My Husband Is Always Angry and Negative: My Husband Is Always Negative Towards Me

In these times of high-stress and quickly paced lifestyles, many couples experience destructive martial problems. Unfortunately, our relationships are often one of the first things to suffer when daily stress combines with the difficult pressures found in everyday life.

Couples suffer from marital difficulties for a variety of reasons. They may struggle with financial strains or time-consuming work commitments. These can easily result in a breakdown in marital communication. No matter what the cause, it's important to save your marriage today!

Choosing to eliminate damaging negative interpretations and substituting them with positive behaviors will put you on the right track to saving your marriage. Unfortunately, negative interpretations are difficult to recognize and often they become an undesirable routine for married couples who have struggled with their relationships for extended periods of time.

Active and Consistent Listening

As you might imagine, one of the most common causes of failed marriage is a lack of effective communication. Saving your marriage will require that you improve your communication skills. Good communication skills are the fuel of a successful relationship. If you cannot establish a good connection with your partner, one where you can share your feelings, love may well disappear. So effective communication is vital to saving your marriage.

In order to communicate effectively, you'll need to practice listening to your partner's issues without interruption. Follow this by repeating to them what you've heard. In this way, you can paraphrase what they told you or repeat it in your own words. If any confusion or misconception remains, give your spouse an opportunity to clarify their thoughts and issues.

Active listening gives both of you the opportunity to truly understand what the other is attempting to convey. This establishes a more efficient and open line of communication between you and your partner.

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Relive Your Happiest and Fondest Memories

Another technique used to help improve our communication skills is to recall the early days you spent together. Rediscover the feelings and reasons that brought you together in the first place. The first step of this soulful journey is to share the most meaningful experiences that bonded you to each other in the beginning of your life together.

Understand that no marriage is guaranteed to bring you perpetual happiness. But if you learn to improve your communications, you can find new strength and inner balance that can save your marriage.

Find Your Peaceful Balance

Many experts believe you can improve your marital relationship through the practice of solitude. It is human nature that every individual occasionally requires time alone. This life practice also applies well to married couples. If you are struggling with your marriage, a short getaway from the daily distractions might provide a much-needed break for both of you.

You do not need to fly off on a solo vacation or leave for an extended period of time. Just give yourself a few hours away from the daily grind. Take a walk in the park or a drive into the countryside. A short respite can help to restore your own personal tranquility and inner peace.

Allow it to be a fulfilling spiritual journey that gives balance to your thoughts. Inner balance can help you facilitate resolution of your marital difficulties in more positive and effective ways.

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There are many things you can begin doing to fix your troubled marriage. No matter how unique you think your situation may be, there are still steps you can take to turn your marriage around. Not all of them are easy, but they are absolutely necessary if you're going to fix your troubled marriage and prevent a divorce. Here are some of the most important things you can do right now.

One of the first things you can do, however cliche it may sound, is love your spouse enough to let them go. I'm not talking about letting them go altogether, or give up doing what is needed to save your marriage. What I mean is leave them alone for a little bit. Don't be in their face all of the time, wanting to discuss every little detail of their decision to end the marriage. Your spouse needs a little space to sort all of this out. They might even take the time to reconsider this decision altogether if you just let them.

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The next thing you can do is, try not to be so emotionally revealing. You're very upset, and that's a given. It might even be that you're spouse has done the wrong, yet you feel like you're being punished and would like to express that with all of your might. But, lashing out emotionally will only add more fuel to the fire so to speak. It can potentially damage your marriage even more. But who am I to tell you this, you probably feel like your spouse could use a good talking to and they sure haven't heard the last of you. But head my warning, it won't do any good except to push your spouse further away.

Finally, and this ones probably the most important. Don't try to tackle this all yourself. You need some help and a plan. You need to learn what kind of actions and behavior are ruining your chances to fix your troubled marriage so that you can keep from doing them. You need to learn how to change the dynamics of the battle you face and gain the upper hand by preparing yourself. You need to learn what types of things you can do right now that can make your spouse second guess their decision to leave. How to make yourself and the marriage more attractive and desirable than leaving. And without proper guidance, then your just making things up as you go along and hoping for the best. Why would you do that, when there are so many resources that will walk you through the process of saving your marriage step by step.

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What do you think the failure rate of all marriages are? Maybe you guessed that it's higher than 50%, but did you know that it is exactly 87%? Why do you think it's that high? I think you know the answer. Marriage requires sacrifice, it requires commitment, it gives you lots of responsibilities. In this era of selfishness and "individuality", no one tries, as you do to save your marriage. They always take the easy way out: Hey, this doesn't work, let's get divorced!

