My Husband Is A Financial Bully: My Husband Takes Advantage Of Me Financially

The current state of economy these days can dampen anyone's spirit as well as take a toll on many relationships. Financial problems can create tension and stress between formerly happy couples. In the U.S, economic situation has contributed to many divorces and relationship problems.

Even the most loving and strongest relationship can be deeply affected because of financial problems. Our relationship with the people in our lives are among the most valuable things we have. So, the question many people are asking is "How can I keep the financial strain from ruining my marriage"? Here are some ways you can stay connected with your spouse during financial times of stress.

1. Are You Being Upfront and Honest About Your Finances?

It's very important to discuss your finances and concerns with your spouse. However, if you guys spend time constantly discussing, fighting or talking about the same issue in every single conversation you have, your relationship will deteriorate.

Try setting aside time to talk about your finances. Before getting into the discussion, practice what you're going to say in your head. Allow each person to speak without being interrupted and aspire as a couple to come up with a solution. Make sure you speak in a calm tone and manner.

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2. Make Time For Each Other

These days with couple's busy schedules, quality time spent together can slowly diminish. At most, the time you guys may spend together is usually spent talking about household finances and other important issues. It's really important to set time aside to spend connecting with your spouse.

Make sure the time set aside for each other pleasant and enjoyable. Try to keep things light and comfortable. Banter with each other about topics that aren't stressful. Listen to what your spouse is saying and observe their non verbal language. Do their eyes light up when you mention a certain topic or when you compliment them?

Be affectionate with your spouse. Spend time going down memory lane together. Look through old pictures and reminisce about the things you guys have done in the past. Be tender. Be kind. Show your spouse that you still care for them. In these tough times of financial stress, keeping the connection with your partner can be easily overlooked. That's why it's so crucial for you and your spouse to make time to enjoy each other's company.

3. Make Time For Cheap and Affordable Fun

Life can be very expensive, especially when money is tight. Going out to restaurants or taking weekend getaways may not be in your budget. However, there are other ways you can still have fun with each other that won't cost too much. You can go on a picnic, go to the park and read a book under a tree together. Find free and local events in your neighborhood. A simple Google search can give you a list of free and affordable events in your city. Go for a walk together. Purchase cheap and affordable games that you and your spouse can play together at a local coffee shop. Challenge each other to a game of chess. The possibilities for fun and affordable things to do together is endless.

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4. The Importance of Physical Affection and Love

Make love with each other. You may not realize how important sexual satisfaction is in a relationship. After all, it's a great stress reliever. Tender caresses and affection expressed through sex is a powerful way to cultivate your connection with your spouse.

Romance can also strengthen your bond with each other as well. Use intimacy to foster happiness, satisfaction, peace and contentment in your relationship. Plus, increasing the romance and passion in your marriage is a great way to remind each other how much you both value each other.

5. Keep the Communicating

Like with most relationship problems, without communication, your marriage will fail. You can't figure out a solution to a problem in your relationship without your partner's help. You and your partner are a team and in order to overcome any adversity, you guys need to keep the lines of communication open. As a couple, you guys will go through painful times as well as enjoyable and pleasurable experiences. This is what will strengthen and grow your relationship.

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Saving a marriage requires the cooperation from both parties. And when a marriage fails, both parties are responsible. Therefore, it serves no purpose in playing the blame game when crisis happens in a marriage. Stop pointing finger, look for ways to saving your marriage now.

The most crucial step in saving a marriage is to improve your communication. Do you know that communication is often the culprit that leads to divorce? Married couple tends to take for granted and put in less effort to understand each other like they used to be during the courtship. This often leads to misunderstanding.

So, your first step towards saving your marriage is to create opportunity that allows an open and honest discussion with your partner. Don't let your emotion sets in; be calm and open-minded. Identify the cause of the problem so that both of you can start working for a solution together.

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Privacy is another element being neglected in most marriages. As a couple, you need to respect the privacy of your partner and vice versa. Keep poking into your partner's privacy will only push him / her further away instead of coming back to you. Learn to respect yourself and your partner. Give them the privacy they deserve and in return, you will gain back the respect.

Saving a marriage does not mean shouting, yelling, or begging. I have seen many couples start to shout and yell at each other whenever they face challenges. Stop doing this. Employ a more rational strategy in a calm manner when tackle disagreements or arguments.

Do you know that the more you shout at them, the more defensive your partner will become? This really does more harm than good. They will become more reluctant to confront the actual problem in your marriage. And you will be left with no clue of what have gone wrong. What you should be doing instead is to try to understand what causes the marriage to fail. The more you know, the higher your chance in saving the marriage.

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First - learn accepting your own mistakes. By the time you came to feel "my spouse wants to divorce me", you might have asked for apology from your husband for the mistakes you have committed. But this doesn't have to mean that you have truly understood what the mistakes you did in your marriage were. Which is why, before you apologize and ask for your spouse's forgiveness, you have to truly understand what you did and where it all went wrong.

If you get a feel of "my spouse wants to divorce me", you have to talk openly with your spouse as this is an important thing in a marriage. Like I said, you need to understand what the root cause which is bothering your spouse is. And there is no better way of learning that than talking to your spouse, openly. Maybe you two haven't been having a good, open, fearless talk as of late? You might have done this because you don't want to get criticized openly or think that talking openly can lead to fight. Understand your problem truly to save your marriage. You should allow your spouse or provide some room to express himself or herself completely as it can be a great tool for you in fixing major problems and helps in saving your marriage from a divorce.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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The signs are there, and you're aware that your partner is unhappy, or that you're feeling miserable in the marriage. Often being aware there's a problem makes many of us bury our heads in the sand and hope it will get better. This rarely happens and the important thing to remember is that in order to save Christian marriage it's important to listen to each other.

Sounds simple doesn't it? Strangely enough so many couples fall into a state of not bothering to speak to one another, and the consequence is that ultimately they become strangers.

Think back to the day you walked down the aisle and swore to God that you would love each other forever. What has changed since then to bring about your deep unhappiness in the marriage?

It's only when you sit down together and try to work out what's gone wrong that you can begin to both understand and solve the problems.

Whatever problems there are in a marriage, one thing is for sure, you won't solve them unless you're prepared to talk and listen to each other.

Try not to lose sight of the love you have for each other. No matter what your circumstances are endeavor to keep the romance alive by doing things together, enjoying each other's bodies, and laughing and crying together. Remember God joined you, so it's up to you to work at keeping God's belief in your marriage alive.

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Financial problems, family problems, ill health, are just a few of the things that can put a strain on any marriage. Everyone faces these problems throughout their lifetime, and they're not always easy to resolve. Learn to be patient and tolerant, and try to keep things in perspective. Trying to understand the other person's point of view is so important. You may never completely agree, but at least give each other the dignity of being allowed to think the way they do.

You may feel your partner is suddenly becoming attracted to someone else. Or indeed, you may feel attracted to someone else. This is quite normal. You can hardly go through life with blinkers on. Naturally you will see other people you find attractive.

This doesn't mean you should act upon it. Remember the vows you made to God, and realize also that any relationship will inevitably fall into a routine like state. The attraction is usually born out of the need for 'something new and exciting to happen'. The fact is that you can make this happen for you with your chosen partner, you don't need to look elsewhere.

If you let it, life can take away your dignity and self esteem. The answer is don't let this happen to you or your marriage. Whatever life throws your way, face it together with love and the belief that God will show you the way.

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