My Husband Is A Flirt: How To Confront Your Husband About

"My husband is a flirt, I saw him flirting with other women many times." Nobody can stand a husband flirting around with women all day long. As a wife, you will feel angry, hurt and rejected when you see your husband being too flirtatious. How to stop your husband from flirting with other women?

You probably feel like screaming, crying or perhaps even slapping to tell him stops his flirting habit. Whatever feelings that you are in right now, you should control your emotions if you want him to change his ways successfully. Talk to him about his flirting problem in a calm and cool manner. He probably will defend himself, telling you off how sensitive and paranoid you are, but you must remember to keep your mind cool and control.

If he still doesn't care about you seriously, talk to him again. Let him know how deeply hurt you are when he flirts with other women. Ask him how you can put the marriage in place by doing some actions to his behaviour. If he shows no interest in fixing up this problem, just leave him for time being so that he will know you are serious this time round.

Some wives will still complain "My husband is still a flirt after I forgiven him, what should I do?" I know this can be quite an irritating problem when he flirts again. However, instead of being a nag, just keep yourself a distance from him without saying a single word. He will come back asking why you treat him so cold and that is the opportunity to correct his flirting ways.

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Being served divorce papers is not the way to find out that, your marriage is in trouble. Unfortunately for many folks, this is the case. I have had countless friends scratching their heads, wondering what they missed.

Jason never knew his wife was unhappy until she walked out the door. He thought things were going well. He never knew how she hated all the overtime he worked, how they never talked anymore, and how he was always too tired to do anything. He thought he was being a good man by working hard and giving her nice things. But he didn't know that his wife didn't want all those things, she just wanted him and he was never around. So she started chatting online to fill up her lonely hours...

Trisha was going through her husband's pant pockets, before she washed his clothes, when she found a receipt to a hotel room. When she looked at the time and date, she realized that, it was a night when he called home and said he would be working late. Trisha didn't know that her husband was fed up with how much time she spent with the kids and not him. He didn't understand that because their kids were small, they required a lot of attention. He never thought to help her with the kids when he got home from work, so it would leave them more time together in the evening. He saw the kids as competition and felt like she ignored him. So when the new girl at work laughed at his jokes, and made him feel like he was the smartest man in the world, he didn't see any harm in asking her out to lunch...once...

Each situation is on its way to being very grim. Each marriage is in trouble and the road being traveled could easily lead to divorce. In these cases, just a little bit of communication would have went a very long way. Unfortunately, many couples never talk to each other about what is bothering them. Each of these couples are so caught up in their own feelings, they never noticed when their spouse started to become distant. Instead of talking to each other, they turned to outside sources, with listening ears and adulterous intentions.

This could easily be your marriage unless, you know the warning signs of a troubled marriage. Many times they are not as obvious as you think and you don't know until it is too late.

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The Label Me This - Brand You That contest is one you have entered and didn't even know it. You are a willing participant every time something happens and in the frustration of the moment you react by labeling the other person. How about when you are waiting for a parking space in a crowed lot and someone comes from the other side and slips right into the space. Do you instinctively shout anything like, "Hey that's just rude." or "What a jerk!"

When you focus on negative labels about what people "are" (demanding, controlling, manipulative) you might score points in the Label Me This -Brand You That contest, but it's certain that no one will end up happy or satisfied with the interaction. The fine print clause of this contest states that by focusing on what people "are" keeps you from taking control because you're giving way your personal power. No real winner here!

Change the Name of the Contest To - Own Your Personal Power

So how does focusing on what people "are", take away from your personal power? Because by branding someone as selfish, over controlling or snobby, you place the full responsibility for improving the situation on them. If you believe that you're unhappiness is a result of their actions, then you will never be happy until they change their ways. The only thing this does is keep you in that no-win contest. It leads to more resentment and moves you closer to relationship disaster.

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The Own Your Personal Power contest suggests you to take back responsibility for your own happiness. The first rule for this new game, asks you to reclaim control by releasing the idea that other people are causing your emotional pain. When you realize that it's your negative branding of other people that is the cause of you're feeling upset, you've grasped the meaning behind this new contest rule and ensure a win every time!

By dismissing the negative labels, you focus on what you "do want" in each situation. You can then ask yourself what is needed to create an outcome that would satisfy everyone involved.

When you know what you want, you realize the goal of the new contest is to seek out opportunities to meet everyone's needs in all situations. This realization starts the process toward healthy relationships with others and yourself. Definitely a win-win for all.

Enter the New Contest Today!

Any time you hear yourself blaming someone or complaining about circumstances in your life, figure out what is needed to create an outcome that would satisfy everyone involved and then identify at least one action you can take or a request you can make that will improve your situation.

The Label Me This-Brand You That contest will become a game from a bygone era. More importantly, you will avoid relationship resentment and have lasting satisfying interactions. A game where everyone is a winner!

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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Infidelity shatters even the strongest of all relationships, leaving behind trails of guilt, betrayal and anger. Overcoming these emotions can be difficult, at best. Family, friends and a good counselor can be very helpful in overcoming the chaos the couple get to deal with so they can emerge a stronger unit.

One reason why someone strays is bad judgment. Whatever the reason, once infidelity occurs the damage is already done. Nothing kills a person's self-esteem or trust in the other person or their relationship, like infidelity.

When the initial shock is over, then the couple should examine the roles that each of them might have played in forcing the relationship to slide. For others, infidelity is such a huge weight to bear, leaving divorce as the only viable option.

But the following steps are worth using in an attempt to work through infidelity and save your marriage:

1. First and foremost, divorce is not necessarily the answer because you cannot reinvest in your marriage once it is over.

2. After discovering infidelity, there is going to be many ups and downs through recovery. Be strong through them all.

3. The couple needs to openly discuss what happened.

4. Each person who is at fault needs to be held accountable for their mistakes.

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5. There needs to be a commitment from both parties that infidelity should never happen again... not even for revenge.

6. The betrayed spouse should set the recovery timetable for them to both follow. Though the cheater always tends to prefer to lay the past to rest, it is advisable to honor the timetable.

7. The couple need to take the first step forward by forgetting the past, and build a new foundation as partners in an attempt to rebuild the reconnection they once had.

8. The couple needs to take marriage classes or see a therapist. Finding the right connection with a counselor tends to bring the marriage back on track much more easily and quickly.

9. The way to bury the incident is to try to fix things up in a "positive" vibe and try to save the marriage, since infidelity often leads to divorce.

10. A couple who has experienced infidelity should decide what she or he cannot live with, and what energy needs to be reinvested in the marriage to make the relationship work.

It is important to remember getting over infidelity in a marriage is not always an automatic marital suicidal or a marital death sentence, but can be the start of building a strong corner-stone of a healthy family.

What are your real feelings about the infidelity? Are destructive emotions at the heart of any problems you are experiencing? If so, maybe you need to get control of what you are really telling yourself. What are your beliefs?

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