflict.

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Make sure you end up compromising before you start fighting. When you start fighting, both of you have already lost. You do not want to experience negotiated peace in your home and relationship. This is a losing game, with compromising being the only winning game. You can avoid all of the pain and anger from arguing if you will only compromise.

Compromising is a skill and talent that you must build and acquire. You must have a passion for compromising in your marriage. All successful marriages begin with compromise, each and every day, with both parties doing it intentionally. Only in the end after you learn to compromise with one another, will you be able to laugh about that silly fights that you have once had. If you do not learn the skill of compromise, you will never be able to look back and laugh at the small and silly arguments you had because those will be the ones that have led to divorce.

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Are you already a married woman? Here are some advice for you. I believe that every marriage has its peculiarities and each has its own inherent problem(s) depending on the couple. In other words, what obtains in the married lives of Mr. & Mrs. A cannot automatically work for Mr.& Mrs. B.

Bearing this in mind, you can go into your home and begin to build your home. The word of God says in the book of Proverbs chapter 31 verse 1 " a wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. In verse 27, she watches over the affairs of her household"(Proverbs 31: 1 & 27 New Intl. Version).

How can you build your home?

My sincere marriage advice for married women is that you must realise in the first place that you have crossed over from dating and pre marital relationships. You are now in the real union. As a result, do not use friends as the bedrock of your marriage. The magic of their own marriage might turn out a torn in your own marriage. The reason is that you are not the same person as your friend neither is his spouse yours nor do both families think alike. You and your spouse are unique.

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Study your spouse. Understand his likes and dislikes. As much as you can, try to blend with him. This is vice versa in married life. While doing this, note that he is also trying to do or is already studying you. Therefore, be sincere and straight forward to him. Be open minded, the truth you hide from your spouse today could be discovered by your spouse at any time. There are some hidden truths that when discovered by any of the party, could go a long way to cause a marriage breakup. So be wise!

Note that some specific things you say and do can encourage natural responses within your spouse that can make him crave for more intimacy with you. So seek and find those things and practice them with your spouse. Argument unfortunately is a part of every healthy marriage. However, while making your point, you should be considerate and kind enough to respect your spouse's emotional feelings.

Avoid saying and doing stupid things. Some jokes may instigate anger, so avoid them. If you have already fallen in already, try not to repeat it. The word of God says "anger hurts, don't let it tear your marriage apart. Learn to control yourself when you are angry. Then try detect and avoid other deterrents to your marriage. Like I have mentioned, do not use words which can hurt his feelings.

The paramount of the marriage advices for women I have here for you now is that you have to fall in love many times. So, try to cultivate the attitude of falling in love many times with the same person (your spouse) always. And also discover other avenues that will make your marriage an enjoyable happy home.

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