For the likes of us who want to save their marriages, things aren't so easy. Marriage counseling only works if both sides really want to maintain the marriage. This makes you alone in trying to save your marriage. And this is always dangerous.

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I know the pains associated with seeing your marriage crumble. I personally lived through it, and thought my world was ending. I loved my husband and could do nothing to hold him in my arms. It is a devastating feeling to see your marriage ending - you have sacrificed so much for it, and built your life around it, and now you can only watch it end. This makes you desperate - so desperate that it clouds your mind and judgment. It makes you unable to think creatively for ways on how to save a marriage.

This is why trying to save a marriage by yourself is dangerous, and in most cases it will have you begging your spouse; which will end up in only them being more fed up with you.

I am going to tell you what you are doing correctly now. You are looking for ways of stopping a divorce on the Internet - it's why you are reading this article. This is the correct thing to do - looking for outside advice. Unfortunately I learned this the hard way. But when I DID learn it, I began to follow outside advice, and it made me save my marriage in the end.

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I often hear from people who feel as if they are having to hold back their true feelings while they are separated. Often, they can't help but notice that when they tone down or hide their feelings, they get a better response from their spouse. So, they become used to hiding their feelings. However, as things improve, they resent this and they want to be more forthcoming. But they don't want to jeopardize any of the progress that they have made.

I heard from someone who said something to the effect of: "when my husband and I first separated, I never passed up an opportunity to tell him how much I missed him and how much I hated being separated from him. I told him the separation was tearing me up inside and that I wanted this to end. When I would say these things, my husband would always cut the conversation or the meeting short. So I learned to tone this down. I started focusing on the positive and I wouldn't bring up negative things when I was with my husband. As a result, things started to improve between us. At one point, my husband said he had considered reconciling and I was thrilled. But after a few weeks, he started to back off a little again. He admitted that he just wasn't sure what he wanted. Well, in two days it is our anniversary. When my husband was being sweet, I couldn't wait for our anniversary to come up. But now I dread it. Obviously, it's not going to be a meaningful day for us. I feel like just being honest and telling my husband how sad and devastated I am. Honestly, I am tired of pretending. But I'm scared that if I unload this on him, he's only going to back away more. At what point is it OK to start telling him the truth about how sad I am?"

This is a tough situation. I know first hand how much a separated husband can back away as soon as you show him the true depth of your feelings. Honestly, it's very easy for him to become overwhelmed and to feel pressured. So many men will pull away rather than stay put and deal with the negative emotions. And, when you see some actual improvement when and if you hold back, then that's a very obvious clue that it can be in your best interest to remain quiet. But over time, you can start to feel like you're almost betraying yourself. I believe that there's a way to strike a compromise between the two, which I will discuss below.

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Being Honest Isn't Off Limits As Long As You Don't Dwell On It And Hurt Your Progress: It made me really sad that this wife was considering just not seeing her husband at all on their anniversary because she worried that it would just be too awkward and too painful. They'd already made plans so it would probably be obvious as to why she was canceling. I didn't think that she had to pretend that everything was fabulous during their anniversary. Obviously, everything wasn't fabulous and if you try to pretend that it is, you really aren't going to be fooling anyone.

With that said, you don't want to let your feelings over take the day so that it puts a damper on anything positive or spontaneous that might happen. The wife might consider just clearing the air by saying something like: "it has to be obvious that this isn't a typical anniversary for us and that is a bit sad. I'm struggling a little bit today but I'm going to make the best of it. Because I believe that if we work together, next year's anniversary is going to be much better. And we're together on this day. It's a beautiful day. I just want to focus on what we have to be grateful for and how we can enjoy what is already in front of us."

You shouldn't and don't need to deny your true feelings. Your husband is probably well aware of them anyway. But you don't want to make them the focus so that the day can't be enjoyable. Because if you go into it with a sense of sadness and gloom, then you can ruin what could be a turning point for you. Who is to say that your husband won't experience sweet memories or nostalgia on your anniversary and reach out to you? Honestly, you have no way of knowing what it is going to happen. The day could actually work to your advantage. But, you won't know that unless you just allow yourself to experience it openly.

There's nothing wrong with acknowledging your feelings. There's nothing wrong with sharing your concerns. But once these things are done, you want to move on and focus on the positive things that you can still salvage. The future is still ahead of you. And you have no idea how it is going to turn out. But it's generally a pretty sure bet that the outcome is at least somewhat influenced by your attitude which also influences your actions.

So to answer the original question posed, I don't think that you have to hide your feelings from your separated husband. He probably knows more than you think. But in my opinion, it's vital that you proceed in a positive way despite those feelings. Because if you don't, the negative feelings might cause some negative actions that wouldn't help your cause.

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